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100 thoughts on “Akeelah and the Bee (1/9) Movie CLIP – Natural Talent (2006) HD

  1. This movie came out on my 9th birthday and I went to go see it. A week later, there was a spelling bee at my school, and I won. These were some good times.

  2. I loved this movie. What's crazy is that out of all the words she spelled correctly, people will always point out the 1 mistake she made. I'm glad she won at the end.

  3. P๐Ÿ‘R๐Ÿ‘E๐Ÿ‘S๐Ÿ‘T๐Ÿ‘I๐Ÿ‘D๐Ÿ‘I๐Ÿ‘G๐Ÿ‘I๐Ÿ‘T๐Ÿ‘A๐Ÿ‘T๐Ÿ‘I๐Ÿ‘O๐Ÿ‘N. In that order.

  4. our teacher showed us a clip of that movie, AND I AM SO HYPED TO CONTINUE IT WITH MY CLASS AHHHHHH, (i know i can watch it easly full from the youtube. but i don't wanna spoil it and enjoy it with my class and teacher c:)

  5. Ce qui est interessant dans ce film, cest de voir in enfants dorigine modeste se battre etย  reussir. Je cherche des films de ce genre pour mes enfants. Il faut que nos enfants apprennent a "se battre et a vaincre sans avoir raison " commmeย  le disait Cheick Hamidou KANE dans l'Aventure Ambigue. "Queen of Katwe" ย est in de ce type de film…a voir obligatoirement…

  6. Me and my brother saw this as an advertisement then we were amaze so we tried to copy it we were like " P R S G U D ION " hahahshs we also searched this

  7. This is werid because my teacher made me and my friends in class watch this movie and I'm only in 3rd grade and there's bad words

  8. Poor Akeelah, I feel so bad for her and the number of words that she had to spell. Especially, the difficult words that Dr. Larabee wanted her to spell

  9. Spell Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.Definition:A disease cause by inhaling fine ash and sandust

  10. I need to know the name of a song that sings when the girl says 50,000 coaches, could anyone tell me in the name of the song?

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