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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I copy that [Music] [Music] gentlemen good morning I’m so sorry I’m afraid you’ve had a wasted trip mrs. Burges passed away this morning understood I want my sincere condolences mr. Burgess I’m afraid it’s back to the Nick for answer sir if it’s all the same what’s the point she’s dead I’d like to see my mother [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m a members-only yo my mommy we’re closed fuck off that’s your way you don’t like a man who could do so much you’re drinking what can I get for you my laughs Oh what am I going chat this decent ASA members have got the fucking Ritz darling just what you say well I don’t have anything with an FTM please yeah I think I can do that I mean behind this bar since she wears short trousers not seen you in here before I don’t get out much oh but you’re the life itself the party right yeah well I do have my moments okay with change cheese everyone spoke to everyone even Ives moved his office upstairs and the leanest said he thought one no one out on the streets to miss having a fear that we won’t curfew cos we can only share against some nuts with a blade he’s a fucking X and now we want to curfew cuz one stumps has gone missing and – that’s a cute look we will feel bad for employed by our core business to run we could be the first to agree with me whilst he was a bit of a statistic can it was first and foremost professional did you read why I’m issuing you do nobody ending sure won’t fuck say alright show come and tell vernier what haven’t you and rook why would you wanna know just tell him what happened semion work no it was standing on the corner you know I was sleeping a bit of Scooby i standard to tonight of a sudden you clock this geezer we’re standing on the other side of the road no I fucking us yeah so Brooks says when he says he’s gonna go I have a quick word no I can’t be nothing about it and I’ve got customers to deal with next thing work so his hands and knees holding his arm I realize he’s on his fucking hand cuts off but it’s not huh yeah so obviously our guy was fucking running over and smash his face in and his guys shits himself and runs off aside give chase well this guy’s fast right he’s I mean crackhead fastest so I realize I’ve left booking him another fucking stream but but it’s home and get back he’s fucking dead he’s blood everywhere oh I’m fine his fucking hand I just gone vanished there what’s what a laugh mate had done my made them don’t mind me okay who’s this prick you must be a tough guy then here chasing that bloke away all by yourself it’s funny though you don’t know like a tough guy so fucking started why they don’t like me I know you know Ansem while aged your base no fucking I was this I don’t know he did say his name cliff let you mean I’ve always part of the phone I’m an old friend of Lincoln’s oh yeah that’s right how’d you fuck up your face so bad hey me a dildo was it yeah body up your dad might well he’s got some fuck in front he knows masters you judging by that fucking yarn you were just spinning cause digging you right at it simmer down yeah that might be cool last orders early and you stop winding him up or you can get in fuck out why well I apologize that slats I’m sorry arise something laughing yeah it would bit of a giggle I’ll finish my beer and be on my way in right now dickhead what the fuck would you know about Franken still is monster over there I never see the Freak before my life don’t think of fucking remember and exactly got face you could fucking forget it he seems to have you sauced you should fucking pop now now now he’s worried if Lincoln invited him we best just keep things civil so going calm or finish the fucking story yeah right of course I’m I’m obviously standing there this beep massive bag emerge you know rooks lying in a street dead next thing I hear the sirens coming the police wonder why so active fuck off do not let my likes you were long gone white people they ran off shitting bricks you did want me to keep your fucking face oh here we go finally found your bottle did you mate yeah don’t think it’s about time he sold your mates the truth so what’s he going on about yeah it’s fucked I don’t know he’s fucking twisted well you wanna wear my twisted take on this tale not really check well fucking humor me least whilst to finish my plane because there was a bloke standing staring out here that much is true yeah well bill can i fuck on us for the past 10 minutes no problem we help you with something well may you deaf fucking talking snowman what do you want nice now that’s bullets you know I’ve never run from the fire just this once tonight coffee wine card so you can rule yeah that’s right mate what the fuck are you gonna do about it clearly you aren’t interested in one thing hey it’s time for you to leave I’ve still got a four point left fluff yeah my pop my pies get anywhere else make a move on me I’ll killer right so fucking christ get away from that door where is she so where the fuck is I home nation house it’s low-key you stupid noisy come here turn around get over there you know anyone else out there hey you remind me of someone all right but you can’t be him because he’s on a long stretch and he was a little milk the prodigal brother returns what rock did you crawl out from under ICMP Belmarsh no you didn’t know who the fuck is this joker Oh ladies this is tine Burgess Lincoln’s little baby brother are you jokin what is Nutter did a job for us few years ago cocked it up went down for five years seven years now is that what I redecorated your face fuck me looks like someone set fire to your head and put it out with a shovel still not all bad a Isolite all that cock do me a favor rustle me up another one of your perfectly poured points please as better only takes a moment to be courteous your little cancer language barrel Oh Donald I was born 22 cheek he gets its base no I best then could it be sure four-barrel couldn’t it it’s the brushes a kid got pink strawberry then it got trimmed down to berry honey that was best but don’t blush now darling yeah Betty fuck your toes without putting my bath funds one for me together climbing now the pastor know she gets fucking kneecaps dirt come on [Music] I’ll fucking you myself they watching we fail I’m just blind spot for your sting a bit [Music] that’s nice I see quiet I this kind reckons he killed rook well June you chased him off you recognize him no it’s foolish shit I’d well what do you say to that guy you finger full of shit there yeah yeah yeah you’re full of shit apparently your main rook I will choke your chest piece ain’t open it fuck that I said open it I’ll do it no no he needs to do it open it you fucking pick me go on that’s it jesus fucking christ your fucking name okay well I guess that clears up the old half full of shit to my debate well have you done tribe out we have a nice little breather why don’t you chance to take your seats come on sit down fucking sit down now you eyeball me I’ll blow your fucking head off sit down I best drinks all around you can put my nines tab gods have love I don’t know whether you’ve been paying attention at all but got a big fucking gun in my hand I’m not afraid to use it fate to piss in your chips darling they say the first time of it into veins of a shoe huh be reasonable Pez deuce all around drinks please yeah Pez well you get this one of them rooster row houses oh please you’ll get when you’re fucking given all right yeah cool shit now I’ll have a rooster roll huh so prison turned you into a stone-cold killer did it no prison didn’t your mom prophet it you wanna know one thing fucking sit down fuck off I’m gonna tell you pleasure cracking your fucking skull open but yeah while that can wait and I’ll go pretty good at white in get you phone now you’re gonna tell him to get down here right now you’re gonna tell him it’s about rook and then you’re gonna hang up yes me I need you to come down to the jockey we got a situation it’s about rook good boy right please tell me what all the lads are give that cunt all these cars I’m sorry mate but I wish it was oh you want to now got those scars through yeah oh yeah enlighten us you my brother may as well have carved each one of those scars into my flesh where have you been hiding yourself these days getting we haven’t seen you in ages I fought better not show my face around for bitching how I mean need to talk to my brother though god grant business deal for him yeah why sure he’s only open up there’s another meaning to dishonesty kameena throw a fight they open up a fuck up more like all you had to do was lose a fight looks from your pocket if you know what raka don’t think I heard what you just caught me do you word you want to say that again my you oh wow you lost a packet you don’t five large I don’t 15 large what is it you wanted from me so I found one with you inside you made I’m in the middle of a car going you got something you wanna ask me this area why my business proposition for we are it’s a good deal been talking it through with mom and she thinks it could be a real winner mom yeah well you know our love our mom means more to me than life itself but since when as her business acumen got anything to do with what I fucking doe remember Sally from the gym right yeah old Sully he’s jacking it in so I made him an offer is accepted right it’s a good deal real good deal let’s need the startup capital which is where you come in a course but I’ve got business plan written up in every dessert should be a love Syria kind I have a few very simple rules I live my life boy and if served me double well over the years one of them is never ever ever lend money to family it’s a good plan though right I’m telling you yeah I could go through with you right now if you wanna know because I’m gonna pass my you see no prob lending money is what I do I know I mean whatever if you can’t pay me back and your business plan goes fucking both sides we don’t want to come after you and seriously oh yeah James come and go and make what makes your so fucking special know your star-studded career please don’t tell me that because you fucked up you fucked up and every one of your fans in this room done proper money on you know because they trusted you yeah and now you come in to me and you’re asking me it’s a fun janux gamble once you till smell on earth I come to sending you my brother not with fucking dead I know but you’re coming at me and you’re asking for money what do we expect this Chi Chi Chi come on sit down sit down you’re always fucking Exide you an 8/10 but look I know what you’re trying to do you’re keeping in up down and you’re fucking keeping your nose clean that’s a good thing it’s a really good thing and I’m proud yeah but I’m telling you if you want me to prank one of my roles an engine money then you’re gonna have to do something for me I appreciate that bone not look his gains for anything like that I wanna do anything illegal this is a close to share ever gonna to me lending you money so take it or leave it well mr. Java go and see ID he’ll fill you in on everything and even though and trust me it’s a piece of piss not even you could fuck it up I bet seven grand on you losing that fight let’s try and make it all real wasn’t I so you knocked him out cold in Mexico you know what happens to people to behave like that they string him up under a bridge karf their dick and shove it in their mouth come on spit on that yeah well you know they’re savages but that’s not the point it hurt and I don’t just mean the money we’re friends yeah your brother tells me I’ll give him another shot but I’m not so sure look I made a mistake my it’s not gonna happen again because my brother is gonna vouch for me Brooke says you’re a fucking liability oh well if Brooks s ours is fuck off then oh sit down princess don’t shit yourself but inside you won’t get a new joke I’m just letting you know you’re standing in terms of the establishment you seen one of these before we blast it back it’s in a few years oh man in the world oh we a three o’clock this afternoon Mabel little is gonna come into this office she’s gonna take this away with her you are gonna follow her home to London fields where she lives you’re gonna take that bag off of her and you’re gonna bring it back here simple I’ve seen the back about bats 1/2 pounds of none of your fucking business if she causes you any trouble you can knock her out cold gotcha yeah yeah alright then laughing boy wipe the fucking smile off your face I have a dump why’d you watch fuck off across the street get out my office and close the door on your way out what this is all very interesting but is it going anywhere yeah it’s actually you see because the human my brother I ended up going to prison didn’t I HMP Belmarsh or as our counselor horrible mother fucking piss old Belmarsh the filthiest most violent and godforsaken prison in England yeah I was read that joke of a judge sent me I didn’t have a criminal record I never had that mindset you know I couldn’t even fry a fucking boxing match but they throw me in there with those ardent murderers rapists serial offenders as a reason why they call that place a meat grinder say excuse me concert excuse me [Applause] Geor seems to be healing nicely you know they would have given you the normal dentures if you just asked yeah did you sure said please you know if it bothers you that much when you get out of prison just get them switched it’s an easy procedure you know I don’t mind him I really is fuck take a seat weapon son teeth yeah gonzo bear the scuffle why always you it’s not always my man embracing online once you expect this is what I expect the teens why don’t you learn something in here Gabe ever kick up the backside think I’m getting a kick out the back so I don’t know don’t worry about it’s me pearl I’m not proud of it just it’s about your son I don’t know what to say to do I spoke to another lawyer yeah we ain’t got money to pay him leave her do you was thinking to say about it well Lincoln don’t talk to me about something Lincoln does is another thing is he said anything about my thought forgetting some box eggman language I bring you up to be better than the animals in here don’t stick to their level I’m sorry man Lincoln does his work and whatever you say about being in jail you ain’t the one keeping me awake at night worrying it can lead to come down here and to us when you’re mine you got to tell him to come here and Saul to me attempt no touching sorry man I didn’t mean nothing of Lincoln no goddamn word it was my ID ah so he was clear that I was gonna have to look after myself [Music] [Music] the council finds it reasonable to believe that you were at least in part responsible for the incident that took place on the 28th of June and it thereby finds you guilty as charged don’t stand this moment what you want me to do they’re coming at me with a knife it’s self-defense clearly right what’s wrong with it their lamb stabbed me although I’m telling you right there’s people in this prison they’re out to get me I need a transfer I need it today your sentence is hereby extended by one year please take the time alone to reconsider your life decisions I’ll consider the fatty you are fucking Ponce for what fuck you did better myself as for what you fucking stupid nothing could have prepared me for this shit that I was about to go through in this hellhole so I had to make a choice if I was gonna get through this stretch in one piece to change myself into something I didn’t even recognize anymore there’s a mumps in the weeks rolled by I slowly but surely tell myself into what you see before you now a hardened rusty nail you see the body can be strengthened to a degree bar it’s your mind that makes you impervious to defeat just are the skin on your knuckles the mind can remain callous as fuck Barney pine can do that someone learn how to type played I more importantly learn how to dish out [Music] [Music] you see the problem I had was why aren’t every fucker in that place want me dead that mean it didn’t make any sense to me I can work it out and in one day that’s it for the nose for the mouth all right probably a bit concussed me where are the guys will land in a minute nothing personal pain you know nothing personal you do mean I or you’ve got to gain from her than a fucking skull fracture it was working my if fucking would have been 20 grand oops it’s smoking about 20 grand we’re talking about 20 grand 3 we’re trying was hooking us up yeah think your brother did this [Music] why did you write Oh seriously I have no idea what you’re talking about he didn’t I that don’t you fucking dare he’s my brother the frost I put my head didn’t you I’ll accept it from a dirty conniving little bastard like you but I cannot accept that from him wake after wait that came one after another sometimes more than once you’re not worried didn’t matter to me keep him coming I said bring on all comers come and have a fucking go mate the more that came the stronger my mind got my daily existence became about survival I bet you didn’t know is possible to make your own no farming present pitcher or you can any fucking burns we hereby find you guilty in your sentence mr. Burgess will be extended by two years five weeks segregation to commence posthaste [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] all I have is a dead inmate and you had his blood on your clothes I’m adding an additional year to your sentence for being a part of the altercation likewise six months segregation [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s good to say ma’am must have been bad for you answer there I did come to see you I tell me you was in solitary more than once anyway he felt I didn’t didn’t think it was a good idea too much stress and he’s right look good sure I don’t know what you’ve become something you need to know Berlin come on probably not gonna be is your future well there’s something I need to get off me just first it’s not easy to say but I just saying I’ve got the cancer I’ve known for a few months but I think I’ll import for anyone it’s not chemo on Tuesday they say it might be quite tough so I don’t think I’ll be able to gain see much I’m sorry ma’am you don’t have to be sorry your brother’s looking after me every day let’s see my dad I don’t know what I’d do without him it would be okay what was it you must tell me about Linc mum’s nothing okay oh I’m glad Lincoln’s looking after you that’s so way off my shoulders oh yeah little fighters in this family don’t we look at you there were fires right time’s up come on let’s go come on never really knew what your pancreas did to my mum’s go really what cancer while still don’t really she was a fighter my mum she fought their cancer longer than anyone 40 good so they let me out for just five hours – Garcia sent me with a six-man security detail one paddy wagon two cars she died before I even got there I didn’t know her I know she was ill sorry you lost use of fire morning I did know the Sun lag had done for a couple of screws I made a break from hospital I just didn’t connect the dots maybe you should have done it sad a fucked you manage any sorry about your mom I’m sure she was a lovely lady but if you wouldn’t see them often you should keep yourself out of trouble can’t let you go so I might – oh yeah yeah well done I didn’t think you had it in you well I’m not the same blow your left out in the cold I’d and I suppose you are right that’s it I need a piss go in your fuckin trousers what you word that is inhumane I’ve got a plants on board to be fair none of us had planned on being held hostage today I need a piss is wrong going one of them bottles it nah I need his shit piss in one of the bottles and he can shit your pants more what do we think that featuring gonna be stuck in everything as one’s guts you know whatever you gonna do figure it out and do it quick fucking zombie looking fast enough of you and your silly pencil if you’re gonna do something crack on because I am bored of your bullshit oh you want me to crack on there yeah yeah tell you what then turn around get on your knees oh here you go that’s a good pig when my brother gets here or keeping yourself nicely but until then do me a favor and shut your fucking mouth or you’ll be next you know I don’t remember you being so trappy or so gangster I’ve come a long way since the Bluebird day when you sent me to steal from maple Adele I could have never imagined where it would have let me turn [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Mabel little 49 mother were three my mother too worked as a dental lady at the local comprehensive died earlier this evening whilst undergoing surgery related to a traffic accident wasn’t my fault you stole the first man she chased you when she ran into traffic that’s a manslaughter charge that robbery will not put you away for this count but we’re not really interested in that man does the term cooker mean anything to you cookie as in the fucking bird that can’t build a nurse so it steals one from another fucking bird RI yeah that cook it means fuck-all to me mate so your brother runs the largest entrapment and cocoa scan in the city the last three years we’ve been working with people that your brother’s persecuted Mabel little refused to cooperate but we’re observing her which means your kind of fuck doesn’t it mind I’ll burn a lawyer you’re incommunicado Boyle you don’t get a bloody lawyer usually starts with a single family member blacksheep idiot brother you know your type Lincoln’s hide any of these other heavies that we know of they’ll end up paying the family a little visit one day and I’ll say well so and so I was us a little money and he’s in line for a little daunting but if you run with this little errand we’ll let him alt families too happily to a blow I don’t think giving a little package telling the bits and drugs or some money in the package and tell them to go to such and such address what they are telling me is they hire another hoodlum to rob them on the way my right all of a sudden is a catastrophic amount of money and then packaged now this is the entrapment part the gang members want more don’t they so they show up with the fucking hands yeah I want the doll then what the check they want the cash they take the fucking car they move into the house they run the operations from the house and they use the car to run the errands they stay on the property that’s all the assets have been destroyed and then they just move on to the next your brother he does this hide does this and you fucking do it turn the fuck I do but no idea what you’re talking about me Albert Mitchell Pete single honest James Webb Eric godly Sandy Park Miriam Silverman and now Mabel little there’s a hundred and fifty or so other families children have been orphaned because of your brother’s fuckin business say you listen to me and you listen me very carefully manslaughter don’t bring your waste of your fucking problems might I’m throwing organized crime again I’m gonna fuckin lay out all right you listening to me I want a lawyer I don’t know anything about this shit what about my rights your rights are to give up your brother Nathan’s the only rights you fuckin has this operation in close without your brother maybe then 100 or so other people can move on with their lives come give me a brother let’s just finish this right now how about bucks how about that it shares in the hard road because you’re going away for a very very long time Sarge come on in King let’s have a little you and me time I don’t know anything about this Oh oh I’ve got the devil in me to Kate but I learned to accept my wickedness I learned to apply it for good you see I have always been good with my fists I wanna do this for everyone that doesn’t just bet they’re gonna get fuck that does he oh he wouldn’t approve of this we don’t have to tell him everything to catch the piss on a carpet fucking knows I’m gonna hurt you Kate fucking time bears I’m bolting doors don’t do anything stupid [Music] exactly mother’s fucking door shop well let’s come on in don’t be shy make yourselves at home this show those fucking doors now you’re not going anywhere do it I can’t believe it’s so good to see you brother the only thing that matters is you’re out and you’ve come to me for help I’m your brother what’s family for after all get back get back she think I’m gonna fall for that there yeah weapons mobile fires put them on the bar that means all of you come on on the fucking bar drop your trousers this w shirts fuck off you ain’t serious you’re not in prison I’m not one of your boyfriend fucking do it do it you happy now that’s Josh yeah go over there every others but do me a favor there’s another part with a nice hefty Edward jar please why don’t you just take the gum off her head and put it back on shut up I’m not the one in charge around here anymore I am my these monkeys eat now the palm if you ran but I know the real you don’t I the crybaby that I pissed on from the top of the tree to remember that we run back at that tree again bitch yeah remember that I fucking remember it vividly and I remember I fucking beat the life out you for doing it I said this is now seven years since I’ve had a point I’m playing catch-up is he all right he’s unconscious it was in a lot of pain it’s probably better like that he’s dead yeah fuck you no this is bad this is so fucking bad damn can’t kill rook – boss he done more yeah he tried to kill me and all then it comes in here and froze rooks and on the fucking table time you’re not thinking straight you are not fucking thinking straight to realize what you’re doing yeah I realize what I’m doing and let me tell you why for the last seven years I’ve been living with the threat of violence hanging over my head 24 fucking 7 never known where it’s coming from who is gonna be when stabs are four dozen times of our be bones broker and mallika man’s torn I’ve killed people linking the bare fucking hands prison rehabilitated your work son yeah have you seen this scar about that have you seen that you know that is me Joe I call where it’s what they call an iPod a scar that and what about these fucking face you know what I wanted him to give me some of them nice white porcelain ones but the prison dentist gave me these fucked up amalgam ones because of my attitude yeah but you see you do have a problem of your attitude look at you you’re a loose cannon prisons turned you into a fucking psycho perfect killer prison didn’t you fucking did when you put twenty thousand pound price tag on my head and the prison for the rapists and killers whose fucking strangle you for a pack of cigarettes you did what are you fucking expect when you start fucking crossing the waiters gonna fuck you like down Elite you fucking barriers that shit to anyone I did so fucking worse for getting them we had a fucking quarter on the inside keeping fucking tabs on you do you know are you dumb fuck Evans plates you for a fucking fall told you a bunch realized because he know that you were gullible enough to fall for it you’re trusting a bank copper over your own flesh and blood I never see a fucking word not a syllable your fuck standing there and you expect me to believe it ones might always out yes he made it all up Oh IRA told me the truth you know when he found out about Evans had him thrown off the force why don’t we just get fucking Evans a bail getting Daniel right let’s fucking get him down here and let’s just see what has to serve homeless give me more fun I don’t think he’s gonna be answering that phone mate the old and boil [Music] do I know you Boyle bring that he was a sergeant back then what happened you lose your job came back me is that you Kate it’s been a while Johnny give us a minute will you boil so then Kane what I’m guessing you broke out of prison you tracked me down to this location to act your revenge on the copper who booked you you didn’t bought me you set me up so my brother I was gonna snitch on him didn’t ya hero ex-copper kills escaped convict in self-defense yeah I did tell your brother you snitched on him you fucking cocksucker I’m gonna make you fucking pain when it looks like we got a little beer for predicament there only seems you’ve been running around or fucking weekend on your own revenge mission you’re not thinking striking because how now I’m having difficulty taking in everything that’s happened this week tough week for you guys it yeah for you I’m talking about month did you get to see her yeah why and her why she I forgot that 20 minutes earlier Marga Nancy look her in the eye older and her after you know them cops did stopped off on the way forever nila latte away the fuck were you listen to me I’d stuff I’d shit that I needed to deal with all us shit to deal with did ya more important than our dying mother don’t fucking guilt trip me on that one place Bandon edenia the fuck I did don’t you think paid for the boat says honey oh do you think organised every day Fred it’d be picked up and taken to fuckin hospital if you’ve got any idea how much it broke our heart to come and see you in fucking prison because of you I was inside because of you you was the one who when I got fuckin nicked you know the risks no one made you do it you let me in I need from you under the bus no no no no no no I was mrs. Vidal I got dragged under the fucking bus by you listen to me I know the life as a big right for you and I know that I’ve not helped over the years you can put a stop to all this you can fucking stop it right now there’s no one left my mom’s gone you can make a fresh start your free man or bad the others once album Mitchell pacing last James Webb Eric godly Miriam Silverman Mabel Adele and all the other lives you’ve been rooming in for years this reads how it’s gone and remembered all the names look I’ll be honest with you like to me I won’t just another fucking diary office they mean nothing tomato called cunt it’s a list of losers trying to shirk off their debts debts run up I smack heads and pill heads and all sorts of other stuff we worked out a way of making quite a lot of money now people that wouldn’t be in that position if they’d kept their fucking hat on straight so you can take your sentimental bullshit and you can shove it up your fuck it up you fuck your money down you know something already giving you the fucking benefit Adele rocking chance but what you just done you can’t what you just fucking done on the seriously gonna fuck you up like you can’t believe you’ve really fucked that up now you start there’s no coming back from that maybe I don’t want to come back I recognize you this should I your accountants gonna miss it [Music] now help me mate we go nice places thunks done well for yourself go you oh come on you don’t remember an old friend fuck mate ring welcome to you oh shit me that touch smells nice too wonderful walk around it no you’re at least another decade then your ticket so I’m guessing you’re not good behavior where you go good finger I don’t hear haven’t you made the other wife the kids your pet bunny are they aware of what you do now you’ve ruined people’s lives for my brother I didn’t tell you for the violent time Stokes sit down what do you want I wanna see them books I can’t let you carry me Sakura where my brother tried to have me killed on the inside you know I’ve never been a part of that I’ll believe you I’m gonna take Lincoln down Stokes see you might as well just show me them books and then you’re gonna get your family you get it together and you get the fuck gone if I just leave town your promise will leave us alone give you my word how much is he gonna take Harrison three hundred thousand and he’s checking with several offshore deposits totaling out about two million pounds across a few currencies tell you what leave my grand enough we’re gonna move the rest black oh well that’s the fun part Stokes was a crooked fucker couldn’t lie straight in bed but inside him wrong it’s make his mind up inside his own ass that’s bollocks you’re fuckin lyin you reckon that’s a picture of your account see there 2.7 million in dollars euros pounds all of it gone I left you be the grand in half that’s what a few porcelain see for the cost you’re never gonna see the rest you sure racking up the reasons to get yourself killed tonight aren’t you my love’s your little revenge before swarthy hear that did you Lincoln Kate words their revenge everything I’ve done over the last two days it started review and for what you did to those innocent families it’s gonna win with you when you die the ledger will be erased the deaths dissolved an agent every one of those 147 families are gonna be free those names you see how could note but memorize them repeated time and time again in coal over and over I heard those names siani was through lights world myself but maybe maybe I could help them and maybe one day I might get the chance to be face to face with my brother one last time and when I found that purpose well only then could I bear all the pain and suffering because now it all had a meaning now it all made sense look I know that’s your brother that’s out to get you so I ask you why are you protecting him bro mother Froning died what are you waiting for they’re gonna kill you in here you know that right good luck sir I’ll do it under one condition my mom’s in hospital she don’t have long left I want to see my man you let me see her I’ll tell you all you want on that cries this I’ll taste like shit this that’s because I poured the drip tray into you’re starting it’s about time we go on with it then isn’t it hey guess you got a pretty good idea where this is going Lincoln yeah I’ve got a pretty good idea yeah good they can all leave if they want it’s only really you that isn’t going anywhere with solids do you want to get out of here fuck you bullshit fucking guy in anywhere I don’t know I’d quite like to leave actually if you’ve sort of you long shut the fuck up turn yeah cool sorry Lincoln no one’s going anywhere you’re gonna die in here tonight game you’ve got two barrels there’s ten of us I only need one to blow your fucking head apart it won’t make me I want you to use that sharp no man I’m gonna take turns each is tearing you limb from fucking limb and what have you actually accomplished it’s another look yeah what’re you sure fuck hole absolutely fuck all you’re a mess and the only thing you’re ever gonna be remembered for is being a fucking mess amaura not be remembered for anything so let’s go with it you know I hear you know there’s a million of Danny on my body the new is mon brahma my fucking brother you have always since the day you were fuckin born gone every single fucking one of them [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] jace guys I’m gonna go up here with him left memmio she’s not me was it worth it I mean all this for the sake of a hundred and fifty pathetic fucking losers is this what you wanted you know all I want it now you’re done it’s over for you I’ve cost you everything all this everything you’ve worked for is finished you’re fucked Mike there’s a right that’s right yeah yeah what do we sell you something whatever satisfaction you think you’re gonna get out of all of this it’s gonna be very fucking short-lived because I always come through you know that brother answer me one thing first why’d you do it like with you because of you see whether you fucking cross or not people still respected me and you lonely broth won’t know he fucking disrespected so between me and you what’s done is done you see that’s what happens when you get other people to do your dirty work you forget to check the gun to see if it’s loaded two shots two barrels and I’ve already used both of them you dumb fuck [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’ll go to northern mess sorry about the mess [Music] bring up the cookies bank accounts and have everyone the knowledge of a 47 cookie back accounts divided my brother’s fortune five hundred and forty-seven and transfer the money into their accounts you’re giving it away you mad no I’m not mad mate I’m thinking clearer than I’ve done in years it’s not much only about 15 grand each and I sell our money to some people just here for my jar Oh mr. Patel yeah enough for a fresh dough anyway or maybe maybe just enough to breathe again just heard from Albert Mitchell’s nephew another kook who got a windfall hmm oh yeah I’d be the 12th one today actually right there Victor please and those great given thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I sleep with all my clothes oh I think I should be rolling [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s safer here inside [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re lucky this didn’t go to the Crown Court but there’s no one apparently saw anything and the cameras were obscured all I have is a dead inmate and you had his blood on your clothes I was trying to give him fast ID he had a shank so far into the back of his head it was sticking out of his mouth what exactly were you trying to do for him I’m having an additional year to your sentence for being a part of the altercation that is the maximum punishment I’m authorized to set likewise six months segregation [Music] you

22 thoughts on “Akcioni krimi film – Osveta (2019)

  1. Sad cu tek da ga odgledam ali za pocetak film je 2019 godine sto je samo po sebi za pohvalu. A pritom ti znas sta valja od filmova tako da ne sumljam da je los ❤️ jos jednom veliko hvala od mene za tebe 😉 odlican posao, samo tako nastavi.!
    Odgledah ga, lele ala bije ovaj 😀 bas je dobar, drzi paznju. Moja preporuka.

  2. Слобо легенда си,да ли би се могло шта наћи о самурајима

  3. svaka čast na prevodu Kain i Avelj i dalje postoje u svim sferama društva! Bravo klasična kaubojska tuča bez kineskih proseravanja . Za film hvala!

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