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Hi this is Hashi from Action Movie Kid, and this is my Field Day. I’m Hashi. I’m know as Action Movie Dad on YouTube, and I have a channel called Action Movie Kid. The first video on YouTube that did
really well was the danger of wet floors video. The danger of wet floors video became an animated gif on Reddit and it made it on the front page, and then it got picked up by BuzzFeed. It was a very quick an interesting turn around for
these videos that I’d only put on YouTube to share with my family. So I’ve been really into computer animation and making videos all my life. Done it since I was in second-grade, and eventually I worked that into a career at Dreamworks where I did some visual effects. While there I also became a new parent and was taking a ton of video of my son. The process for making one of the films is really just engaging in a playtime with James. And as soon as I see that is doing something that I could imagine being enhanced by graphics, I’ll try to sneak my way in there and film. The most genuine reactions are usually the best videos, and the more I try and coach him the less well they turn out. So on field day we made this really great video and it’s all about what it’s like raising two kids. But not just raising
two kids, one of them is Action Movie Kid. Who some of you know, and one of them is my new baby Daughter who has legitimate superpowers. Field Day was a really fun experience because i’m used to making these, because i’m used to making these 10-20 second clips because I usually just
have one the visual gag but i wanna get out there for field day they invited me to do much
more epic video which is really great. So I brought along my really close friend and a really clever
writer named Matt Harry. It was very different than that my usual process
which is filming something to my iPhone plugging it into the computer and I can pretty much post straight to YouTube. But also really made us try to step up our game in terms of the visual effects. No using your powers around the baby. In this 6 minute video there are 49 FX shots. One of the most involved
effects in this movie was that end finale when the baby lifts up the Jeep
off the ground and then burst it into a bunch of pieces. Now on set we did have some practical cars that represented these. and we also have his digital doubles for
the scene whether truck explodes within took the 3D models and broke
them apart bunch of different component pieces that could all fly out. And also from the writing
standpoint Matt did a really good job of creating a story that had to be very
very tight but also implied all these wonderful things but
together in a neat way. I think my favorite part of working with field day was just the openness they had to any idea and they even came back to us with let’s
go bigger let’s get a big cameo actor you know for
the role of the villian. and really just open it up to let us
explore whatever we wanted to do. I’d thought of this fantastical seen of a SWAT team arriving at the house and my baby daughter being able to fight off all these bad guys but this is just that teeny thought and
I never dreamed that within a few months i’d have real bunch
of guys in uniforms on my lawn with the Steadicam and a crew surrounding it,
sound, and a real actor. All that stuff coming together was really
a dream of mine. It was something I’m practically ruled
out, because of my abilities at the time.

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  1. i like that this is a youtube labs channel but i just wanna put out there that if this was a kickstarter or patreon project that i would have no problem backing this at all

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