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Hari… Haricharan…? The food looks undercooked! But the younger daughter-in-law That will not make it cooked. Now take it, let’s see But Haricharan… -Yes. Where is my umbrella? Sir, wouldn’t it be better Our clothes look similar. So what? Aren’t you human too? That’s right but sir is ..and you are his eldest uncle… I am his elder uncle I need no more introductions.. Where is my umbrella? Sir, the youngest daughter-in-law Do you wish to say anything? I was telling that I am carrying my umbrella. Will that ease the pain?-Pain? Are you thinking Let Hari take the food now onwards. Then Abhay will remain Come fast. Hello, good boy. Hey good boy, good boy. Yes… – Your uncle… Oh! What sort of a person are you? You are a research student You still are not independent! What is it Tarini? Okay, you go now. Pick a card. Which is the Jack? No, no, no… don’t serve milk to Abhay. Let the daughter-in-law Sago? – Yes, he has used different Why uncle, I am fine… I know every bit of you. Hari, you leave. Milk enhances cold, so from now That will give you protein In the Ayurveda… -Pick it. “Why do flowers bloom in the garden, “Why do you cry when you are in love?” If the bees don’t touch the flowers, “Why do you cry when you are in love? Why did you close the door, uncle? Apart from cold there are many Now, you pick up the card. – Namaste. It’s you, Attorney sir! So, you are playing Abhay needs some recreation too. It’s better than fooling I am taking your leave, uncle. It’s time you let Abhay see the world. I don’t feel too good about it, But it’s that he has to take care Well. Did you bring Yes, I wrote as you told me to. 1 house and 50000 rupees And the rest tangible and Haricharan will get 5000 rupees… Sir… Is it warm? Yes, uncle. Drink it all, Hari, make it a point that ..and sago every day. Uncle, I have to drink Yes, every day. Maya… what luck…just in time. Let’s go for a drive, please. I would have gladly agreed But I’ll be late for the music class. But it will do you no harm if I wouldn’t have insisted. Actually I have to take So, please don’t say no. Come, please. Ajay, why did you come Instead of going to our house? It’s that, had I gone to your house… I would have been received But I would have missed your company. Maya, you are going to That’s right. I’ll wait for that moment eagerly. When I return back to Kolkata, This moment of joy… Can you pull over to the left? What? Where do you want to go? Home. I will drop you. Uncle… -Yes. One of the students in our So you have to pay for the gift, How much? – 10 rupees. It’s there, And they were telling that they… They what? They will be going to I intended to go with them too. – No. If it is for a night… – No. My pain in the heart Then its okay, uncle, I am telling you I am telling you that Abhay will go. Will he go? – Yes. Bet on that? – Here, my share. What about accompanying us? No, I can’t. Uncle told me not to go. You won’t ever grow up. Come, let’s go. Okay bye now. Telegram. Telegram? – Here it is. Kanti Majumdar? Should I open it or not? Hey, what is the news? Why are you so happy? Hey, take the tips. What is the news? The house is purchased! He Give him 1 rupee. Aunty…aunty… aunty… – What are Why did you touch me? Dear aunty, Why? What has happened? Every day you can take a bath What? – You couldn’t guess it? The house in Ballygaunge is bought. Father has reached home! Come, Sori. My God! He has brought Come, Sori. Please be seated. What should we do now? Bahadur is coming. Wait. I have decided, or else I I think everything is fixed. I expect to get the news What about my case then? Give it to someone else, please. And what I think is that I cannot take the It’s okay. If you go after 1 year the loss… It’s not the monetary loss, The best part of my So, I have decided to spend the I have nothing more I have to win this case But you keep the money please, No Avinash, I cannot accept the money. Please, please… – But I … It’s all right. Okay, bye. Father, why did you accept the money? Give it back? The house is bought, uncle. Avinash, Avinash. Sir, sir. Sir. Sir, please come. What has happened to uncle, Hari? Hari…Hari… Hari… Hari… Hari… Hari… I am leaving Abhay.. ..and you listen to What are you looking for, sir? My black self culture… …what I always followed blindly. Abhay, it’s the biggest wealth.. ..there is no better friend than this. Follow the rule laid down by Him, I gave my words to Kanti’s wife.. … that her daughter I didn’t get the time. To keep my words marry Maya, Uncle, uncle.. Uncle… Father… What has happened, uncle? Ramanath is no more. He kept me in debt. I couldn’t have become ..had he not helped me in early days. That he will leave in such a way… Now that we are going to Kolkata, Had we planned to go there before.. Abhi… Mother! When did you return, I met the Attorney I was in deep trouble in the evening, Oh, that Kanti sir came from Lucknow? No, they have shifted Oh! Take this. Abhi, we have to put Proposal?-Yes, Oh… ..but… I gave my words to Kanti’s wife.. .. that her daughter He was much unhappy He gave the address… And said a number of times But mother, I don’t know them. So what? They know you. Sir, have the milk…sir…have the milk… Oh yes! Give it. Take this. Listen. Hari, what should I do now? Regarding what? Mother was telling me Then go there. I will? What next? – What next? What should I say to him? You say…are you keeping well, Yesterday you came over But.. But what about that? – About what? That… You don’t worry. Hari, why don’t you understand? Nothing special…uncle said I get it…but since sir has said, Yes. Since he has said What is there to think twice about it? Right but how do I say it to him? See, there is no pain in Just say I want to What! – Yes, What do you want? Darwan, I was just wondering Ask the servant? Servant! Since you are giving the Who are you? what do you want? I am … Servant.. – Yes. Where are you all the day? Whenever See whom does he want. Who do you want? I need to meet Kanti sir. Write down your name and So you are Abhay? You should have come straight inside. This is your house too. Come please. I went to your house that Please be seated. Why are you still standing? I am very pleased to meet you. You look like you are Even the coat you are wearing too… So, what are you doing nowadays? I am a research scholar doing Ph.D. -That’s really good! Servant, tea. I don’t take tea, Okay, go and tell the Why are you getting up? They will be coming here, so… The girls you told Oh! Are you talking Then I tell you.. Tell me. Then let me tell you beforehand… What do you want to tell me? Actually before my uncle Father… – Let me introduce, Namaste. – Namaste. Shame on me! To throw him out of the house! Abhay, nothing is impossible It was not my fault. He was He is new here after all, Don’t let him leave without lunch. No, it’s all right. My mother will be anxious. So what? I’ll inform her. Let it go for today, I’ll come again. Let it go father, So be it. So, you come here You should come early in -As you say. So, I’ll take your leave today. What! You came for the first Maya, take him with you. Go. Please come… …what happened? Please come. Come… ..are you hurt? See Abhay, I have this bad habit. If someone falls down I start laughing Please don’t mind. Come please, come. Thanks but no, I am leaving. Abhay… Sori… Sori… Come and see a funny scene. What the matters? Abhay happen to… Sir… – huh? Sir. Where is your umbrella? Water. Water. Oh, I get it. ..and you are getting Abhi…-Yes mother. Tell me what you discussed Discussed! And about the marriage? – I couldn’t. Why didn’t you say it yourself? She came in there, so… Who came then? Oh… umm… that… Oh, are you talking about Maya? Water. Sori, I am giving I will run away tomorrow. – Runaway? Yes! I cannot stay with So simply, I am not going Do I have a blood pressure problem! That I have to spend the I’m telling you from before, Listen dear, listen, listen… If Abhay is still like an ice bag, If it were anyone else, What values did you Because he’s your friend’s nephew? Oh no, no! You can’t find a good Handsome face, And not a single drop of pride! Loads of money? But he was wearing Seems very miserly! Why do you think of him as a miser! How is he a man, he is a … What is this! Maya! If you have an attitude like this.. .. then for him to come Don’t worry father.. ..your daughter knows how to behave Oh my! Are you still here, Come now, get up, get up… But why?- Because Invitation… oh! Hari… I was thinking, How can you not? They are probably waiting Who?- Your going-to-be bride! Huh! – You don’t believe me, do you? But how will you know about women! Listen, the day I .. it was like my wife … While waiting to receive Like a sail of the boat in winds! Hari, I think I should just Write all the letters Give her all the letters Now get up and get ready, Oh dear stupid girl of mine, The servants are big idlers! But father, tell me truthfully… What you want, That is why I love you so much, dear. If you weren’t the .. I don’t think But I will really behave Today when Abhay comes, I won’t laugh I know why you have said this. Don’t misunderstand me, dear. I have no hidden reasons he might be a very nice groom, I will never go against Here you go! It suits you very well! Just like the handsome Lord Kartik! Hey Hari, listen, listen… So I should tell Kanti That I want your daughter for… Of course you will. Do you know how I married I told you before, just be nice Hey there! Are you not ready yet…? Here mother, I’m done. Don’t forget today. Alright. Dear sir, don’t walk to go there Give me the fare. Oh no, I think I Oh leave all that nonsense, Okay driver, come home… …I will go home and give Home? I can’t take Just give me the fare! Hey… what happened? Look sir, he isn’t giving What happened sir? Actually, I forgot my wallet at home. Oh… how much is it? 2 rupees and 12 anna. Here, keep the change. Did I not see you at Kanti Where will you go, there?- Yes. Alright, go then. What… why do you have mud on you? No, no… not really, actually I … Is that so?- I should just go back! What, why will you! Come, come… come inside. Oh you naughty boy! Bearer! Hurry and get And take sir to the room. Abhay sir… Abhay? Abhay? please take the clothes? Why did you close the door? Oh see… you might laugh if you see me. Do forgive me Abhay, Yes, okay… you can Hey… what are you saying, Yes. Am I like you! I have courage Then show a little more And tell him that you You are hopeless! Why! What is wrong? Abhay is a good looking man. And so learned! So very rich! Why are you still standing? Please sit. We probably didn’t introduce This is my niece, Shoroma. He is Abhay. Namaste. Please sit. Bangshi! – Yes, I’m coming madam. We know you from before, but. Me?- Yes! I have heard a lot Oh… I too have heard much Oh, is that so! What did you hear? Yes, yes… look here. Is that right? Then I have all the May I come in? Come, come Ajay. You said I couldn’t go to work today. Accident?- Yes. And a nice one! The car has been smashed and broken! And you? Me? I escaped unharmed. Otherwise, Oh, what is this! Actually, yes… I umm… Let me introduce you to Ajay. I umm… no, but… Not introduced, but I did Umm… I have to go home, now… Home? But why? Oh yes, it’s very important. What is important to you, Please do sit and stay… Sit. Oh my, what happened! Oh my, stop that. It may put him in a deeper sleep, too! Right! Just a lullaby “In my heart I have many wishes…” “I have kept them safe for so long!” “Who knows for whom “In my heart I have many wishes…” “I have kept them safe from all!” “Who knows for whom “In my heart I have many wishes…” “The flowers asks “The flowers asks “Has the moonlight “I reply that I am the moonlight “In my heart I have many wishes…” “I have kept them safe for so long!” Who knows for whom “In my heart I have many wishes…” “Even the birds of the “Even the birds of the “Whom do you call for, “Have you given yourself to him?” “In my heart I have many wishes…” “I have kept them safe for so long!” “Who knows for whom “In my heart I have many wishes…” Abhay sir? – Oh… Please do sit. So how did you like Maya’s song? Very nice, very nice! She sings so well! Not just singing, So good in calculus! Calculus?- Yes! She really wishes to Form me? Well, well, that’s very nice. Then I can… No. Maybe I can explain it to you, Oh my! Me? I get a fever One day, it was such a big Did you not understand anything! Not at all. – Oh. Okay then, So Einstein had tried to explain that… Not just awake, Who, Abhay?- Yes! Oh, by the way Maya ma’am.. didn’t hear the works No why, what had happened? Oh that was a scene! Oh really, what happened? Tell me! – Oh yes, I will… Basic detail, Subtraction, With the taxi driver! Why will the taxi driver ignore? If you leave your money-bag Money-bag? So, what was I telling …yes, The taxi driver was pulling his Had you seen it yourself! Why are you getting up? I am leaving, I have some urgent work. What! -Please forgive me. Abhay! Uncle… …uncle…I couldn’t keep your words. Sir, sir…please come. What has happened? Two madam…both of I’ll go and inform It’s all right. I longed to meet you for She feels embarrassed. Why do you feel embarrassed Come, come upstairs. I want to see this Okay, you come. Why didn’t Abhi tell May be he was feeling embarrassed. But if you agree… Why is this place so dark? Sir… sir… Why are you sitting in the dark? What were you doing The light was to bright for my eyes. She has come. -Who? Your would-be-wife! In this room…I was saying I don’t even have time to die! Maya, I try a lot but I can’t. If I have annoyed you in I came here to ask for pardon, Abhay. My God, you are here! It was really guilt…-Yes, It was not your leaving the house, No, no…you keep laughing. Laugh! Yes, you keep laughing, okay? Thank God, so you are not angry on me? Why will I be angry? If you are not angry, ..that you’ll come Okay, since you are telling it. Now, I have 1 more request to make. Request? – Yes, This will help me to My thesis? Why would you need books for that? You don’t have to explain, Secretly! – I want to surprise Saroma! Please come upstairs, I have heard that you are very good It must be Saroma, who told you this? Don’t believe what she says. But.. – But I am good at grooming people, If you start wearing .. and punjabi then You go, I’ll wait here. You go. So, please see that Abhay What happened? I’ll go and bring the books. That’s what you said before. Since you have agreed What happened? I’ll bring her… Bring whom? Okay, you please wait here. I was waiting! That will be good, his uncle’s See that the wedding What is the matter? No…I mean…why don’t you go upstairs? How can I go upstairs? If you have any problem It’s no problem…but you’ll 2 or 3 months! – It will be Mine? Vow! You look very nice. But Hari, I cannot tie this up. Have you ever tied up a Come, let me help you. Like it? Hey, why are you sitting here? No, Hari. What do you need? A barber. A barber. Where will I get a barber at night? You have to arrange that Okay, I will see. Why are you sitting down? I’ll definitely arrange for a barber. You have read 200 pages in a day! You are meditating What a Lord Shiva to match it! Good evening Ajit. Abhay! … Abhay! This is new. Abhay, have you decided Maya, listen… Why did she say such a thing? Am I looking very odd? Are you thinking about it? Please sit down. What happened? -Nothing. Please remove the hat, I’ll keep it. Wow! It’s a nice car, is it Austin? Yes. It’s the latest model You have bought the car but Why? – When you buy the We are not that rich to Let’s go on an outing With greatest pleasure. Good heavens! Isn’t it Abhay! That’s right. – Am I seeing correctly? Yes. This is the money that I owe you. Thanks. Why did you change Namaste. – No, no… no Namaste Listen, who told you I… You are ahead of everyone in Why do you lag behind Don’t you know that if you are abused, Oh… Excuse me, Maya, are you in hurry? Why do you ask? It’s a lovely night, let’s Why are you getting so romantic? Actually the environment To open the windows of ones mind. So, it seems you That’s right. – So, tell me. Maya…I propose… ..if you say yes then That means you won’t give What is there to think about? Really? It seems that 100%. It’s you Maya, who have given me Your laughter, Stop it! What do you men think about the women? If they go around with Are they bound to love that person? I am not talking about And I know that it is me. What you know may be wrong too. So, will you tell me the truth? will hear it anyways. Well listen, I see, then Abhay… That’s out of the topic, good bye. Is sir there? -No, he has gone out. Madam is there. Where? – Upstairs. Upstairs! “An unknown sings song “An unknown sings song “He takes away the sweetness “He takes away the sweetness “He sings song to me,” “An unknown sings song “He sings song to me.” “It’s the time of spring, “It’s the time of spring, “He mesmerizes me with his magic,” “He takes away the sweetness “He sings song to me,” “An unknown sings song “He sings song to me.” ” He makes me forget to play my role,” ” He makes me forget to play my role,” “He makes me wake up “He takes away the sweetness “He sings song to me,” “An unknown sings song “He sings song to me.” Enough. Now get up. Wait, let me wear the shoes. Abhay, you? Today also you can’t recognize me? No. That’s why Maya was singing… An unknown sings song… You were planning to go to the market… Oh! You were going out? Why don’t you join us, Well, let’s go then. Car? Whose is it? Mine. I mean.. I bought a car. Really! You bought a car Come and show it. Come please. Wow! It’s such a nice car! You feel like riding I won’t ask about the price. It must be worth the So, why did you buy such So that you ride it and feel happy. I know that here you refers to her. Stop it, please. Is she annoyed? No, she is happy. So why did she go away?-To You go upstairs, I’ll follow you. I am really upset with you. But she said you were happy! Never, why did you embarrass Embarrass! Yes. She thought that That’s right, I bought it for you. Or else what do I need a car for? It’s not that just because But you said that day… Me? I told you to buy a car? No, it’s not that. But you told me to be a winner… This was the best car If I had done something wrong… Yes you did. The car is for me but did you Will you really go? Yes, but secretly so secretly!…I get it, Please stop for a while. Abhay, come and sit at the back. You know what the people What? – That I am That is good. -Not at all. Why is your face turned that side? How can I turn that to the other side? Because you are sitting at that side. So what? Then you might think that I … That you are staring at me. Why will I think that? My Stop the car. Where are you going? Come and sit. Don’t worry your new Yes, yes… I will just sit. Miss Maya, may I say something? Oh my, has that illness Illness? You saved me! Now tell me what you wanted to say. I was saying, are you very angry? Why? For me wearing the suit. Do I only get angry, is it? So you are very happy, is it? I don’t know. Tell me Abhay sir…- Yes? What did the bird just say? What did the bird say? But… But the Self Culture has Not all things are written in books. To know ones feelings, Feelings? My feelings? I will have to express… Oh… oh! See miss Maya… “The flute calls out to the song bird” “The flute calls out to the song bird” “Your tunes have matched with mine…” “The flute calls out to the song bird” “Your tunes have matched with mine…” “The flute calls out to the song bird” “The flute calls out to the song bird” “In this beautiful evening of Spring” “The secret of two “In this beautiful evening of Spring” “The secret of two “The sky fills with “The flute calls out to the song bird” “The sky fills with “The flute calls out to the song bird” “The flute calls out to the song bird” “What the little flower wants to say” “Only the bees know “What the little flower wants to say” “Only the bees know “And that is what makes “The flute calls out to the song bird” “And that is what makes “The flute calls out to the song bird” “The flute calls out to the song bird” “The flute calls out to the song bird” Come…- Hmm… Come, let us go home then. Yes, come. Because of you, That is all I have been doing. But I don’t understand If there was a risk, But the market is at a boom. And the prices of property Take my case for example, .. the Hindustan And yesterday, I have just Let’s see… I have ..the money from the And the attorney doesn’t much to this. No, he won’t agree. They don’t really They are all for the Look, they’ve come I think. You will come tomorrow, right? Okay, Namaste. Hey, it’s you Ajay. So… does miss Maya Ajay!- Excuse me. I got an Austin to compete Goodnight. Hari? What is all Why, do you not know when Who knows if it will happen! You both went out ..and you’re telling Eh! What! What are you doing? Abhay?- Yes mother. Take this flower as a blessing, son. You are going for an auspicious work. Let it be good news Let your uncle’s Chemistry? So Maya, the chemistry ..very sweet to read now, isn’t it? Your effort is great, I must say! The effort isn’t mine, but his. I will only oblige to it. Are you sure, will you? Yes, but will he accept! What is that? Why is the car decorated with flowers? Umm… actually it’s… Oh, I understand! Oh no! That Hari…- Hari? Yes… he, umm… because You were coming here so that’s why See, I have something I was thinking of letting Then it is very important, yes? Oh yes.- Oh come then, come… Please sit. Now tell me. What is it? See, I have been thinking for But… I couldn’t. Oh thank heavens! So it’s something that No… it’s not really that.- Then? Then… I mean, I… I what?- That I want you to… Me?- Yes, I want to marry you. Marry me?- Oh yes. This is uncle’s last wish ..your mother before her death. Oh… You know, That’s why he couldn’t work That’s why…- That’s Yes! You see, Yes, that is right. So, you can tell this Me?- Yes! That is the easy way. Otherwise I will tell him, And then you will I will definitely say yes? No, I mean… you did not So till you tell Great. Then let me We can never be married. What do you mean? Should I say it more clearly? But uncle had promised your mother. They may have done what they Oh… Then? Promises may mean a lot to you.. ..but the worth of a Abhay sir… sir Abhay! Why are you leaving? What has happened Abhay sir? Please do forgive me for .. unknowingly. Maya? What has happened? What did you tell Abhay? Did he say something about marriage? No! He only wanted to do his duty. He wanted to fulfill Did you just see that? And you did not see his love for you? His love? Maya… do you not understand this… That he bought such an expensive car, No! This is him showing off his money! That he can show off Maya… you are making a mistake. It isn’t showing off. This is his great sacrifice. He has done so much for One will force for love and the other… And the other will But why, can you say why! No, no… no… No! If only your uncle had been alive… Why are you saying this mother? He couldn’t be silent with this. I can see that you are very upset.. don’t eat properly, Mother, let’s go Really? Will you really go? Then let’s go tomorrow itself. Tomorrow! But.. – Yes, I really don’t Abhay, are you there? Abhay… It’s the Attorney sir. Listen. Did you go to Yes, a few days back. Then you have heard everything. What? He invested everything in land If he thinks it suitable then… Yes, he can do that, I admit. But gambling with everything I think you can give him good advice… Me.. After all he is your But uncle I am leaving Are you going out of station? But you didn’t say It’s just decided. So, you are not staying? Right. Everything is a mess now. He mortgaged his house in Ballygaunge, Why do I have to stay for it? You have all the power That’s true but it’s your money, But he shouldn’t Rest assured he will I’ll take your leave. Inform me about your whereabouts Okay. Maya, has Abhay not come today also? No. But why? Why has he I don’t know. What are you saying? He could fall sick, Your letter, madam. Dear, I am leaving with mother for It was bought for you I remain, Abhay. P.S. You have done me much So, I can hope that Didn’t Abhay come?-No. But his car had come! Maya.. ..why did Abhay leave like this? How will I know? -You don’t know? He didn’t say a word before leaving, How can I know this, father? Will you still hide the truth from me? Do you mean to say that No. Maya, I am saying Don’t misunderstand Abhay, Read what he has written properly. Understand his kind and giving heart! Maya, Maya… Aren’t you happy that So why are you crying? Who told you that I am crying? The modern Ram has gone to the exile Very well, we can ride Maya, there is still time Who? Abhay? But why? You cannot hide anything from me Maya. Why? For what reason? Really Abhi, ..when you visit a place like this. Yes, mother. How long will you keep Come mother, Why did you buy such a big house? I was thinking about Stay here? Yes, mother. What is the use of It’s better to get a job Abhi? So will your uncle’s You know it all mother. And what cannot be achieved, what People like me make mistakes By correcting my mistake that, So I hope that you can Maya… how long will If you call him just once… No! I don’t have the courage, Shoroma. What if… what if I make You weren’t concentrating were busy with the groom! All games have losers and winners. We could have made a profit, What of that! You will have to bear the losses! Yes? What did you say? He offered 40,000 rupees? That means… 30,000 rupees loss! No, no… I can never agree to this. See Ajay, Hello? Hello! It will drop more? Any other bad news? Amazing! I feel really bad looking Why not play some music? I would’ve if I were your age, Ajay. If I had no child too! In that case, ..into the whole Stop jabbering! Oh stop it! What is it uncle?- What has happened! I had played with property, I bought and sold off many To pay debts, But… That’s all done now uncle, So, is there no way out? A way out… of course there is. If I could get some money right now, From whom and on what Can you not ask Abhay once? – Who? Abhay? What are you saying Shoroma? He has a lot of money. Why? Why will Abhay give it? What relation have With what right shall No! Where I have no stand or right, Maya… Yes, say it again And that I should beg him to forgive What relation have With what right shall No! Where I have no stand or right, Why? Why will Abhay give it? No! Where I have no stand or right, Hari … Hey! Dear sister-in-law, greetings! I have to meet you but. I need you to tell Is that it? The address is written. Come in, come inside. What property papers are they, Abhi? Kanti sir had taken money That’s what he sent?- Yes mother. What did he write dear? He has written that Kanti sir is What will he do then? I don’t really I will write to attorney uncle.. ..that he takes care You could go once yourself, and see. How will that help, mother… Rather, if they need money, Your telegram.- Telegram? Who sent it, Abhi?- Miss Maya. Maya? What did she write? Has written that I should But why! That she hasn’t written, mother. Surely they are in a lot of problems. Otherwise why will they But…- No so… no buts. Let us leave for Kolkata today itself! Hello! Hello! Hello! So you did come. I thought you would… Of course I had to come. How can I not respond to your call, Please come. Do sit. Ajay sir… The need seems very serious then. Go ahead please. What I had told you the other day, I could not understand then. So Maya… you want to… marry me? Yes. But… but I don’t So I must be frank with you. Today I am broke. Penniless. This rotten land speculation Car, house, If you marry me, Will you be able to do so? I will try to… Oh my god! Maya… Come then… to father. Oh… Punno? – Yes? Please take the car and go back.. ..Abhay sir might Please do bless us. Bless you?- Oh yes. Maya has agreed. She has? What do you mean really? To marry me. Marriage? What are you saying Ajay! With your present state… I know it all, father. You know? Oh…You do know. Alright. I bless you two, be happy. Okay sir, I will leave now. Goodnight. Why? Why did you do this? Why! Why! Why? Like in great dramas, Yes… you just don’t know yet, So you’re leaving sir?- Yes. What is madam comes in search of you? She should not but… I am to go.- Oh. Go safely. You want to return Oh yes. Please find out, I will pay for them all. What! What are you saying Abhay! If uncle were alive, Please don’t delay anymore, make I will go now. I want to tell you Yes? No one knows that I have sent for you. No one will know. I had to do this out of much pain. Everyone thinks that I know that it is not true. Will have to prove it? Or else I cannot live in this shame. See, my father loves If he forgets it all and me… – No, no, what are you saying! Yes, it is right. They believe that I hurt But, is that even possible? You get hurt by the I am not worthy of your love. That is why the day you proposed And I couldn’t do so, Shoroma? Yes! And I know that if anyone Did you call me here to say all this? No, no! Don’t misunderstand me please. It is not that Shoroma loves you, See, there is no point You should marry Shoroma, and father Miss Maya, please do forgive me. If it were possible, But this cannot be. Can never be so. Hey there, when did you come! Father, I have held See that he doesn’t run away, Alright. It is necessary that I Maya’s marriage has And very soon is the engagement. The news maybe new, Can you do it then, young man? Can you take all this Please do not embarrass me. When can you go to The attorney’s house? Yes… there is money If that may help you, then… Meaning, that you will If you do think of me as your son, And one more request.- Yes? Please do keep this. What is it? The mortgage papers of this house. No, no, no… For Maya’s wedding? Still no, still no Abhay. The one whom I could give nothing to.. .. how can I take from That you have really come, Of course, I had thought to You would come over What else? And I would bring you back home, Please do sit… Abhay, what all you I was only waiting for So that I can say this See umm… miss Shoroma, But… this cannot be! But why not? And what cannot be? Miss Shoroma, I respect you so much. Suddenly? But… No, I mean, from the first day itself… The way you have forgiven I understand. See, I cannot go through But why Abhay! Out of ego, Maya? Wait, wait… I have So were you talking about miss Maya, Who else will I be talking about? Oh no, no… Who were you thinking about? Umm, no, no… But Maya’s wedding But what is it worth! Abhay, you might not know everything. Ajay sir is not at all solvent! He has nothing to his name Oh… Okay then, I will take your leave now. And please do keep this with you. And give it to Kanti sir. This is for Maya’s wedding. A gift. Okay then, Namaste. What, why are you leaving? Will you not eat? Let’s save this for some other time. Ajay sir? Who the hell are you! Come in! Good heavens! Sir Abhay! Oh sir, I could not Come, come. I have heard it all sir. Oh thanks, thanks! Please sit down. I have something important If you could take out some time… No, no… I’m afraid I can’t. You know, I am awfully busy. If I am late today, Salary? Have you taken up a job? What troubles! This land speculation I had gone to gamble and! But… Well, you know what, Since I have to marry, I have to tell you something, Ajay. Go ahead please. You come with me, Please don’t say no as Oh I see! Oh I see! Abhay, do one thing.. come forward and I’ll No, no…how can this be possible! Right, you believe in platonic Okay then. Let’s go, let fortune Was there any need to If uncle thinks it to Everything doesn’t suit everyone. She will ruin everything it seems! Uncle, did you call From 8.30 to 9 A.M ..we will have to I have already informed Why didn’t you inform Abhay also. Abhay? No, no, why him? No uncle, that cannot be so. Abhay has to come, But do you think that just because I take that responsibility, uncle. Even I thought it to be so… I’ll put all the responsibility Everything will be okay, Please do reach there within Okay dear. Oh, so you are here! I was just waiting for you. What? Please come. Yes, I will return your Our car! Oh, so you want to give away No, no… it’s not that. Just Miss Maya loves other things too… Anyway, I want you .. the morning with Abhay sir, I have never .. this is my only request. I will go now. Well… umm, miss Shoroma? Pardon me Mr. Ajay, Excuse me, Can’t understand. Well, the danger is just upon us. That’s why I had to let I see… but I am at your service. Won’t you please take your seat? But before that, answer me… Do you love Maya? Far from it. And that she doesn’t love you, I do. Then why are you sacrificing That you should ask your sister! I have done so, Mr. Ajay. It hasn’t helped at all. And she cannot let go For you?- Oh yes! The day she found What! What! What did you say? That you love me? And am I to believe that? Miss Shoroma, Probably, this truth I would keep this a secret forever, That would have been better, It is too late now. Tomorrow is the engagement. And what if we leave before that? Leave before? Very far away… there But will society forgive you? But God will, right! I don’t know if He is or not.. .. but I agree. I will come tomorrow morning at 8. Thank you. Will you be ready then?- I hope so. So… goodbye Kolkata! Kanti sir, it’s going to be 8! Umm, yes… Shoroma has… umm, Shoroma? Shoroma! Umm, sir, she is not home. What do you mean? Where did she go? Uff! Then let it all be! And Ajay will come any moment! Who will greet him and Go, check one more time, go! Please do wait, I’ll just see. Shoroma? Shoroma? Shoroma! Shoroma! Maya, what I could not …that I have done today, for you. I have taken Ajay away And I hope that now, From Shoroma. Father! Father?- What is it dear? Shoroma has left a letter. Letter? What letter? To let me be happy, What are you saying! Can you not understand father… That I should not be engaged to Ajay.. ..she has taken him Took him away? Amazing! She has taken my revenge also! Wait, you have a letter! For me? Where is he? – He has vanished far! Miss Shoroma, ..has made it easy for That is why there was But, for your goodness, From Ajay. Don’t delay further father, ..we may be able to get Sori back. Yes dear, let’s do so. What! Shoroma!- Shoroma! Why are you all sitting quietly? You… you have returned dear! Yes… what to do, I have lost thus. Who knew, that a person like Ajay Oh please, is it kindness? Now what will I do? So dear, will Ajay really not come? No uncle, he won’t. Okay, then… It’s already 8:30 Kanti sir, Let it be, holy man.- Stop it? Yes… What are you saying uncle, have we Where is the groom for it? Who will you bless for the engagement? Oh there! Uncle I will just come. Aunty, Abhay sir! Come, come… come in aunty! Come Yes, yes… inviting Come in, come Abhay. What a pleasure, sister to see you! Uncle, we don’t have any time. Aunty, please come with the holy man. And Abhay, Hey Bangshi, Bhola! Get the shirt out! Give me some too, sister! Come, come… it’s Engagement yes, He won’t come.- What! He won’t come! Then how will the Like it happens… with the ceremony I can’t understand what you’re saying! Can’t understand? If you did understand, Ajay has left it to you. So thus, the engagement will So instead of Ajay, Do you understand now? What? Why no! No… she will be very angry! Oh my, just go inside and see for Go on now… go. Umm… okay… but what will… I, umm… say? You can say that it’s my birthday! You can love her with all your heart.. ..but can’t be man Please just go, go inside the room! Are you… umm… crying? No, I mean… that, ..then you will get a headache Let it be so then! Who cares about me! If you cry, then it hurts me! All lies! Uncle has told me not to lie! I mean nothing to you, See, my whole life And never found anyone to talk to but… So I didn’t even So what I think gets all messed Even if you can’t say it, You understand? – Yes! Because your sense ..that you feel this as an obligation! No, no… that’s not it. The one who you came to ..duty towards your uncle, Tell me! – Because I love you! Maya… Will you… I mean, umm… that it… I… What? No, Shoroma was saying that, Come now… What is it, come!

12 thoughts on “Abhoyer Biye | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Uttam, Sabitri

  1. khub chhotobelay ekbaar dekhechhilam…atota bujhini..aaj khub bhalo laglo…uttamkumar the great with chhobi biswas & bikas roy

  2. Having seen this a couple of times, as it played on tv, still, watching it from beginning gives a much better idea – it isn't about beating up a rich, educated girl, rather it's about the quiet, shy boy who has everything and is doing a serious Ph.D. too, but was always dependent on his uncle to tell him what to do next, and is petrified of being out in the world.

    The endearingly simpleton attempts to transform himself to suit his merciful intended, but despite her own beginning to like him, she gives more weight to a momentary turn of temper to refuse him, not realising thus coukd destroy their lives for good. The other suitor, urbane and more, is meanwhile playing a spiteful game to destroy her father.

    Beautiful but short visuals of Ganga at Rishikesh to depict the mother and son in search of peace, some picturesque ruins of yore of Lucknow to match the inner devastation of the unnecessarily separated couple, the ego of the temperamental heroine in playing games with the two men whike she risks her whole future and heart as well, the story gies through quite a few turns in its usual Bengal literature and films portrayal of a contrast between the modern with quicksand foundation versus old class with not merely money but a difference of character that's built over generations.

    In an unexpected turn the role of other woman, a cousin, is clearer further – it isn't just about explaining their own feelings to the couple, or being kind to each, but also playing the game against the villain, who – for reasons not at all clear – agrees to run away with her instead of going to his own formal engagemengagement event. But as it turns out, he isn't all that villainous, and removes himself without her sacrifice, making it possible for the couple to unite – finally!

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