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I’m here in Cassandra for five days with
Cassandra in Scotland for five days they here universities like Sharon and I had
one of the most beautiful days of my journey so far here so cheers to that and so we’re both 19 years old and we
like each other we had a good time together didn’t we yes together but we
both agree that we are 19 years old yes and we want to collect the experiences
now because the time to grow and relationship any relationship is not
going to be beneficial long term for both of us so we decided to not to not
to break up to not be together so we celebrate our breakup she’s very cool I I don’t have often
that feelings for again you have to see haha maybe not now when we go I promise
you I’m going to convince my youtube channel
officially cuz you’re the closest thing to an angel so I’m going to tell you a quick story
when I was in the army it was in the sea our base and I had a
spot that it was the most beautiful view I ever saw and idea though I didn’t want
to live because I was going to miss that you not really bad I felt like I want to
stay there forever I and from the Temne start traveling I saw ten times better
news but they won garbage oh there is always something better out there the
what is so big so many fewer respected people out there for you as better use
there is better everything out there you just have to raising oh yeah but

18 thoughts on “A Generation Z Love Story

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