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I don’t know when I decided it will be a
good idea I went to a school of journalism I worked in several newsrooms
and the truth is that with what I I found in general it was with an atmosphere
hostile misogynist full of harassment violence good evening welcome welcome to
fa cup nights nice to be here although good when they invited me
they said if I wanted to be focused nights and I thought it was something perverse
I was imagining something like pasolini or albert serra then I said
as if how you saw me but I didn’t they explained that it was thus all of this
tell them a failure and then there was accepted then I didn’t get another one
what is to live but I’m glad to be here
with you to share a failure story and well they already said
who am i in fact that was my first slide then since they just
ruin my plan a bit but well no nothing happens I’m a film critic
so as such I don’t have a story of customers or suppliers or large
very specific failures except maybe charge a certain magazine whose name is not
I’m going to give and call for a year but I could tell some other things
I started thinking when they offered me this and I said that failure bigger than
my entire professional life because they will see it’s a cliché to say that critics
cinematographers wanted to be filmmakers but it’s true then that was my big
failure what was my project me asked the example slide that
I did not want to modify much because I am very lazy to make movies and as well as wine come on stupid animation did not go away
supposed to leave the other side of the screen but it doesn’t happen but hey the
point is that just as that dream came from making movies left because I was very
funky honestly to study film I was very afraid that the schools of
cinema put their ideas in my head his aesthetics his subjects
then guided by that noble cliché that they have many cowards like me who don’t
they want to just face the film school or rejection of the
film school well I decided to make a even more absurd thing
well the problem was not making movies but the most absurd thing was to do
journalism I don’t know when I decided it will be a
good idea enter a journalism school
I worked on several newsrooms and the the truth is that with what I found in
overall it was with a hostile environment misogynist full of harassment violence the
people who are supposed to take care of us from the media the
I really didn’t even care for their practitioners in a connoted medium of
national circulation did not want accept me because I was a man because
they wanted practicing women I didn’t I imagine why but
that was one that was a reason for rejection on one side in another newsroom I met a
editor that I swore that Pablo Picasso’s Guernica
it was colors in the culture editor by true
and very picturesque people and the truth is that the experience in this medium so
brutal somehow led me to look like one of the great
film fiction characters from the 20th century 21 rather and isaacs the protagonist of the devil
did you watch fashion the favorite movie that nobody dares to admit me yes and I don’t
it’s sad when my favorite is all times but it’s a movie with which
I identify a lot because then because it’s also about a young girl well me
I’m not a young girl but I was a young man idealist who wanted to do journalism
to save the world and then achieve big changes and vila to all those
rumors but the important thing about me identification with this fabulous
character is that we go through more or less the same we focus trying to do
a kind of difference but the truth is that in the end like everything overwhelms us
what happens within the means of communication and then take a
decision that somehow I already I was exercising I decided to go back to the movies
I was very interested in him political journalism when I was 18 or 19
years and then I decided to start write reviews
well I called them that in that so to my comments where I saw
but if they were critical attempts they were so good that in one I said that jc chavez
Julio Cesar Chavez’s documentary that Diego Luna was the best movie of
boxing of all time as you can see I have come very far
since then I have changed I have grown and well that in fact can still
look it up beyond dotcom if you want I have it there to see that it
can change and well what I did was I started writing criticism
very amateur film and that somehow began to redevelop
Over time I started to improve on me style I started to find a voice of
somehow and that led me to part of it be in the media ecosystem to
start finding opportunities to be able to publish film reviews
within some newspapers indeed my first review was about beautiful a
tender age of 23 this movie of alejandro gonzález iñárritu where everything
it happens to the protagonist except that lorin a dog but it could well be
standing here telling all his failures so that slaves die
Chinese Senegalese slaves the wife not what the children are going to
be alone because you are going to die try the point is that I wrote about this
movie and that started to lead me to have more and more
more opportunities within journalist to write criticism
cinematic and in a way well little anticipated that started to bring me closer to
movie world the one that had so much wanted to belong on the one hand I started to
for example participate in contests of film criticism I was in the
first critic contest cinematographic in the national cineteca
I was in the tenth place of 10 but what I tried that was that I left my area
of comfort because normally not participated in anything remember that I was not
to film school for fear of rejection then that was a good
experience and later participate to enter the saloon
talent is this youth summit talents of the international festival of
Berlin cinema and I finally made it practically enter the first entity in
all done then somehow my career began to rise from a
way that I didn’t expect at all and all from that great failure that
was to be afraid of film school that over time I have realized
it wasn’t bad it was actually something that led me to train
as I would have wanted me to train a school keep watching movies
that I wanted to understand the things that especially theories the ideas that I
interested and thus formed my judgment critical and well well I’m not yet
too old or too dead so I have left time to do something sometime
more than just criticism cinematic then so it started without
always sell itself new French yes yes yes I am a frustrated critic
justifying itself but yes but still can i try something then i learned
of all these experiences in addition to that I am a powerpoint artist
they saw how hardness fell like a super expressive affected me and I learned to be a
bit hard which is good the truth is that the newspaper is a place
quite hostile and one has to learn to somehow have the heart
callous then accept rejections accept a lot
from situations you might not want and
that gives a certain malleability certain adaptability and that for me was very
important to understand how to keep my clean essence at the same time as
tried to navigate certain spaces that the best would not have interested me in a
beginning then finally what all this made me wish was my
independence and nowadays work of completely independent way
independent work with magazines newspapers and others and the truth is that
that’s good that gives one freedom to choose who you want to work with
what do you want to write and that kind of thing so I think this failure for me
supposed to some extent of not having entered the original dream of the school
film turned out to be quite favorable and the truth is that I feel very
satisfied and well that’s it many Thank you if you had chosen whether to study
cinematography where you would have done it if it had been a good choice of
done if I decided to do that now in I believe it but if I wanted to do that I
I would like it is cinema for example I think It is a very interesting place
short films that are coming out of there at least I see at the festival of
Morelia are very interesting Y

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