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Shall we go? Remove your shirt. After all you’re wearing
a T Shirt inside. It has sleeves, right? Then remove it. No…hmm… Hey! Just remove it! See how this looks! You and your beard and
the worn out shirt! What? What Janu? Hey! hey! hey! What?!!! Hey! hey! Janu. What is it? Ram Are you a virgin? Are you a virgin? Yuck, is this way to ask, though? Is it true? After going to Singapore,
you have become spoilt… – Let’s go now.
– That’s alright. You answer my question. It’s getting late, first
let us leave from here. – Are you going to tell me or not?
– Hey! hey! hey! My shirt is getting crushed. Then answer me. Thought you can evade all
my questions and escape? Now what do you want to know? Whether… Whatever be it, let’s go
talk about it in the car. Please Janu Go. Come, stand here. Now, tell me. Okay! Let me spit this out! First swear on God, and tell the truth. Janu, one shouldn’t swear
about such things. Liar! Don’t I know about you. You would have cooked up a story,
by the time you came from there to here. Swear on me. Okay, now tell. Yes! I am a virgin only, Janu. Holy! Smokes! You insisted, so I told.
Now just leave it at that. But why? Because I have committed to Lord Hanuman.
Now get into the car. But how… Now what do you want… Oh! Now your ego is
getting hurt is it? Buffalo! Do you know
how old you are? Please change the topic.
I am feeling very shy. Okay, leave that. In all these years, have you
not fallen in love with anyone? Can’t really say that. I was expecting this. Finally the truth is coming out. What? Girls, will really like guys like you. How did they miss out? – Guys, like, me?
– Yes! What do you mean
by guys, like, me? Hey! You’re this raw, oozing
manhood, kinda guy! Why? Hasn’t anyone told you this? Okay, enough of smiling,
come to the story. – There was a girl called Charu.
– Full name? Charumathi. She was my junior in college. Nice girl. Beautiful to look at. While studying in college, I had
no idea about her feelings. After college got over,
one day she called on my landline, and wanted to talk to me. She said, her parents were
looking out for a groom for her. I congratulated her on that. She got angry. After that she bluntly asked
if I was interested, so she could talk to her parents. What did you say? What to say? For me to understand what she
was saying itself was… Okay. What did you say? What do you expect me to say? I told her, that am
jobless, penniless, etc. – Then? Then?
– She was stubborn. I had no options left. Finally I told her the truth. What is that? I told her about you. She was silent for a while. Then she took a deep
breath and left. After three months, she sent
me her wedding invitation. Then she called me. She told, forget what
happened and come for the wedding. She said she will be
expecting me. Did you go? Whatever said and done, I am
someone she liked. Poor thing. I did not want to make her feel awkward. So I did not go. Back then, why you left without telling? Why did you not come to see me again? Nothing made sense to me. I couldn’t even ask anyone. Neither could I forget you. I completely neglected
my studies. It was a miracle, that
I even passed my 12th. I got scared my parents
would get me married, so I completed my degree properly. Even then, every time I met
any of our school friends… I used to wait eagerly to see if, they would say something about you. If someone like you,
tall and dark passed by, I would hope, it would be you
and follow them many times, but in vain. To add to all this.. my sister eloped
and got married. Two months after that,
my marriage was fixed. With the hatred my father was
harboring for my sister. I could not even, go and
speak to him about anything. Even if I had spoken,
what could have I told him? That I was in love with a
guy till the 10th standard, but I don’t know where he is now? Even on my wedding day… Something within told me,
you will come for me. Now if I say all this, it
would sound very dramatic. Even while I was seated as a bride, I felt your presence
in the wedding hall. I thought, just like how
it happens in films. You would stop the wedding, and ask for your Janu. I was hoping you would take me with you. But, nothing like that happened. Only my wedding took place. After that I was heartbroken. Till date… whenever heart is heavy… my only refuge… is my 10th standard
K.Ramachandran’s face. What happened? Sir, it’s getting late,
I have to close the gates. If you take the car out,
I’ll close the gates. Sit down.

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