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8 Great Tech Noir Movies You Should Check
Out What’s up fellow film enthusiasts and welcome
to another genre suggestions. In the last video I covered H.P.Lovecraft,
and as promised this week’s video will be on films within the Tech-noir sub-genre. Since I’ve already covered cyberpunk, I thought
I’d make some form of distinction between these two subgenres. Because, as far
as I’ve noticed, they appear to be treated as the same sub- genre. Which is understandable as
the two are both closely linked with technology and a particular visual aesthetic. However, while cyberpunk is all about high
tech low life, Tech-Noir, on the other hand, is more to do with the realization that technology is
a real-world problem. In other words, tech turns noir through humanity’s
fear of being replaced or eliminated by its own creation due to that tech outgrowing
its creator. So with that in mind, I’m aiming for films
with a premise focusing around the subject of �technology being a real-world problem towards
humanity�. So first up this week is� The Terminator (1984) Set in Los Angeles 1984 an assassin from the
future known as a Terminator. Has a mission to return to the present to prevent a possible
future. By killing a woman by the name of Sarah Connor. However, Sarah’s fate is not yet sealed.
As a soldier also from the future is sent back to protect her at all costs. The movie that coined the Tech Noir film genre
due to James Cameron not wanting the movie to fall under the category of horror slasher.
The Terminator is a must-see masterpiece for anyone who loves sci-fi, horror and of course Arnold
Schwarzenegger. I could go on about how great this classic is but instead, here’s an interesting observation
for you. In the scene when Reese is asking the police
officer what the date is, you know this guy. In the original trailer, the actor’s voice is surprisingly
different … so here’s a question for you guys, which voice do you think is the original and why
? Alphaville 1965 Set in the near future, A U.S. secret agent
posing as a journalist travels to the distant space city of Alphaville. His mission is to infiltrate the
capital of this totalitarian state, to find a missing person and free the city from its tyrannical ruler.
By destroying an almost-human computer called Alpha 60. While Alphaville is by no means what I would
call a conventional film. The movie itself is unique for sci-fi as there are little to no special effects.
That and the planet the film is set on just happens to look precisely like Paris in 1965. However, this is the film that inspired HAL
9000 from 2001 a Space Odyssey. And while on the surface this could easily be considered as
a regular Noir detective story. Due to its influences, it could also be regarded as an unofficial precursor
to Blade Runner. With that being said, it’s not a perfect movie,
for example, the computer Alpha 60 speaks in a burping voice. Which is kinda gross and weird
to listen to but I’ll give it points for being creative considering when this was made. The Thirteenth Floor 1999 When a computer scientist who runs his own
virtual reality simulation of the1930’s. Discovers something as equally disturbing as it is important.
Before he gets the chance to share his findings with his partner Douglas Hall, he’s assassinated.
After Douglas becomes the polices primary suspect when his mentor’s body is found. Douglas
has to confront the unexpected to find out what happened to his friend. A movie that is full of Noir tropes and visuals.
The Thirteenth Floor is an original sci-fi that’s smart has a great cast and makes good use of simulated
reality theory. But a few things stop this movie from reaching
it’s full potential, that mainly being the cheesy dialogue and acting due to poorly written
script. And some might find the plot a little convoluted in places. However, I still think this is an
underrated film that unfortunately got overshadowed by the Matrix due to it been released around the
same time and has a similar concept. The Thirteenth Floor is easily an above average
flick that deserves some attention, and I’d recommend to anyone who likes a decent sci-fi
with lots of interesting ideas. Death Watch 1980 In a future where death from illness is extremely
rare. A TV company discovers a woman who’s diagnosed
as having an incurable disease. Offering her a large sum of money if she allows
her last days to be filmed for a reality series. It’s not long before she becomes a national celebrity
when the news of her terminal illness reaches the tabloids. Death Watch’s premise is really fascinating
as its death that has become deviance within society. To such an extreme, that it’s worth broadcasting
for primetime TV. This film is scarily prophetic for its time,
with its pretty accurate prediction of reality-TV. Like the film Network, this movie does a great job
exhibiting what great lengths people will go to technologically and ethically, to get good
Tv ratings. While Death Watch is not a perfect film by
any stretch of the imagination – as it does have some flaws -. Such as its suspect editing and low
budget. It’s still a good movie that’s definitely worth hunting down. Upgrade 2018 Set in the near-future, technology controls
nearly all aspects of life. So when the world of a self-identified technophobe mechanic, is turned
upside down. The bitterest irony for him is his only hope for surviving is an experimental computer
chip implant, called Stem. Not exactly your typical revenge movie. Upgrade
is one of those films that excels at what it wants to achieve, an emulated 90s violent schlockfest.
It’s fast-paced, has sharp humour and some awesome action scenes, that makes good use
of a technology-driven plot without being too contrived. And with only a 5million dollar budget, it’s
a very impressive movie indeed. However, I’d say this film might not appeal to those of you who
aren’t big fans of over the top violence. Or want something with a little more depth and character
development. But besides from that, Upgrade is definitely worth checking out for people who
wish to see a tech-noir Esq action thriller. Looker 1981 Business is good for Beverly Hills plastic
surgeon Dr Larry Roberts. That is, however, until several of his past clients, all models who work in
TV commercials. Start dying under mysterious circumstances. Been watched by the police,
and very puzzled. He soon discovers that these women are all linked to the same advertisement research
firm. And that the life of the last model he worked on, might be in grave danger. One of the most 80’s films I’ve ever seen.
Looker has robocop Esq fake commercials, cheesy synthpop music and some pretty impressive
stuns. Combined with a great cast, the story isn’t
exactly what I call amazing, but it’s a lot better than what the reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes say. Mind you, the number of times this movie made
me laugh -considering it’s meant to be a mystery horror-. Will hopefully give you a rough idea
of what to expect from this film. Brazil 1985 When assigned the task of rectifying an administrative
error. Sam has to visit a widow to deliver a check. However, he encounters a woman who
looks identical to one from his dreams. And quickly discovers her life may be in danger, leading
to events that might make him an enemy of the state. Dark, witty, funny and very thought-provoking
Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is one of those movies that gets better the more you watch it. I mean
it’s just a great example of near-perfect film making � especially the 1st 45 minutes or so with its
brilliant transitions and world-building. The cast is excellent, and all the characters
stand out in their own odd but good ways. I’d say the closest thing to a valid argument against
this film. Is its 3rd act does drag on a little bit and that some might find its absurd humour to be a
little bit too weird. But besides that, there’s a lot to discover, enjoy and appreciate in this masterpiece. Virtuosity 1995 In a high-tech world run by corporations.
The Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Centre has developed an Intelligent and Dangerous
virtual reality A.I. Which is created using the personalities of
hundreds of serial killers. When it somehow manages to escape into the real world, an ex-cop called
Parker Barns is tasked with stopping its reign of terror. This week’s troll pick Virtuosity is one of
those movies that come off as pretty interesting at first. However, the more screen time Russel Crowe
gets in this film, the funnier and more embarrassing it gets. I think it’s the extreme tonal contrast
and the fact that this movie takes itself very seriously is what makes it so freaking hilarious. I mean I could have gone for a film like Blade
Runner or Strange days, but after watching this for no more than 10 minutes, I just couldn’t resist
putting it in. Virtuosity is an excellent example of how you can have a movie with two 1st rate
actors with a modest budget and still produce a complete mess. Now if you want to access region-restricted
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for watching and if you liked the video then feel free to subscribe to get notifications
for all my future releases. 8 Great Tech Noir Movies You Should Check

40 thoughts on “8 Great Tech Noir Movies You Should Check Out!

  1. Thanks for watching- don’t forget to like and all that Jazz! Movies in the intro are Blade Runner, V for Vendetta, Minority report, Tron, Avengers Age of Durr, Alita Battle Noob, The Matrix, Twelve Apes, Robocod, Terminator 2, Dredd, Strange days, Coma, Ghost in the Shell and Dark Town.

  2. Not a movie, but a old television play from the 60's called "The Year of the Sex Olympics" by Nigel Kneale. A couple is put on an island with a deranged killer an is shown live on TV as a realiry show.

  3. Even thought the name of the movie "Brazil" was, according to Gilliam, because of the music… he nailed how bureaucracy here (I live in Brazil) works…

  4. I do like Terry Gilliam, a master of the abstract/humorous portrayal of 'big brother' … and Baron Von Munchhausen (spelling correctors incoming!) I still love it 😁 awesome choices and great video!

  5. I have a couple of suggestions. First is patlabor the movie. It’s anime which might put some folks off but the animation and story are first rate. My second suggestion would be colossus: the Forbin project. It’s retro sci-fi but has a good solid story.

  6. I would argue that Terminator is a slasher movie wearing sci-fi clothes at its core, REGARDLESS of what Cameron says. However, it does fit the definition you give for tech-noir… so eye of the beholder and all of that.. good list! Thirteenth Floor is underappreciated and deserves more attention.

  7. You stopped showing names for short clips about movies that are passingly mentioned. That was a good source for finding lesser known movies. Please take it back.

  8. Death Watch = The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe by David G. Compton. IMO a definite case of the novel far outstripping the film but still a really interesting choice. Might just give it another try.

  9. I dont know if there is a English version but if so check out "Welt am Draht" – World on a Wire . Here is a link you will find a lot of familiar themes but this movie was made 1973!


  11. The cop's voice in the Terminator I noticed the intonation being off and strange, like a monotone reciting thing. I only recently saw the trailer in which his voice was totally different, very boyish like. I think the trailer voice was the original voice but it sounded a bit too "boyish" so they dubbed it over with a more adult sounding voice. The dubbing over would explain why it sounds so off.

  12. You didn't use the theme from Brazil.. but it's in my head for the next week if I don't watch it. It was one of the first DVD's I saw around 1999, love the world building in it.

  13. So The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey was a remake from Death watch since it has the similar ingredients in it and shows what the Reality TV is about .

    Isn't Captain Sky and the World of Tommorow not a Tech Noir movie ? It has some elements in it .

    Tbh The Matrix is overrated sure the first movie is excellent but there it stops the second movie was WTF and the third movie was out of place and seems it was forced to make a trilogy cliché . ( similar faith happened with Robocop 1&2 were excellent as the third one flopped )

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