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Italy. Embark on an adventure to the world’s most
exquisite destination. A place of preserved history, incomparable beauty, and unparalleled tranquility. Nice call on the DayGlo green. It just blends right into
the Italian architecture. -Hang on.
-No! That was Apollo and Daphne! Guess this happens
when you try to steal a whole country, right? We probably could’ve used
a warm-up mission. One for Four, we need you. I’m here. Right here! I’m coming to you. Starting to feel it! I’m feeling fucking carsick. Watch out! No! Puppies! Sorry for yelling. Not the David.
No, not the David! You wanna get out
and compare, or should we maybe
think about going? Yep. Let’s go. This holiday season… start your adventure in Italy. God, I love Italy.

100 thoughts on “6 Underground Starring Ryan Reynolds | Visit Italy | Netflix

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  2. Alfa Romeo + Ryan + Franco + Italy = BADASS With Some Good Funny Dark Humor And Oh Of Course Some Action & Explosion 🤩👍 Definitely Can’t Wait For It!

  3. That's what Bay thinks typical billionaires look like.
    Hey we can hire mercenaries to fight for all the good!!
    Pffff nooo, we will become mercenaries OURSELVES)))

  4. – random hot chic, check
    – racial stereotype, check
    – over the top action scenes check
    – overhead or worm view slow motion, check
    we need confirmation for explosions , glare and american flag to be full pledge Michel Bay film

  5. Funny how people hated Michael bay one min and just because the funny but overrated ryan reynolds is in it you all are fans now?

  6. “Not the David, No, No!, Not the David, …do you wanna get out and compare …or should we maybe think about going” lol lol lol ahahhaahhahahahahah

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