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Travel inspiration comes in many guises– some obvious, some not so. Movies is one
of the not so obvious ones you watch a movie to be entertained but
it can trigger all sorts of emotions and reactions. Here are some movies that will inspire you to
pack up and travel the world. number one: Wild ( 2014 ) one of the most recent movies to inspire
travel Reese Witherspoon was nominated for Best
Actress for her performance as a woman who rediscovers meeting in her life by
hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. From desert to snow the scenery is beautiful and will
certainly spark the hidden traveler in all of us number two: AMÉLIE ( 2001 ) The quirky style of 2001’s Amélie brought the beauty and magic of Paris to life in a way it never had been before the whimsical side of the city was put
on full display in this modern French classic and there is no doubts that has inspired
many a trip to the City of Light. number three: Thelma and Louise ( 1991 ) The desert States of America are almost
a main character in this 1991 classic though the circumstances of Thelma and
Louise’s road trip are less than desirable the scenery they experience along the
way in undoubtedly mesmerizing. Many groups tried to replicate the
characters route. ( try to avoid the end though ). number four: EAT, PRAY, LOVE ( 2010 ) starring Julia Roberts, this adaptation
of a real-life memoir tells the story of a woman who
travels the world to try to get over her divorce filled with life lessons and stunning
scenery the film will hopefully fulfill you
emotionally as well as inspiring you to travel the world. number five: AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS ( 1956 ) perhaps the quintessential travel film,
Around the World in 80 Days may not be as realistic as some of the other
choices but it is definitely a film that
captures the spirit of adventure that all would be travelers have inside
them, the passion to set of find explore the
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