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Film Courage: Do you pitch distributors an idea for
your screenplay before you begin making them? Mark Harris, Filmmaker: No, never. What I
do is if I have an idea for a movie I let it play out over and over again and
I actually I write the screenplay out I have me a good solid first draft before
I even talk to any distribution companies or producers and what I do is
once I have a solid first job which people can read but I know that it’s
gonna have to I’m gonna have to make changes to it
it’s when I decide this is when I’m going to pitch to the to to a
distribution company or producer but I’d never ever pitched just an idea yeah
just to see like does this sound viable do you would you want to take this title
on you’ve never know okay I’ve never Li are people filmmakers who have done that
before but I wouldn’t feel comfortable pitching just an idea to a producer or
unless it’s like a comedy show whereas something that’s unscripted yeah I’ve
done that before but an actual scripted narrative feature film no III really no
I wouldn’t feel comfortable just pitching it out there like that you know
I have to have something like when they say yes I have something I can just
cinema directly over to them you know and so they can go ahead and read it so
we can move forward yeah what are five things a distributor once in a movie
cast production value cast production value and most importantly what goes
into the production value is great sound it really honestly is this is really
they looking forecast and production value cast you know longest you have a
nice cast and you have good sound they don’t read too much care about the story
to be honest with you they care more about who’s in it that’s what they do
really like who’s in it that’s the flag when I’m talking to distributors and you
know that’s the first thing who’s in it and if they don’t care they rarely asked
about they were you know after after you talk about who’s in it what’s the
production what’s the budget then they may say okay what is it about but
outside of that I mean I don’t think they’re even five things that they look
for I think they like okay you know long as they can do a nice art artwork for
the foot of film and put it out there they’re cool with that they don’t too
much care about the story unless it’s like you know they don’t they don’t know
you know they want to make sure that the production value is there and they want
to make sure that the sound is great and I want to make sure that they have a
cache that they can they can sell but one of the most important thing is a
recognizable faces the cast more than one or would one do it it depends on the
one but I will say to be on the safe side definitely to to but with some
solid actors around but to to name actors she should should do it yeah but
like say for instance if you if you do a film with asaji bow like you know I
don’t think that she was gonna she’s gonna do a film with there’s nobody
another somebody that’s not recognizable you know it’s not she’s not good it’s
gonna be just the only start in the film because that’s her value and she has so
much value now say for instance if she does say for instance she fries the
scrip and the actors that’s that I was so strong and she said I want to do this
I want to be the only face of course you know that you can sell a feeling what’s
our jabo like that’s with her long you know that’s you know that goes without
saying so it just all depends on that one
actor you

14 thoughts on “5 Things Distributors Look For In A Movie – Mark Harris

  1. You have to be a MAJOR player in Hollywood — a top-tier/in demand actor, or, one of a very few select household name directors — to have the pull to get a movie project “greenlit” just off a movie “idea” alone.

  2. Q: "What are 5 things a distributor wants in a movie?"
    A: [1] Cast [2] Production Value [3] Cast [4] Production Value [5] Great Sound…¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. 1-Solid First Draft (ReWriteFlexible&Marketable); 2-Casting: 2 or More A-list Thespians n 3- ProductionValue(Great Sound). Thank U Mark Harris 4 Your "Simplified InnoVative" Independent FilmMaking Style. Thank U Film Courage 4 Such a "InnerSkill-Building" Experience of the Professional Film Making & Film Business Process from Start 2 Finish. U R The Best🔥♦️♦️🐝🐬💯❤️

  4. I don't know any producers who want to hear anything unsolicited, for the usual reason that if they make a similar film via another writer's script here comes the lawsuit.

  5. I don't believe for one minute that they do not care about the story, sorry, I just don't buy it. Most indie filmmakers won't be able to get recognizable actors, as it depends on so many factors. Some times its not necessary.

  6. This is accurate information and here's why: distributors want to make money. Big name (A – list) actors generate interest. Interest = ticket sales. I have been blessed to complete two feature films and one got distribution. The story on the one that was passed for distribution was superb and unique but we didn't secure A or B list actors, so we have been turned away several times.

    On the flip side, due to the change in industry demand. there are a lot of A and B list actors who WILL work on indie projects for reasonable fees. You would be surprised at what actors agree to. They want to work and they want to work on great projects. So get to writing!

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