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I am looking for someone who was sold to you. I half breed banished from our land Why did you come for me? Those who enslaved you have taken over our land Mountains of coupses will not stand in our way We believe you are the only one can help us Their army is infinite We are 47 If we do this there’s no coming back The enemy will be watching I know what you are
You have no idea I am not afraid of you
You should be Your life belongs to us
Then take it if you can Come on

100 thoughts on “47 Ronin Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Keanu Reeves, Rinko Kikuchi Movie HD

  1. Ironically, the Keanu Reeves character is basically irrelevant for the story. It is Hiroyuki Sanada’s Oishii the main character of the story: he is the mind behind the revenge plan, he recruits and inspires all the samurais, had a close friendship with Lord Asano and avenge his death. The true protagonist.

  2. Music that starts at 1.50, my cat heard it and turned to a lion. What is it? I need some power, but I need a longer peace of that music

  3. This movie was actually good if not because the full skull tattoed guy that looks like a badass supporting character that have cool weaponry master but only appeared only less tham 1 minute as a punk 😥

  4. 1 more ronin then you absolutely succeed to make a rival of 48 families :v

    Ronin48 vs AKB48 Boy Group vs Girls Group :v

  5. This movie is disgusting. It makes me sick. Where the predesise of mockery overrules the lands by eckcounter tradition. Where harlots rule and where daughters of the faithful are slain or butchered. It was the worst thing for my brother to go through.

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