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100 thoughts on “4 Ways to beat the Creatures from A Quiet Place

  1. Yall are dumb just get the speakers and just play the greatest music meme and make it even worse and make your voice really bad and this will be the ending………..

  2. My choices are:
    1. A regular whistle if those aliens come near you or by you just blow the whistle really hard to make that high pitch.
    2. When you go outside take A spoon and metal plate so that if I see one I just put my spoon up to my plate and go up and down.
    3. Have A tape recorder with wires connected to me so if an alien show's up I just hit play and the second of A messed up microphone with high pitch squeal.

  3. Sorry one quick correction the creature are actually weak to BOTH high frequencys of sound and magnetic fields (Watch Cinema Wins to see the legalistic)

  4. Why not carry a flute with you all the time? You only need to take it out if the monsters are there and blow in it. Boom – they all suffer (including you). Take a weapon, aim good and you have one monster less. I mean, flutes make shrill noises and you don't need talent, just the ability to breathe and blow in it.

  5. For the water one, you wouldn't need a grid of speakers wired up across the whole farm, all you'd need is the portable speaker. Any time you head out, just grab your portable speaker and start playing waterfall sounds. Boom, you're safe.

  6. Wtf it's so easy dude just u need all the infinity stones and the gauntlet and just snap and that's it u defeat all the craetures

  7. What hold on creatures can you please make a video about how they sound if they're in year music because I heard a sound that sounds like it hated my music that I kept singing and then the sound went away like it I don't know what happened it was like a weird sound underneath the bed and I was singing a song on YouTube it was like reeeeeee like it hated my song so it went away I got no idea what was underneath there and I didn't want to know

  8. One way they would survive it is add speakers around their farm (far enough away they can’t hear it but the monsters can) so it drives them insane and they run away forever

  9. If they want to drive out of there with the truck they should play monsters inc ear rape with the speakers and gun them all down.

  10. 1: Get speakers and put them everywhere I am talking everywhere
    2: Play dog whistle on earrape and at max volume
    3: Watch as they suffer
    4: Profit

  11. if this ever happens, call me to your house. I can screech SO LOUD and SO SHRILL, trust me it'll at least scare them away for a few days/weeks.

  12. 5 move the water fall to them, irrigation. 6 live out on a boat, but living off the would be hard, also the water has to be from a fresh water lake.

  13. This guy made a twenty minute video, I’m gonna give you a 10 second answer, get one of those faggots who rip every part out their car to put speakers in, and let them play their remixes of rick Ross songs while they play with their pony tails and shove their vapes up their ass

  14. At least you could say “I told you so” to your parents who should’ve oiled the hinges on that door ten years ago in your final moments.

  15. Steps to beating the creatures.
    1.) Get a speaker
    2.) Play Revenge
    3.) Monsters and humans live in harmony
    I wanted to make step 4 Profit but I kept that for
    4.) Creatures live in fear of CREEPER, AW MAN
    5.) Profit

  16. Get a bunch of speakers, play the goddamn noise that the girl is playing with her deaf buds, and play full fucking volume, wall wallaaaa, shoot every fucking one of them

  17. I want one as a pet but I wanna be able to control it so it doesn’t kill me just people I want it to kill oh and It won’t kill anything that makes a sound

  18. Here's an idea, what if these aliens were part of a large nest, like ants or wasps and the ones that wiped out the military and most of civilisation where soldiers and the ones the family face are simply workers, the weakest of the group

  19. There's this ripoff of a quiet place called The Silence,
    unlike Birdbox where the main connection between the two is monsters that prey on a certain sense. the netflix knockoff has monsters that are bassically puny bat versions of the monsters and Elvis the Alien (channel name) made a video on the movie and in it there's a scene where a bunch of vesps fly into a woodchipper because they're attracted to the sound and die. The question I pose is whether a woodchipper could drag them in or harm them.

  20. Soooo, you're not gonna explain how you ACTUALLY get the drone? There's no Amazon or some shit and you can't just go to an abandoned, 2 year old shop and just find a 7km range Drone :DD

  21. Best way : LRAD Sound Cannon


    Pitfall with spikes and walkie-talkie

    Monster hears the walkie-talkie, runs into the pitfall and bleeds out when stabbed by makeshift spikes at their fall.

  22. Become deaf (I think thats the word) record extremly high pitch voice use maaaanyyyy speakers and done creatures are vulnerable or just make me sing

  23. Well the girls ear piece is a amplified sound that is very loud and the creatures amplify everything they hear so a small noice is very loud to them so if they amplify a sound thats already amplified it hurts them because its to loud ig?

  24. If i was in this situation id legit dig underground n live there but since im lazy id scream n let them kill me

  25. 11:00 – I reckon they attack noise because it hurts them. They seem to have such complex and sensitive 'ears' that even a tiny noise would be painful. It also makes sense because they are in agony when the deaf girl tunes her hearing aids. Aka it's not just high frequency, it's most frequencies and volumes. I'm agreeing with most of the other comments – they're librarians from space.

  26. The way in the movie is actually most effective, it kinda works with humans, and I've been been able to cause people pain and distract them with intense and high frequency sounds.

  27. In solution 3 the creatures might just hear the sound frequency of the water fall (or any water sorce) as a louder sound than let’s say a barking dog, I’m not sure but it’s just what I thought might be cool and useful to know

  28. Simple the mom has a shotgun and there are 2 aliens running when she shot one of the alien so the mom probably have more than 1 shotgun shelf so just kill the other 2 aliens so simple

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