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100 thoughts on “3 Simple HORROR EFFECTS for your Halloween Movie

  1. Hey dudess loving ur videos but i would like to knw if url can make a premiere pro tutorial on how to change the sky in ur video to the giant monster in the upside down i woukd so love that

  2. Y’all should do the camera movement trick from the new ski mask the slump god music video. Example at 1:20 in the music video.

  3. Yo cinecom
    The videos u make post them on another channel for example Zach king and post the tutorials on dis channel 👍🏼😁

  4. Great ideas…i love it…im going to apply some of these ideas on my short horror film for this halloween…thanks cinecom.. you guys are great, love your content, very informative,entertaining and very funny at the same time..

  5. Hey cinecom can your guys do tutorial
    in Michael Jackson song black and white

    In the end 5:34
    I like the part how people change

  6. Just a thought about the cross and the fake wall. You could probably get some interesting effects using a couple of magnets instead of fishing line or a screw. it may even be possible to make the cross wander across the wall in odd ways.

  7. I recommend : At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (1964)
    and This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse (1967)
    Do you guys think about doing the classic Jacob's Ladder/Silent Hill twitching effect? (
    I'm not sure if its just fast motion or if there is some secret to it…

  8. That is wayang golek from Indonesia! Wow, i'm so excited, jordy have wayang golek😆👍👍👏🏽COOL!! So proud of u

  9. 0:35 why if you heard any of these sounds so far would you not check it out with a bat? sounds like someone trying to break in. nah, let's go back to the movie.

    I made some horror/thriller video in premiere pro, please see if it's good or I need to improve anything

  11. Hello cinecom i want to ask if i use a laptop to editing video like yours it will be work? or i should have computer tho to editing my video?

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