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Asia’s biggest Film Festival is back
with the usual glitz and glamour now in his 24th year Korean and global stars
walked down the red carpet at the Busan International Film Festival’s grand
opening ceremony on Thursday our amine Sun takes us to the scene the 24th Busan
International Film Festival opened on Thursday bringing assignment to movie
fans from around the world the country’s southern port city of Busan is puzzling
with visitors who have gathered to see the international films and to enjoy
various events on the sidelines popular celebrities and film directors were seen
on the red carpet including Korean actor Thomas Ong and
actress Yanni this year’s event is being held under the theme of communication
and sympathy representing the festival’s theme was a group of people from
marginalized communities including a tightly fitted to South Korea and
students from multicultural families who showcased musical performances at the
opening ceremony this year’s opening film is the horse thieves rows of time
directed by cast and directors Yolanda Ramu Humberto and Lisa
tequila the film directed in a classic American Western style is about a
breadwinner who gets killed while trying to sell his horse for food during the
10-day festival some 300 films from 85 countries will be screened at 60 errors
in Busan this year also marks the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema and to
celebrate the organizers have selected ten historically important classic
Korean films including three signature films from the 1960s more screenings of
Korean films and forums are lined up to look into Korean cinema of the past and
today at the festival visitors will also have chance to share their thoughts of
our films with directors and actors at open talks and check out special
exhibitions and outdoor screening prepared to commemorate the 100th
anniversary of the Korean film industry emisn Arirang news Busan

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