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100 thoughts on “2+2=5 | Two & Two – [MUST SEE] Nominated as Best Short Film, Bafta Film Awards, 2012

  1. Hey! How 2+2 is 5? I don't get it. Why they kill the kid with right answer? And why this film is nominated for award?

  2. This feels like an alternate universe where if hiyler had won the war and decided 2 and 2 is 5 wich is why there are public executions amd students with red band thingys on theyre arm

  3. I agree with the deeper meaning of 4 types of people. But I like to look at it in a different way. This film reminds alot like a communist government. There is the many. That don't know, don't care or can't care about the truth. So they can't stand up to it. There are the ones who recognize the truth and speak out once, but are ultimately muted by threat. Then there is the one who will speak out till the end. The one who knows the truth and will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone knows, even if it costs him his life. And then, there is the one that sees the truth, but keeps quiet, so that he may live to fight another day. You see if the government controls you, they can tell you what they want you to know, even if it is false. They will choke out anyone who opposes them at gun point, so that they can stay in power for as long as possible. Inevitably, this fails. For the people who know the truth multiply exponentially, and when the number of these people get big enough, they get powerful enough to overthrow their weak government, and install change. Just a fun way to look at this film which is absolutely phenomenal

  4. "Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows"
    George Orwell – 1984

  5. Hello , can i remake a short movie with an idea like this but i will also mention that i got the idea from you?

  6. If this was reality I would ask my teacher how much is 2+3 if he says 6 I will then start backward how much is 0+0 whatever he said I will tell no teacher that's your iq

  7. Then we can proof any number equal to any number
    As if (4 – 4=0) then
    (5-3)×(4-4) = (7-6)×(4-4)
    Again we can cancel (4-4) both side,
    Then. 5-3 = 7-6
    2 = 1

    Are you satisfied or not ??

  8. This is maybe due to the fact that 4 is unlucky in japan its not like 13 in the us where we know its not that unlucky in japan 4 is like super unlucky!

  9. This is actually very confusing because there is no clear side to this…
    1)go with the facts and have confidence in your rational abilities
    2)obey the orders of the superior like the service men do.

    What to choose depends on how you think…

  10. 2+2=1+1+1+1=2+1+1=5 So somethng have hapen , the symbol"5" has replaced the symbol "4". When teacher is explaining you are supoused to listen. you have to be sure f you are speakng the same logic at first than you can be against logic.

  11. This is like a situation in life but is acted the opposite way. The Society wants you to be what they want you to be. For example like this clip, the teacher is teaching you wrong, 2+2 is 5 according to him. This teacher is representing as the society, and the students are representing as us. The victims of the society. So this exactly means that, the society is telling you the wrong way. And if you dont follow like the kid that got shot, the society will bash you, hate you for not reaching their expectations. This is one of the cruel reality.


  13. This is when you are muslim and everyone fight you just because you say there is no god but Allah.
    Wherever you go muslims image is discrediting and they being killed or Insulted.
    Those who abuse them they can't even debate with them, look at the story of Zaker naike to understand what I mean.

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