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In this era of major movie studios earmarking
their spots on the release schedule years ahead of time, it isn’t too early to start
making box office predictions for 2018. Among the already dozens of promising projects
slated for release, here are some of the movies we’re projecting to hit big. Black Panther Before we finally get to Avengers: Infinity
War, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to make a quick stop in Wakanda, home of everybody’s
favorite superpowered feline: the Black Panther. In the his first standalone film, T’Challa
has returned home after his dad’s tragic death in Captain America: Civil War, and now he’s
set to rule his technological wonderland. Unfortunately, according to the official plot
description, the new king will find himself facing “a powerful old enemy.” Black Panther prowls into theaters February
16th. “Let’s have some fun.” Tomb Raider Alicia Vikander is taking the place of Angelina
Jolie, starring as one of the greatest video game characters of all time: Lara Croft. In the reboot, Croft is a bike courier inspired
by video messages from her late father to journey into the jungle and find the mysterious
“Mother of Death,” a tomb that might end the world if opened. Unfortunately for Croft, she’s not the only
one interested in the tomb. With an Oscar winning actress as the lead,
we’re pretty psyched to see the new Lara Croft raid movie theaters everywhere come March
16th. Pacific Rim: Uprising The Pan Pacific Defense Corps is gearing up
for a rematch in Pacific Rim: Uprising. Sadly, Guillermo del Toro will only be producing
this time, but the science fiction spectacle is in incredibly capable hands. The sequel will be directed by Steven S. DeKnight—the
guy in charge of Spartacus and Daredevil—and the film will star John Boyega from the new
Star Wars trilogy. If you’re psyched for two hours of Kaiju-killing
fun, get ready to cancel the apocalypse on March 23rd. Ready Player One Based on the bestselling novel by Ernest Cline,
Ready Player One looks like the ultimate pop culture mash-up. The plot features elements from games like
Overwatch and Street Fighter as well as every ’80s movie imaginable, including Tron, Akira,
and A Nightmare on Elm Street. And, of course, it’s directed by the king
of 1980s cinema himself: Steven Spielberg. In addition to all the orcs and DeLoreans,
the plot will focus on a young kid named Wade Watts who escapes his impoverished life by
retreating into the OASIS, the ultimate virtual reality world. Ready Player One will race into theaters on
March 20th. New Mutants Now that the X-Men movies have exhausted pretty
much every timeline they can leap into and out of with Logan’s dismal glimpse of the
future, it’s time for the New Mutants to start running the school. New Mutants will likely introduce a bevy of
new talented teens who, as in the comic spinoff series of the same name, are trained by Charles
Xavier to emerge as a new class of heroes. It remains to be seen which of the comics’
most fascinating kids will make it into the new generation of the X-Men film series, but
we’ll find out on April 13th when New Mutants hits theaters. Super Troopers 2 When Super Troopers came out in 2001, the
cop comedy failed to impress critics, but over the years, it’s morphed into a genuine
cult classic. Seventeen years and one successful Indiegogo
campaign later, it looks like the members of Broken Lizard will finally bring their
prankster patrolmen back to the big screen on April 20th. According to Entertainment Weekly, the plot
will focus on the original five troopers as they’re “called in to set up a new Highway
Patrol Station in an area at the center of a border dispute between the U.S. and Canada.” Avengers: Infinity War In 2008, Tony Stark launched the Marvel Cinematic
Universe when he built a robot suit, beat up a bunch of terrorists, and boldly declared,
“I am Iron Man.” Since then, moviegoers have been introduced
to a whole host of superheroes, as well as a collection of mysterious stones that keep
popping up across the universe. And now, 18 movies later, all our heroes are
going to converge in one epic battle against the biggest bad guy in the galaxy, a space
titan with the world’s deadliest fashion accessory. Avengers: Infinity War is the ultimate cinematic
crossover — jump into the fray on May 4th. Solo: A Star Wars Story Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story promises
fans the origin story of everyone’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder. Plot details are a little scarce, but we do
know Alden Ehrenreich stars as Han Solo, Donald Glover will appear as Lando, Woody Harrelson
will star as Han’s mentor Beckett, and we’ll get to see Han meet up with Chewbacca and
become a snarky space cowboy. Rest assured, this space opera will make a
truckload of cash — and rile up the fanbase, for better or for worse — come May 25th. Deadpool 2 When Deadpool hit theaters in 2016, it grossed
around $783 million dollars and became the highest-grossing R-rated movie in cinematic
history. The sequel has a lot to live up to, but Deadpool
2 looks like a lot of foul-mouthed fun, with a dynamite cast. There’s also some impressive talent behind
the camera. After original director Tim Miller left the
project over creative differences with Ryan Reynolds, he was replaced by David Leitch,
best known for co-directing John Wick. Deadpool 2 is set to smash through the fourth
wall on June 1st. “Remember: this is your world, so you get
to make and break the rules here.” Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom When Jurassic World roared into theaters in
2016, it quickly became the fourth highest-grossing film of all time, raking in approximately
$1.6 billion dollars. With that kind of success, we all knew it
was only a matter of time before we went back to that dino-infested island. And now, with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,
not only will we get to see raptors run amok, but we’ll also watch an abandoned theme park
get blown to smithereens. This guaranteed blockbuster promises to be
an over-the-top spectacle — catch it June 22nd. The Purge: The Island The Purge franchise has been picking off victims
and making political points since 2013, but have you ever wondered how this night of bloodshed
started? We’ll finally get an answer to that question
with The Purge: The Island, the fourth film in the series and the very first prequel. Written by franchise mastermind James DeMonaco,
the newest film will take place before the Ethan Hawke original. It’s set to hit theaters on July 4th. Ant-Man and the Wasp Audiences are in for a marvelous time when
Ant-Man and the Wasp arrives July 6th. Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly will be suiting
up as the namesake heroes, and they’ll be joined by an impressive cast of familiar faces
and newcomers alike. But most interestingly, Michelle Pfeiffer
is switching sides, abandoning DC and Catwoman to play Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp. In the first Ant-Man, we learned that Janet
was lost inside the quantum realm, but now it looks like Ant-Man and the Wasp will somehow
rescue her from her decades-long adventure. The Nun The Conjuring series is quickly making its
case that horror movie franchises can be extended universes too. Following in the success of Annabelle, the
franchise’s first spin-off, producers have tapped actress Bonnie Aarons to reprise her
role as the Demon Nun from The Conjuring 2 in her own spinoff, titled simply The Nun. Catch it July 13th. Alita: Battle Angel Ever since the ’90s, James Cameron has wanted
to adapt Gunnm, a popular Japanese manga. But now that he’s preoccupied with the Avatar
sequels, Cameron has drafted Robert Rodriguez to work on the project. As a result, we’ve got Alita: Battle Angel,
a sci-fi adventure starring Rosa Salazar as a cyborg with amazing martial arts prowess
and controversially large eyes. Cameron will finally see his passion project
in theaters on July 20th. Mission: Impossible 6 Christopher McQuarrie returns to helm a sixth
installment to the covert op action-adventure series, and while details are scant as to
what the actual storyline will be, we know the film will delve deeper into Ethan Hunt’s
backstory. Cruise trained for a year to prepare for some
truly insane action sequences as Hunt, and we can’t wait until July 27th to see how the
movie star puts his life on the line this time. The Predator Kicking off a new round of interplanetary
big game hunting, The Predator finds writer-director Shane Black—who made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it
appearance in the 1987 original—making a long-overdue return to the franchise. The latest addition to the series works as
kind of a sequel and follows a group of PTSD-stricken soldiers who band together to kill the spine-crackl
ing alien hunters. Expect our ragtag heroes to face off against
everyone’s favorite skull collector on August 3rd. The Equalizer 2 On August 3rd, Denzel Washington returns for
The Equalizer 2. The actor is making history here, starring
in his very first sequel. There aren’t a lot of plot details out there,
but come on, we’re going to see Denzel Washington destroy a bunch of bad guys in incredibly
creative ways. What more do you need to know? Venom Sony’s plans for a Spider-Man cinematic universe
seemed to hit the skids when the studio abandoned its Andrew Garfield-led Amazing Spider-Man
franchise in favor of another reboot, teaming up with Marvel for joint custody of the character’s
film rights and putting Tom Holland in the web-slinger’s duds. While the Sinister Six movie might still be
dead, Venom is officially back on the schedule: the alien symbiote anti-hero is now slated
to sling his way into theaters on October 5th with Tom Hardy in the title role. Halloween Once again starring Jamie Lee Curtis, the
latest entry in the Halloween franchise will ignore every film except for the original. Cult comedy mainstays David Gordon Green and
Danny McBride are behind the sequel, which is supposedly going to be the last Halloween
movie ever. But just like Michael Myers, we suspect the
series will eventually come back to life. Catch the horror on October 19th. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter spin-off series Fantastic
Beasts and Where to Find Them is on deck for its second installment on November 16th, following
Newt Scamander and his pals on another adventure in the world of witchcraft and wizardry. The sequel will feature a young Albus Dumbledore,
played by Jude Law, who instructs our hero to chase down and apprehend Gellert Grindelwald,
a villainous wizard guilty of magical crimes played by Johnny Depp. The film promises to begin the battle for
the ages between the esteemed professor and his former bestie-gone-rogue. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Ever since Miles Morales first appeared back
in 2011, Marvel fans have desperately wanted to see him get his own Spider-Man movie. On December 14th Sony plans on releasing Spider-Man:
Into the Spider-Verse, an animated adventure following the young web-slinger as he fights
crime. Phil Lord and Chris Miller of The Lego Movie
are credited as executive producers, and Lord penned the screenplay, so expect to see his
unique brand of humor swinging across the screen. “Wait, so how many of us are there?” Aquaman The introduction of Arthur “Aquaman” Curry
in Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice was but a taste of what was to come from Jason
Momoa as the trident-wielding hero in Justice League. With 2018’s Aquaman, he’ll embrace his destiny
as the heir to the kingdom of Atlantis. Director James Wan helms the watery actioner
that will follow Curry’s life from boyhood to kinghood, and Dolph Lundgren will show
up as a powerful Atlantean king. That means on December 21st, we’re getting
a film with both Ivan Drago and Khal Drogo, which might be way too much muscle for one
movie to handle. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “22 Movies That Will Blow Your Mind In 2018

  1. It is about to be June 2018, and so far an impressive number of films mentioned here have been insanely disastrous flops. It doesn’t bode well for the others remaining on this list. I hope that Hollywood can pull off at least a few of these promises before the year becomes a total bust.

  2. i already watched jurrasic world falllen kingdom way before the 21st well i guess that was the American one in the uk it came out earlier

  3. None of them can’t blow my mind, Only South Korean movies does, I saw the devil always blow my mind. Even Hollywood is fail against them

  4. The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is very cool but not suitable for people with motion sickness syndrome, watched the 3 minutes trailer and felt nausea, it's that motion technique they used.

  5. funny how multiple movies on this list to "blow our mind" in 2018, or now on your list of movies "that will bomb in 2019"

  6. Black Panther | 0:16
    Tomb Raider | 0:58
    Pacific Rim: Uprising | 1:30
    Ready Player One | 2:01
    New Mutants | 2:37
    Super Troopers 2 | 3:10
    Avengers: Infinity War | 3:44
    Solo: A Star Wars Story | 4:21
    Deadpool 2 | 4:55
    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom | 5:35 The Purge: The Island | 6:09
    Ant-Man and the Wasp | 6:35
    The Nun | 7:10
    Alita: Battle Angel | 7:33
    Mission: Impossible 6 | 8:02
    The Predator | 8:29
    The Equalizer 2 | 8:59
    Venom | 9:20
    Halloween | 9:52
    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald | 10:19
    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | 10:54
    Aquaman | 11:29

  7. Thoughts on the list:
    Black Panther – Awesome
    Tomb Raider – Okay
    Pacific Rim: Uprising – Mediocre
    Ready Player One – Great
    New Mutant – ??
    Super Troopers 2 – Meh
    Avengers: Infinity War – Excellent
    Solo: A Star Wars Story – Disappointing
    Deadpool 2 – Charming
    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Sooooooooooo Bad
    The Purge: The Island (The First Purge) – Forgettable
    Ant-Man and the Wasp – Good
    The Nun – Terrible
    Alita: Battle Angel – Didn’t come out in 2018 but was Fun
    Mission: Impossible – Fallout – Freaking Incredible
    The Predator – Awful
    The Equalizer 2 – Sure it was Fun
    Venom – Didn’t Like It
    Halloween (2018) – Overhyped
    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald – Had so Much Promise
    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: BEST OF THE YEAR
    Aquaman – Really Freaking Cool

  8. Hey looper I am from future: solo failed and Endgame made it super big, so did black panther, John wick and Mission Impossible were awesome.

    Try looking at any movie before 2000. ALL them, even the worst, bet these "action packed" fluff films!!!!

  10. You lied.. these movies did not blow my mind, cause if they did, I would not be able to write this with my mind blown.

  11. Here's my list of REAL mindblowing movies OF ALL TIME:

    Gone Girl (2014)

    The Prestige (2006)

    Oldboy (2003) korean movie

    The Butterfly Effect (2004)

    Fight Club (1999)

    Donnie Darko (2001)

    Memento (2000)

    Pulp Fiction (1994)
    -not really mindblowing but good movie
    The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
    Shutter Island (2010)

    Inception (2010)

    Honorable mention:
    What Happened to Monday (2017)

  12. Pacific rim
    Tomb raider
    Black panther
    Ready player one
    New mutants
    Super troopers 2
    Avengers Infinity war
    Solo A star wars story
    Deadpool 2
    Jurassic world :fallen kingdom
    The purge Island
    Ant Man & The Wasp
    The Nun
    Alita Battle Angel
    Mission impossible 6
    The Predator
    The Equilzer 2
    Spider-man into the spider verse

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