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today I have a very exciting video for you all today we are going to compare $200 like a camera to a $20 disposable or reusable a camera now I know that might be confusing to some of you it’s even confusing to me so we’ll just ask the people who made this camera it’s called the Hickory cam yeah we’re just gonna take some photos around here and compare side-by-side the quality of the photos and also what it takes to prepare each of these cameras and then in the end I will give a thorough comparison of the both of them yeah I’m just really excited but it’s really hot right now so let’s go our product is Hickory cam Hickory cam is a reusable disposable camera so unlike normal disposable camera where you use it and you cannot use it anymore and people usually just put it on display or dispose of it our camera we can refill it for you so after it finishes in the camera you can send it back to us and we will refill it with new film and we can also develop and scan the film for you it just has better value for the customers so the idea first studied when a lot of people stop bringing Fuji disposable camera from Japan and those cameras are before usually buy it in Japan use it and when they come to Indonesia they don’t know what to do with it all right so now that I’ve got my crew together we are going to prepare the camera we’re going to prepare the Leica and also the ki khatti cam and then we’ll take the photos but to secret [Music] Josephine columbaria very directly here stingily my second the singlet our posture dear massacres the massive a sprocket holes where the masterful Adira Tyree just did he say Bihar shinobi long hollow release in either become array the sarin attack the odometer October long jay-z Rihanna baccarat holiday Philomela but they are irrigated IV all right so we’ve already prepared the Leica camera and as for this clearly no preparation because all you need to do is just press the shutter but we’ve also already made the shutter speed and the aperture the same for the Leica in this and we already filled it with the same film that it uses for the Hikari so we can get a proper comparison all right now let’s find some subjects to shoot monitor edenia they can be our subject I’m just gonna use this Uzziah and then we take the same [Music] their motif on that just on a white wall [Music] [Music] so now we’re going to move to another venue cuz it’s so freakin hot and my Michael would even stick to me anymore we got some good shots I think just can’t really wait to see until it’s developed because I met some lovely kids back there right now wait for some ice cream [Music] alright guys so it’s been a week or even less than a week since I made visible this is the package that they sent me back and it contains the photos so we’re gonna review them one by one so you can also develop your photo is that he got a hit got a dev scan so if you have any film laying around you can just send it to them over in bundle and they will send it back to you like this quite nice see what’s inside alright the neck it is this I believe as all this is the m6 this is the like on negative sohow negatives for the disposable he thought he can I guess this is a some kind of trick but I don’t know which one is from the Leica and which one is from the disposable you got here a classic photo that has been quite burnt by the way they also send me the digital copy and I have seen the digital copies and they look very very similar I guess one photo that I can you know kind of differentiate the like between the Hakata cam is when we need to have a certain focus so that he got a cam cannot you know have a focus because its f-stop is fixed wow they look astonishingly similar of course we used also the same film and that is if we G color 200 so they are bound to look alike I love these shots of [Music] smile mom so cute that I took they are like architectural shots I don’t know I really like Kylie look the building itself is really pretty so this is a photo of a Mack who took all the footage for me yesterday and then we bumped in a little book shop oh I think these are all that you got ECAM ones so we have the photos of the bookstore [Music] so I’ve made a clear distinction and now I can see which one is different let’s start with the building picks so this is a pic of me under the sunlight from the Akari cam and remember all of the settings are the same that we used for the you gotta come in the like account so this is the one taken with the Leica and this is the one taken with the Hakata cam if I show you digitally I know that you can see the clear distinction between these two and the Hikari is just more I wouldn’t say green year but the like one is definitely a lot stronger and more on focus while the Kutty one isn’t so this is the one that I think you can see a clear distinction now let’s see for another photo for another photo that I took was this one and this is the light go on and this is the hikari com1 honestly I’ve likely got income version much more I think it gives it goes with the look that I’m trying to get with this little statue over here whereas the Leica is just too focused and – it’s actually an unfocused it’s quite a blur huh did I move but it’s just too vivid for me I don’t know how to explain in camera terms but I think you can see this is one of my favorite photos that I took with the kids and this is the one that was taken with the Hickory cam this is the one taken with the Leica again I do prefer the Hakata come one much much more for shooting people and you know trying to get that sort of bouquet feel obviously and I would have to choose the Leica here we have the buff box top that this is like god this is like he got it cam but when you see her side to side this does give a more vintage feel rather than the light god the Leica is much more professional obviously it’s $2,000 now this is such a beautiful picture of the statuette lap on one thing and this is the one made by hit cutting time and this is the one made by the Leica I was shooting right at the Sun and I was really really afraid that it would just turn out to be a backlight of the statue but we can see a color so in here of course you get a really crisp photo but in the Hakata camp version we get this kind of nice wash of color it’s like this blue over here and you can still see the statue and not just a backlight so I was very very impressed with the photos all the photos that I’ve taken because it was so sunny I didn’t use flash and that you got it calm but I do advise you to use flash if you’re shooting at night if you’re shooting indoors if you see that it’s a little bit dimmer than it should I always always go for the flash all right so I’ve shown you all the photos side by side from the Leica and from the Hickory cam one of the camera costs $2,000 in one of it costs a mere $20 so the conclusion is for me as a newbie you know if you’re just trying out the whole analog film you should definitely try that you got it cam and even if you’re not a newbie even if you’ve been doing this for years and years I think that you got it cam is a really nice way to you know just point and shoot and get the image that you’re trying to look for because of course you can do that with a Leica but there is still preparation time that you have to deal with whereas with the Hickory you know you can shoot beautiful pictures with just a simple click of course you can’t really really compare it if you were being super technical there is a price to everything and with $2,000 of course you pay extra for extra quality but that is not saying that the Haqqani cam could not compete with the Leica there’s beautiful photos and I really want you to try and get your own and hit god he can and try to take pictures you know you don’t need to think too much of the technicalities just think just think of the composition shoot I really hope they enjoyed this video and I hope you find it helpful comment below any questions that you might have regarding anything the film the camera you know any burning little questions that you might have and I really hope that you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching well pull up well I cannot speak anymore I’ll see you in another video [Music] Jim be Quimby come here can you please just photo me one time okay baby but after you photo me daddy at bus can you photo me dirty bus [Music] oh yeah can you tell which one is which [Music]

100 thoughts on “$2000 vs $20 FILM CAMERA

  1. get a notification ….. play the video …. scroll through the comment box …. and I guess I don't know what I should comment on

    edited: because I don't understand the camera at all and I don't think I can afford to buy both 😩

  2. ehhh please lah ya i've watched all of ur videos since u got a lil cheek till it's getting big. kalau bisa u upload ur content itu twice a week whtever is that coz tbh i don't give a shit about the content tho i just wanna hear u speakin English and see ur face lol🀣 lop2

  3. nyuci di @labranajakarta aja kaak di aksara kemang, dijamin sehari jadi gausah dikirim kirim ke bandung segala ribet lama kaaaan😊

  4. Film camera ini kan lebih jadul gitu ya kalo dibandingin sama kamera-kamera jaman sekarang dari segi spec, pengoperasian, dll. Nah kira-kira apa yang membuat orang-orang suka dengan film kamera? Kalau boleh tau, letak sensasi "wah" ketika menggunakan kamera jenis gini dimananya ya? Maaf nih kalo aku nanya kurang sopan, karena beneran ingin tau aja sih, barangkali aku juga minat nanti. Kan seruu! Makasi guyssπŸ˜‰

  5. I really want to try analog camera because I want to try to be edgy hahahaha, but I don't have any idea about it and obviously I don't know how to use it :((

  6. RACUUUUNNN😭 masih ragu mau beli hikari cam apa ga, karena aku selalu pake dispo cam fujicolor simple ace dan itu sayang bgt sekali udah abis, cuci film trs yaudah. ga bisa dipake lagi:(

  7. cia inspiring bgt ..dari semua vlog yg gw tonton isinya edukasi sama sosial…beda noh ama yg bejek2 squishy terus pamit eh muncul lagi

  8. Fathia Izzati, I'm going to tell you something. I'm going to be truthful… You are a genius. You make beyond beyond beyond beyond the future cool videos. You are a cinematic genius, director, storyteller and I hope all of your dreams come true. I love you. I love your channel. I believe in you. Thank you for making, producing, sharing so many astonishing films, even if they are on video. They are better on video. You are an astonishing genius!

  9. sekadar info, kenapa hasil dari disposable cam sama leica jauh berbeda,
    – pertama, dari segi class kameranya aja berbeda, hikari cam merupakan re-useable disposable cam sedangkan leica m6 adalah mechanical rangefinder (kalo di digital kaya mirrorless..(?))
    – kedua, sensor dari kamera jauh berbeda (walaupun saya gatau gimana mekanisme si hikari cam)
    – ketiga, lensa juga mempengaruhi hasil dari fotonya tsb.
    maaf kalo ada kekurangan, silahkan ditambah2in kalo ada yg lebih paham soal kamera analog, makasih.

  10. i just have to say that youve inspired me in starting my channel. i love your content and natural persona.

    love from france πŸ™‚

  11. seriusan hasilnya bagus bgt retro ala ala:((
    imo kalo mau foto dengan filter kyak gitu bisa jg sih pake vsco, tp hasilnya bakal beda dikit βœŒπŸ˜‚

  12. Kapan kapan cobain camera analog medium format , and then you'll see. Betapa enaknya melihat hasil analog camera yang medium format

  13. I do recomend Lomography Simple Use camera, its good, its fun, and you can reload the film by yourself…

  14. やっぱいざてぃけゃんかわいいγͺぁ。

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