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the most anticipated movies of 2020 the
future looks for bright for Hollywood as we rank the best upcoming movies of 2020
from long-awaited sequels to exciting reimagining this list of 2020 films
features superhero movies Green Lantern Corps female leading movies birds of
prey Disney live-action remakes M’Lynn and more after 11 years we might
finally get James Cameron’s Avatar 2 which is set to be released December
2020 other good movies coming out in 2020 include bad boys for life Godzilla
vs. kung dr. sleep onward and the 25th James Bond movie no
time to die vote up the 2020 movies you’re most excited for
and at any highly anticipated 2020 film releases missing from the list
no one bill and Ted faced the music Bill and Ted faced the music is a 2020
American science fiction comedy film directed by Dean Perry SOT and the third
film in the Bill & Ted franchise and a sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent
Adventure 1989 and Bill & Ted’s bogus journey 1991 now and during the monotony
of middle-aged life bill S Preston asked Alex winter and Ted Theodore Logan Alex
winter and Ted Theodore Logan Keanu Reeves are warned by a visitor from the
future of the need for them to create a song that will save all life and the
universe no to Wonder Woman 1984 Wonder Woman 1984 is a 2020 American superhero
film directed by patty Jenkins based on the DC Comics character Diana Prince gal
gadot comes into conflict with the Soviet Union during the Cold War in the
1980 s and finds a formidable foe in the form of the cheetah no three and that is
a 2020 action thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan released 2020 actors
John David Washington Robert Pattinson Elizabeth debicki plus more directed by
Christopher Nolan know for fear Street is a 2020 American horror film directed
by Lee Janie ACK based on the fear Street series by RL
Steen in 1994 a group of teenagers find out that the terrifying events that have
occurred in their town of Shadyside Ohio may be connected to each other and that
they may be the next targets released June actors chi anna madeira alivia
welch gillian jacobs directed by lee Janney AK no.5 Seoul SOLAS a 2020
American computer-animated fantasy comedy drama adventure film directed by
Pete docter a journey from the streets of New York City to the cosmic realms
discovering the answers to life’s most important questions no.6 candymen is a
2020 horror film directed by neo decosta based on the short story the forbidden
by Clive Barker released June 12th directed by neo decosta no seven Jungle
Cruise Jungle Cruise is a 2020 American adventure film directed by Jerome
collet-serra based on the Disney Parks attraction boat captain Frank Dwayne
Johnson takes a scientist Emily Blunt and her brother Jack Whitehall on a
mission into a jungle to find a tree believed to possess healing powers while
fighting against dangerous wild animals and a competing German expedition
released July 24th actors Dwayne Johnson Emily Blunt Jack Whitehall plus more
directed by John Collett Sarah ate the witches the witches is a 2020 American
dark fantasy horror comedy film directed by Robert Zemeckis based on the novel by
Roald Dahl a little boy stumbles across a conference of witches
while staying with his grandmother at a hotel and gets transformed into a mouse
by the Grand High Witch and Hathaway released October 16th actors and
Hathaway Octavia Spencer Stanley Tucci directed by Robert Zemeckis no.9 Fantasy
Island Fantasy Island is a 2020 American supernatural horror film directed by
jeff wadlow based on the 1907 these television series the mysterious mr.
Roarke Michael Pena grants the fantasies of visitors to the island for a price
released February 28th actors Michael Pena Lucy Hale Maggie Q Plus more
directed by jeff wadlow no 10 the secret garden the secret garden is an upcoming
fantasy film directed by Mark Munden based on the novel of the same name by
Frances Hodgson Burnett an orphan girl Mary Lennox Dixie agarics is sent to
live with her uncle Colin Firth on an isolated Yorkshire estate where she
discovers a secret garden released but actors Colin Firth Merv Dermody
Julie Walters directed by Mark Munden no 11 M’Lynn mewling is a 2020 drama
adventure film directed by Niki Caro based on the Chinese legend a young
Chinese maiden li hua fait disguises herself as a male warrior in order to
save her father released March 27th actors Lee who you fate Donnie Yen Jason
Scott Lee plus more directed by Nikki Caro no 12 in the heights
in the heights is in 2020 American musical drama film directed by Jon M Chu
based on the Broadway musical by lin-manuel Miranda and Clara Alegria
hoods a boat anchor owner Anthony Ramos has mixed feelings about closing his
store and retiring to the Dominican Republic after inheriting his
grandmother’s fortune released June 26th actors Anthony Ramos Corey Hawkins
Melissa brayer plus more directed by Jon M Chu no 13 June June is a 2020 epic
science fiction film directed by Dennis Villanueva
based on the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert in the far future of humanity Duke Leto
Atreides Oscar Isaac travels to the desert planet eric is a Kaduna to take
control of the spice mining operation with his concubine lady Jessica Rebecca
Ferguson young son in their plot Timothy Chalam it and his most trusted advisors
released November 20th actors team oath each element Rebecca Ferguson Oscar
Isaac plus more directed by Dennis Villanueva no.14 Artemis Fowl Artemis
Fowl is a 2020 American science fantasy adventure film directed by Kenneth
Branagh based on the book series by Eoin Colfer
after kidnapping the fairy leprechaun officer Holly short lara mcdonald for
ransom to fund rescuing his father young irish criminal mastermind artemis fouled
to Ferdie as shaw goes on the hunt for the evil pixie opal cowboy and rushes to
save Artemis Fowl senior from the more on Wikipedia released May 29th actors
Ferg Diaz Shaw Josh GAD honcho plus more directed by Kenneth Branagh no 15 avatar
2 avatar 2 is a 2020 American epic science fiction film directed by James
Cameron and the sequel to the two thousand nine film released December
18th actors Sam Worthington Zoe Saldana Stephen Lang plus more directed by James
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  1. So will The Nut Job 3 be released 2020. Some people told me. I hope they are right. I also hope the creators confirm a major, romantic flashback about Surly and Andie as PRETEENS . Why not if this cannot be confirmed? Answer if you know.

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