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Even the most intense and dramatic movies
can’t keep actors from goofing around, which means plenty of blooper reels and blown takes
for fans to enjoy during the credits, or as a bonus on home video. But sometimes, a spur-of-the-moment
decision, mistake, or even injury can be too good to cut. Make sure you comment below as
you watch! We want to know what you guys think! Here are ScreenRant’s 10 Movie Bloopers
That Made It To The Final Cut. Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino’s western was one only
a few movies to put Leonardo DiCaprio in a supporting role, but the actor found a surprising
way to prove he’s always a superstar. During the movie’s climactic dinner scene, Calvin
Candie’s anger explodes in smashed bone, glass – and blood. The injury was completely
unplanned, with the other actors clearly stunned as the director and actor kept on rolling.
You can even watch as DiCaprio picks the glass from his hand once his speech is over. Hopefully,
the blood smeared on his co-star wasn’t quite as real. Mission Impossible 2 When filming the final fight in Mission: Impossible
2, Tom Cruise and a stuntman trained to make their moves as realistic as possible – including
swinging a knife just millimetres from his eye. But when his fellow stuntman told Cruise
not to pull back on his final kick, he didn’t – planting his foot squarely on his partner’s
jaw. Director John Woo used the entire shot, including the star’s clearly shocked reaction
to his mistake. Zoolander Ben Stiller’s world famous male model is
better known for his looks than his smarts, but one joke concerning Derek’s low IQ rose
above the rest. When David Duchovny’s character explains why male models make the perfect
brainwashed assassins, Derek doesn’t quite keep up. The moment wasn’t planned. Stiller
simply forgot his next line, and instead of ruining the take, repeated the question. Duchovny
didn’t miss a beat, giving as deadpan a response as he could, delivering one of the
more memorable jokes in the process. Knocked Up Stars Seth Rogen, Jason Siegel Jonah Hill,
and Jay Baruchel open the movie with a montage of wasting time, capping the scene off with
a ride on a spinning roller coaster. A ride not ALL of them enjoyed. Baruchel’s fear
of roller coasters was so strong, he agreed to appear naked in the movie just to avoid
the ride. But the director and cast pushed him to do it, meaning Siegel had to appear
in the flesh, and Baruchel’s genuine terror made it into the movie. Raiders of the Lost Ark When Indiana Jones attempts to ambush a group
of Nazis with his leading lady held prisoner, the movie’s villain Belloq takes part in
a surprise cameo. A fly suddenly appearing on an actor’s face can usually ruin a take,
but the bug disappearing implies something much worse. According to actor Paul Freeman,
the effects team thought it would be funnier to erase the fly’s escape, turning what
could have been a blown take into an infamous moment that’s impossible to miss. Midnight Cowboy Quite possibly the most famous blooper in
movie history, Ratso Rizzo’s catchphrase in Midnight Cowboy was completely unplanned.
As the crew secretly filmed actors Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight on a New York street,
a taxi nearly hit the pair of them crossing the street. The actors maintain it was completely
unplanned, but as Voight watched on in surprise, Hoffman turned the blown take into not just
the most well-known scene in the movie, but a line that would become even more well-known
and iconic than he could ever have guessed. The
Lord of the Rings When Gandalf first arrives to visit Bilbo
in Bag End, he shows how hard it can be to move through a miniature home. Actor Ian McKellen’s
fumbling with the chandelier was planned, but his sudden slam into a ceiling beam wasn’t.
His surprised shout and laugh were too good to leave out, and Peter Jackson left the mistake
in the finished film. Blade Runner Ridley Scott’s sci-fi detective story made
actress Daryl Hannah an up-and-coming star overnight, but her dedication to the role
went beyond acting. When her character is introduced, she panics, running off and smashing
the window of a parked van. The stunt wasn’t planned, meaning Hannah simply slammed into
the van with enough force to shatter the very real glass – and her elbow along with it.
She remained in character, making sure the mistake wound up in the original film – and
wound up in surgery herself. Rain Man Stars Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman were at
the top of their game in this tale of dysfunctional brothers, but that doesn’t mean some unintended
moments were to thank for one of its most famous moments. When the pair are squeezed
into a phone booth, Hoffman’s character takes things from bad to worse, passing some
gas in the cramped space. But Hoffman wasn’t making it up, simply giving his co-star a
heads-up on his flatulence. Cruise took the cue to stay in character, and the rest is
history. Back to the Future Part 2 The hover boards may have become the runaway
stars of the Back to the Future series, but the futuristic gadgets also led to one of
the trilogy’s most disastrous stunts. When Biff’s gang tries to take out Marty in 2015,
they wind up smashing through a courthouse window. The risky stunt called for all three
actors to fly through the glass before dropping safely below, but an error sent stuntwoman
Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon slamming into a pillar instead. With the timing thrown off, she was
dropped thirty feet onto the stone below. She survived the fall, but sustained serious
injuries. Even more shocking? The stunt was only performed once, meaning her fall can
actually be seen in the finished film, thankfully cutting away a split second before impact. So what do you think of our list? Did we miss
any of your favorite bloopers or happy accidents that ended up in movies? Let us know in our
comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one.

100 thoughts on “10 Movie Bloopers That Made It To The Final Cut

  1. Uh I dunno the storm trooper hitting his head on the door frame thingy Sorry to sound rude it's just my favorite bloomer ever

  2. What about a scene where someone sneeze to white powder accidentally and the costars were laughing hysterically and the tape was kept rolling. I forgot which movie though

  3. Any Supernatural fans just thinking about the scene where Misha forgot his line and just stared out the window? XD then it ended up in the show

  4. we can't forget the storm trooper in starwars running into the garage like door πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ does anyone remember that ? I don't think that was planned

  5. In Princess Bride when Count Rugen knocks Wesley out with his sword pommel. He really did KO the actor, who came to in an emergency room!

  6. I have never heard this mentioned as a bloopers, but in 'independence day', when the president is going to give his speech right before the final battle Starts, he holds the microphone the wrong way. You can even see him turning it around and starting the scene over like he intents to have it cut out later.

  7. Austin Powers: the Spy who Shagged me, Rob Lowe bursts into laughter as Dr Evil throws the globe at his face multiple times

  8. I think the blooper in the dark knight returns were the joker fumbles with his divise to blow op the hospitol is the best one that ever made it to the final cut, and I was a bit let down when it didn't show, still a good video though

  9. In pirates of the Caribbean when Johnny Depp forgets his line and stars singing "I got a jar of dirt and guess what's inside it"

  10. The blood Leo wiped over the face of the actress' face (I forgot her name) in Django was actually his blood, the was the only cut of the scene

  11. What about in Django unchained, when the Lantern hits the barkeep in the head after Django and Dr. Schultz walk in? You can't tell me that was planned.

  12. batman dark knight when the joker blows up the hospital the bombs where supposed to go off as soon as he pressed the button. the bit where he turns round and jiggles the switch was all improv

  13. Iron man 2 in the house party scene when Tony Stark is jamming to a DJ with everyone partying and he falls and breaks a window. A huge one.

  14. I know this was in a show instead of a movie, but in a Christmas special of Supernatural, there was a scene where the boys were drinking eggnog. Jared actually spiked it, which Jensen had NO idea about, and they kept his genuine surprised reaction in the episode

  15. John Belushi in Animal House. When he slips and falls while sneaking around at night. The crew laughed so loud that is why you only here music in the scene.

  16. One of my favorite bloopers that made the cut was in the Outsiders where Matt Dillon falls off his chair in the theater scene but plays it off and keeps rolling

  17. Definitely missed in Indiana jones when Harrison ford is supposed to fight a swordsman but instead shoots him. Harrison was sick and didn't want to do the fight and the producer kept it.

  18. Here's an idea – TELL the story, then show the bit that you are telling the story about. It's so annoying when you show a scene, then talk about what it was that you were talking about. That way the viewing will be paying attention to the part you're actually talking about.

  19. My favorite that isn't on the list is in Star Wars (A New Hope). When the stormtroopers find R2-D2 and C-3PO in the Death Star control room, one of the troopers hits his head on the door. Instead of editing it out, when George Lucas released his reedited versions, he added in a "thunk" sound effect.

  20. How did a stormtrooper smacking his head whilst exiting through a door to chase Luke and Leia in Star Wars not get on this list????

  21. I love how short and simple this video is, but yet so entertaining. As opposed to other channels, at least. coughwatchmojocough

  22. Anchorman 2 – When Will Ferrel is warming up his vocals at the beginning "there coming in through the back door, grab the children! Save the children!"

  23. The part in Monty Python and The Holy Grail, where the enchanter goes, "There are some who call me…Tim" made it into the film. Apparently John Cleese had to say a very long confusing name, but couldn't remember and just called himself Tim.

  24. What about jaws? Remember the scene where she is swimming to the buoy at night? She broke her leg in the shark machine and they kept the screams of pain in the final cut.

  25. One of the ones that has always gotten me is in The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey. There's a scene with the stone giants and Thorin yells out "No, Kili" but it is in fact Fili how was in danger not his brother how was behind Thorin. This error had always bugged me, and it was never that confusing to tell everyone apart.

  26. In Being John Malkovich, the scene where he is walking down the street and a guy throws a beer can at him and he screams. the guy had snuck beer onto the set and as they were driving by, he threw the can and it hit Malkovich in the head. Malkovich screamed because that wasn't planned and it genuinely pissed him off

  27. That one time in Napoleon Dynamite where Napoleon falls off the fence after throwing tomatoes at Uncle Rico's van he wasn't supposed to fall πŸ˜‚

  28. "Something About Mary" Ben Stiller being dropped while on a gurney being loaded into the ambulance, when giving the thumbs up he was responding to the crew that was asking him if he was okay. They found it so funny the director asked Stiller if they could use that blooper instead of re shooting the scene.

  29. The movie "Menace 2 Society "…At the beginning when Cain & O-Dog walking through the store, one of the store mirrors use to watch costumers actually caught the whole film crew camera man walking behind the actors!!

  30. Did you see the clearly blooper scene in Mel Gibson's movie Maverick? It's the scene where James Gardner's character explains the rules and he's the only one to hold a gun except being a great gunslinger he accidentally drops his gun. James Coburn picks it up, looks at the camera, and hands it back with everyone just laughing.

  31. "It's A Wonderful Life" – Uncle Billy, drunk, says he thinks he'll walk home; he does (going off-camera) and then 2 seconds later it sounds like he walked into trash cans. Someone back-stage just knocked over a bunch of props.

  32. You forgot one. In Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers right before Aragorn, Gimli and Legolaus enter Fangorn Forest Aragorn gets super angry and kicks a metal helmet with his foot. He ended up braking his foot and screaming really loudly. That cut stayed in the film

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