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Hulu has a solid selection of anime movies
on tap — if you know where to look. From influential classics to modern masterpieces,
these are our top picks for the best anime films on Hulu.. 30 years after its release, Akira remains
an audacious high point in the history of animation. This mega-budget feature has some of the most
detailed animation in history, and it looks as fresh today as it did upon release. Meshing psychic warfare, ’80s Japanese cultural
criticism, and sci-fi biker fights, Akira does its best to condense a massive manga
series into a two-hour movie. Anime is often associated with action or romance,
but Grave of the Fireflies is a devastating example of the genre’s reach It’s a somber World War II story with a
heartbreaking end. Set in Kobe, Japan, following the firebombing
of the city, Fireflies explores two orphans’ fight for survival. The animation is truly breathtaking — a
beautiful wrapping on a grim story that no anime fan should miss. Ninja Scroll was a global smash, spoken of
in the same breath as Akira and Ghost in the Shell. The Wachowskis even cite the film’s over-the-top,
gravity-defying fights as a significant influence on their Matrix trilogy. It follows a wandering swordsman named Jubei,
who is poisoned by a spy in need of help. In exchange for the antidote, Jubei must agree
to help stop a vile warlord and his collection of mystical devil warriors. The story may be clichéd, but the inventive
action is unbelievable. Trigun’s blend of kinetic action and post-apocalyptic
world-building made it a beloved series. Badlands Rumble gives you a taste, without
needing to watch the whole show. The protagonist, Vash, faces an old enemy
who has a $300 million price on his head. So Vash heads out to get his slice of the
profit, wading through countless bullets and bounty hunters along the way. Afro Samurai was inspired by the artist’s
love of hip-hop and American depictions of Japanese culture. Samuel L. Jackson stars as the title character,
who wields an artifact with godlike powers. Resurrection is the second movie in the series,
so the plot—which involves finding a related artifact—can be a little confusing. But you don’t need to keep up with every
detail to enjoy the film’s breathtaking art and fight scenes On its own, the film K: Missing Kings makes
no sense. But if you take the time to watch season one
of K beforehand, you’re in for a wonderful time. Unbeknownst to the population, the psychic
Seven Clans of Color secretly control the world. Set after the events of season one, Missing
Kings follows a group of warriors as they search for their absent ruler. Giving away any more than that would be a
sin, but this elegantly animated series is really worth investing your time in. Also known as Pyramid of Light, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie is an anime oddity. Designed specifically for Western audiences,
this film serves as a solid jumping-on point for new fans. Set after the third season of the show, the
film picks up with Yugi, who’s become an international star following his victory at
the Battle City Finals. Unfortunately, the Egyptian god of death has
been unleashed and is on the hunt for our hero. Gather the entire family around for this one,
as it’s one of the most kid-friendly anime movies on Hulu. Mecha combat has a deep history in anime,
and Fafner: Heaven and Earth is a classic. Set in 2148, after the original Fafner series,
Heaven and Earth introduces viewers to a world recovering from a war with a powerful alien
foe. The discovery of a mysterious child on a crew-less
submarine sparks the beginning of a new conflict no one could anticipate. If you enjoy the gritty mecha world of Gundam,
give Fafner: Heaven and Earth your attention immediately. Sword Art Online Extra Edition is the perfect
way to acquaint yourself with the Sword Art Online world. It’s set in a future where humans live and
play inside various multiplayer virtual worlds. It blends action, sci-fi, and some goofy fan
service, but Extra Edition is a fresh, funny, fast-paced anime crowd-pleaser. Fairy Tail is a lovely series with a world
of wizards and magic that should be instantly familiar to anyone who enjoys fantasy. In Phoenix Priestess, Natsu and his band of
magic warriors find themselves trapped in the Duke’s devious plot for immortality. While based on a series, Phoenix Priestess
is a blissful standalone experience and you can jump headfirst into this funny, magical
world without any prior viewing. Those are our picks for the best anime films
on Hulu, but you can get more recommendations by checking out the links in the description
of this video. And if you’re still not sure what to watch
binge tonight, check out more of our video guides linked here. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in
the next one.

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