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100 thoughts on “10.5 Apocalypse | 2006 | PART 1

  1. It would be too good to be true for all the pos democrat and liberal traitor trash to be wiped off the face of the earth

  2. This is an example of why we prepare. People wake up, and prepare for when something like this, or anything else happens.

  3. When u go look up the filming locations of this movie it says it's filmed in Canada but it's really filmed over here in the States so why are they saying Canada.

  4. It is a great movie. Too bad it is ruined with commercials every two minutes. Too bad the movie ended before the entire movie finished.

  5. How many of the females are really makes? How many of the females have brow ridges? How many females have slipped foreheads? How many of the females have high cheek bones, square jaws, square shoulders, fake chins, big heads?

    How many of you know the difference between a female and male skeletal bones? If you don't know the difference; then, you will never be able to spot the shemales from the real females.

  6. I don't know what effect they wanted to achieve but the panning and zooming in and out makes it so terrible to watch. Besides that I think it's a nice movie


  8. Notice To Public: This film is for entertainment purposes only. It is NOT based on actual events. We have several reports of scattered groups of the politically Liberal dying of cardiac arrest, while other such groups fled eastward during part one. We repeat……This film is. Just. For. Fun.

  9. This film has absolutely damning reviews across the internet, it was a waste of your bandwidth to upload this nonsense OP.

  10. I know they've gained a little weight but its great to see these guys' familiar faces – haven"t seen them for years on TV what a treat. Was it Superman or Sunset Beach ๐Ÿค” Will check on imdb. YouTube's got everything THANX FOR UPLOADING. ITS DEAN CAINE WHAT A REPERTOIRE checked imdb Oliver Hudson (in a serious role) et al

  11. at 5:04 Hollywood have to put the rainbow on the tower to keep the fag it's happy, otherwise LGBTS will cry like a baby, and S is for straight people ,let not forget about us!

  12. I took an instant dislike to that miss Warner, she screwed up on a command before and then demands another command as though nothing had ever happened, goes into a another command where the guy on the ground has already got things under control and barges in a takes control, with a high handed and superior attitude, as though she was the only person on the planet capable of running the show, typical my mummy is the boss so I am in charge, even though last time out I got people killed. A really annoying personality vacuum. So, was it just good acting, or the actresses true personality shining through?.
    The other thing I took an instant dislike to is the crazy amount of advertising that is more frequent than rain in Manchester( for the non English viewers, Manchester in the north of England has a reputation for being a very rainy place, sorry Manchester) I donโ€™t know who decides how many or how frequently they happen (adverts, not rain in Manchester) but whoever it is they are either very very hard up for the advertising revenue or are a sadistic son of a bhatch, I do realise that some channel producers are self employed as channel owners, and rely on the revenue, but come on, there have been more adverts in the last few minutes than number1 buses to Farnborough ( for non U.K/Aldershot residents, the number 1 bus goes from Aldershot to Farnborough (Hampshire) every ten minutes, and depending on passenger pick ups and drop offs can see either two or three buses arriving at stops at the same time) so come on, next time YouTube or CMC cut the bloody adverts down, PLEASE, before I become even more crazy than I already am.

  13. Buddy should have stayed in the entry way of the elevator (it's indented), because it's reinforced. Doesn't he know what to do in a damn earthquake?

  14. the Messiah said the day of "Armageddon" would come and is soon to be upon us before the 2nd coming……be ready folks,stay vigilent

  15. See… here's the thing (well, several things).

    1) Water doesn't (it CAN'T possibly: law of gravity vs SG of sea water) behave like that. Scale it for the size of the vessel, and the wave that hit that ship at about the 2-minute mark was easily more than 350 feet high. Yeah, 350-foot waves can happen (that size, normally due to a more-than-smallish asteroid impact in an ocean)… but…

    2) with a wave that size in deep coastal (not mid-ocean) water that's maybe 1500-3000 feet deep… A 350-foot wave in that place and time? Pull the other one, mate.

    A total freak 300-foot wave in the shape pictured in the first 90 seconds here is simply impossible without the mid-Pacific impact of a chunk of rock .

    Though a wave even 1/4 that size is way unlikely, it can certainly happen: but all the same, the distance between "normal seas", "the wave begins now" and peak "we're at the top of the wave, and we should be OK from here on" would be a lot more than 200 miles' wave-travel, and it would involve a lot more than 10 minutes of rise and fall. No ocean in that mood is ever "gentle"… but not harsh by any means, and easily managed by anyone qualified to work on any passenger ship's bridge.

    The laws of nature may be far from fully understood, but they're NOT WRONG: what's dead-wrong is everything about the shape, size and behaviour of even the very first wave presented in this film.

    I can no more watch this as researched and understood "disaster drama" than I can watch Coyote and RoadRunner as credible "wildlife documentary".

  16. The way this and the previous movie was filmed, (zooming in and out really fast instead of smooth and slow) is very distracting.

  17. The SAVIOUR LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST-โบ๏ธโน๏ธ||Holy Cross-๐ŸŽ๏ธ||The destroying human is saved in the Friendly and life saving place of THE SAVIOUR LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST for the destroyed human to have a beautiful victory like the Moon Has Friendly and life saving the nature night of the CARER LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST to have a beautiful victory in the destroyed times of a nature.

  18. I'm sorry, but as someone who happens to live in Hawaii, I have to ask this question. How the hell does the creator of this movie think Hawaii could be "evacuated" before a tsunami that reaches to the top of Diamond Head could get here from California, which would only take around 3-hours? In 3-hours you would be lucky if you would be able to evacuate the Waikiki and downtown Honolulu area farther inland, which would not help much at all from a wave that high. Diamond Head is over 760 feet tall, or for those who need a visual reference, about the height of a 76-story skyscraper. The tallest building in the entire state is only 650 feet tall and would be dwarfed by this wave. When we have drills, they are not even able to evacuate the "Tsunami Inundation Zones" next to the ocean that quickly because you have over 1-Million residents and tourists all within that evacuation zone, and the major routes go east to west along the evacuation zone instead of away from it. There is only 1 road that will take people away from the evacuation zone that would be safe for a tsunami of this size coming from California, which is Interstate H2 which leads to the center of the island. On a normal workday, that highway is backed up for hours with people just trying to get home. Try adding over 1-million additional people on the road and no one is going anywhere, they will all drown in their cars in gridlock.

  19. Who's here because of that Christian guy that said there's going to be a 10.7 or 10.5 before the end of the last day of summer in only a couple of days in southern California?

  20. Do not say this can not happen i live in the Bahamas ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ธ no one here believed what happened in grand bahama and abaco could happen but it
    did those two islands in the Bahamas ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ธ is gone thousands dead by the
    time they even start to build it would be hurricane season again GLOBAL warming
    all the way from beautiful
    nassau, bahamas ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ธ

  21. this is the most realistic movie ever bruhh i mean it makes me wounder what ganna happen later down in the future or when jesus christ is coming๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜ณ

  22. nuclear plant can change the destruction of human cells if necessary to use against to the dogma rollers in this world.

  23. If Eusa donโ€™t let my ppl go yโ€™all gon have โ€œ Him โ€œ to deal with. And this kinda thing will b real not a movie. Which is already happening in some places.

  24. Just as a matter of science, if there's a tidal wave like that, ships should turn to face it to prevent being flipped. Also it wont cause a wave unless it's going up a beach, out at sea it'll manifest itself as a swell and boats should be totally fine (although they could be swept off course) unless they are close to the coast, because that's where you get walls of water during a tsunami. Can someone with sailing experience confirm this please?

  25. I really wanted to watch this film- stuck it out for 5 mins max, as the continuous close-up, POV filming is atrocious. Almost got motion sickness ๐Ÿคข, and would definitely get a migraine if Iโ€™d continued. Such a pity, as the subject was interesting, especially given recent events. Why do filmmakers think we need to see this zooming in and out all the time ??

  26. my first quake was the LOMA PREITA quake in 89 and it scared the crap out of me and my cats didn't care much for it .

  27. ,my beautiful baby died on Monday morning she's was 19th years old my wonderful husband Colin and a amazing nice Lorraine picked her with love you too them both to the moon and back xxx

  28. Without first having "10.5" available is like reading "Rings" before reading "Hobbit", reading "Nephew" before "Wardrobe", or reading "Hideous" before "Silent". Why or how come Google or Amazon offers "10.5 Apocalypse" but not "10.5" first?

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