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Kill him! Hey! – Listen to me, sir. Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! All cameras focus shift! Gautam! Gautam! Gautam! Stay on top. Now focus on him. He is an exceptional batsman. A great batsman. Received bowl early. There is the player
just picked the field. Great attempt there at the deep. Actually it is gone
to the short boundary… ..we have highlighted
it to all the newsstands… I killed them. Murder. I killed the three
men who killed my parents. No, don’t kill me. You committed three murders? Listen, I have got a promotion. But sir, listen…
– Hey, prepare the FIR. Raj and Ravi recover the body.
– Sir. – And you. The media should
be here in half an hour. We will be shown in all channels. Your madam will be shocked. Who are you? Who are you? – Sir, he is a Rockstar. He must have really committed a murder. Look he is still hot
like a recently fired bullet. Sir, I say that let’s inform the media.. ..after we have found the body.
– Crazy man! I won’t be shown on
TV after the body arrives. That SP will intervene. I will only be seen on TV having my tea. Go and phone them.
This is my order. – Okay. Everyone thinks that rock
star Gautam is a good man. He is a celebrity! But he is a murderer in reality.
A killer. Nobody can even think that Rockstar.. ..Gautam would become a killer one day. People are shocked to hear this news. Today Rockstar Gautam is behind bars. I arrested him when
he was running away.. ..after murdering them. Why has Gautam committed these murders? Did he avenge his parents’ death? This talented inspector
Kishore Patil have caught him. Two more murders were
solved after this murder. The police have said
that the other two murders.. ..have happened in Pune and Ireland. How are Gautam’s fans affected by this? Kishore Patil has
never been unsuccessful. Venkat. – Sir. All the news channels
are showing Rockstar.. ..Gautam’s news then why not us? Sameera has put Gautam’s news on hold. Where is Sameera? She is in the newsroom, Sir. Sameera. – Yes, sir. Why is the Rockstar’s news on hold? It’s getting ready, sir. What’s the matter? Tell me, I say. I have shot some exclusive visuals, sir. Please give me some time. Put visual bank on export. Okay, ma’am. Are the breaking plates ready?
– Ready, ma’am. Okay, after I have
read the anchor part.. ..the visuals should
be played directly, okay? Three, two, one, go! Welcome to I news. All news channels are showing the news.. ..about the murders
committed by Rockstar Gautam. After all what had happened there? How did that murder occur? We at I-news have captured
that murder in our camera. Now we will show you
those visuals exclusively. Don’t look at me. Look there. He is hitting someone.
But there is no one there. He fell down as if
someone is beating him. But no one has hit him. He is alone there.
He is hitting the air. He is falling on the air. The police arrested him
thinking that he committed murder. The police have arrested
him for a crime.. ..which he had never committed. Like this..
Gautam has become a murderer.. ..without committing one. This is Gautam’s murder mystery. What has happened?
What’s the reason for it? There is no corpse here, sir. We will find out why
the Rockstar is behaving thus. This is Sameera signing off.
Keep watching I-news. Sir! Look at him. Who are you, dear? What happened to you? Why are you standing here?
Tell me. – Mom. Mom? What happened to her? – Mom-Dad. Mom and dad. They are murdered. – Where? There. Mom was shot here.
Dad’s corpse was here. I have told you many
times to keep a jack and tire. But you do what you want.
If tomorrow… – Driver. Did any murder happen here? – Murder. Nothing of that sort happened here, sir. Who told you? This kid said that his
parents were murdered here. This kid. He is a little mad, sir. He talks nonsense. He says that his
mom was lying dead here. His father is dead there.
Someone has shot him. He is crazy, sir.
– Yes. – Don’t believe him. Gautam. Gautam. – Gautam. – Gautam. Run. – Kill him. Gautam run! And this way Gautam became a murderer.. ..without killing anyone. He is crazy, sir. Don’t believe him. In medical terms it is
termed as integration disorder. This is a normal brain
and this is Gautam’s brain. In comparison to normal
brain the grey matter.. Gautam’s brain is 25% less. This causes very serious
neuro psychological abnormalities. I mean his memory power decreases. Such kind of individuals..
imagine things. Gautam has stayed without
his parents since childhood.. ..that’s why he imagines them. Whereas this is just his illusion.
Nothing else. He also imagined that three
people have murdered his parents.. ..and now they want to murder him too. Because of this imagination
Gautam imagines killing them. In all he has created a revenge story. Now he is not able to differentiate.. ..between truth and lies
and that’s why he is very disturbed. But don’t worry, I will treat him.
Don’t worry. Hello, Mr.
Gautam. How are you feeling today? Nervous.
Anxious. Self-conscious. Afraid. Angry. Gautam, I want to ask
you about your past life. Okay? Do you know how your
parents’ looked like? Gautam, how did your mom look like? I don’t remember. And tell us something about your dad. You don’t remember how
your parents looked like. But you know their murderers. So you know your parents’ names? You don’t know. Do you know the name of the murderers? You don’t know that either. You don’t know the
names of the murderers.. ..but you still killed them. Good. So people with unknown faces.. ..killed people with known faces. Fantastic. It may be false that I killed them. But it is true that those
three killed my parents. Every patient says so. But they don’t agree
that it is their illusion. I have seen such cases since years. I am telling the truth. You are lying and I have
medical reports to prove that. What do you have? Do you have any proof? Do you have any proof? Did I slap you? Of course. Damn it. How did you find out? It hurt. It pains, man. The pain told you the truth here.. the same way this
pain told me that this is true. Why? Why don’t I imagine about you? Why not her or him? Why do I only imagine about them? Because those three
have killed my parents. Doctor, is it possible that the people.. ..whom Gautam imagines.. exist? Impossible. And what if they exist? Impossible. Hello scientist. The truth that is going to
be revealed by your experiments.. ..can ruin my company and you know that. Without a doubt you will
die if you become my enemy. Don’t think that I have
stopped murdering people.. ..because I have joined politics. Nobody can kill the truth. Your company’s product has increased.. ..the pollution in the atmosphere. You are spreading cancer
which is killing innocent people. Since they have no other
choice they are dying. Since you know the truth
I am giving you two choices. Do you like money or life? How many people will you kill? One, two? Three or all? You came as soon I called for you. So I thought you wanted money. But now I think you
don’t value your life. One of my friends know
that I have come to meet you. If you kill me then you will
be exposed in front of the world. People say that when I murder someone.. ..I don’t leave behind any evidence.
Do you know why? Such accidents happen
whenever I commit murder. Sir, it is that crazy Rockstar’s case. If anything goes wrong
we will be suspended for sure. Shut up! We will be promoted this time. Hello, Rockstar!
Who did you kill this time? Or whom did you imagine
that you killed this time? Someone has tried to kill me.
– Another illusion. This looks like an attack. Even the atmosphere looks realistic. But who attacked him? Minions of the same
people sir had killed. But they fled away fearing him. We will catch those scoundrels. But we don’t know how they look like. Sir, what is he looking for now? Hello. What are you looking for? Camera. – Camera? I took their pictures. Sir, this time he has
imagined the camera too. Hello, no matter how much
you look you won’t find it. You kill with a bottle and
we are unable to find the body. You take photos but are
unable to find the camera. You will imagine
and I will be suspended. Last time I was made
a fool when I trusted you. If I trust you again..
– You will be a joker, sir. – Joker. You are the joker. Because Kishore Patil knows.. this destruction occurred.
– How, sir? How? I will tell you.
Like this. Like this. See this. See this. – Sir. – Like this. Breaking news. Inspector Kishore Patil broke things.. Rockstar Gautam’s house. There is news that I
broke things at his house. To avenge his suspension,
Kishore Patil.. ..broke things in Gautam’s house.
– No. No. Oh no. Do you want to say anything? I haven’t done anything.
Gautam imagined this. Ask him if you want to. Tell. Sir, tell us. Is this the truth? Gautam, can you prove
that you have been attacked? Lies need to be proved.
Truth doesn’t require proof. And the camera cannot capture the truth. Gautam! Give me answer. Gautam! Gautam! Stop! Stop! Gautam! Stop! Gautam! Gautam! ‘Lies or truth. All this can be false.’ ‘But there is no truth to prove my lie.’ ‘Everything which has
kept me alive till now..’ ‘..are being proven false.’ ‘I can’t tolerate this.’ ‘That’s why I am going away from..’ ‘..other people’s
lies to my truth.’ – Mom. Dad. Mom. Mom. Gautam! Gautam! Son, you will fall down. Don’t run. Gautam, wait son. Don’t run. Come here. Excuse me, sir. What’s your destination? Which flight is scheduled? Mumbai 12:15; Goa 12:20 and Delhi 12:50. Gautam, where are you running to? Wait. – ‘Mumbai. Delhi. Goa.’ ‘Mumbai. Delhi. Goa.’ Come here. – ‘Mumbai. Delhi. Goa.’ Caught you. You are so naughty. Where were you running too? My beloved son. Come. Papa is waiting. Goa. Because of AG1 grains,
the land is becoming barren. The animals are dying.
People are getting ill. Don’t give BGM in the introduction. The viewers should
understand directly. Play. This special report
on adulterated fertilizers. Play the next P2C. Bleeding from the entire
body like eyes and nose. All animals are dying.
Nobody is bothered. Only God can help us. Hydrogen Cyanide is
mixed in these AG1 grains. A few NGOs also have proof.
– Hydrogen Cyanide? This is the report.
– It’s a poison. – Huh. It’s dangerous, right? Not only that. There are more truths. Everything will be revealed.
Yes, Sheetal? I have great news for you. Goa? Are you sure? Thank you. Okay, bye. Guess what? We have found Gautam. Goa. Sea. Sunset and Rockstar. I am coming. I have to finally come
like a James Bond heroine.. catch you.. on a speedboat. How did you find me?
– It’s your bad luck, sir. Media. They will find
out wherever you go. What do you want? Just ten minutes. A small interview. Don’t you know what privacy is? You have come here to disturb me? If I cared about privacy
and didn’t show your footage.. ..then you would have been
in jail instead of this yacht. Just get out from here. Fine, I am going because
I know what privacy means. If you know gratitude then
come and give your interview. 5:30, evening at Beatle Shack.
I will wait for you. You don’t know me. I will jump in the
ocean if you neglect me. ..dispute of nuclear activity. This may not require the intervention.. ..of the UN Security Council. Hi Sir. – You came again. How many more times
do I have to tell you? Don’t you understand it at one go? I didn’t return, sir.
I just came. I am Sameera. I-News. I showed your footage on TV. Do you remember the
cover story I made on you? Sir. You just came for an interview. You mean to say you imagined
about my arrival already. Wow! Usually fans think about you. If a super star like
you thinks about me then… I have to urgently
post this on Facebook. There is no network here. No problem. There must be Wi-Fi.
What’s the password? Wow! I didn’t know that
superstars live like this? This is so nice.
– What do you want? – Awesome. I don’t want your interview. Even you don’t wish to give one. Tell me what more
did you imagine about me? What questions did I
ask and what did you answer? Did I behave rudely? You were about to jump in the sea.. ..if I didn’t reach Beatles
shack by evening 5:30. Did I say so?
Well, that is my character. And I am like that. Okay, let’s do one thing.
Let’s fulfill your dream. Come to Beatle Shack
at 5:30 in the evening. But not for interview.
A small treat for you. I will remember it for
life that I came for you to Goa. Please. Please.
Please, sir. One coffee with you, sir. To fulfill your dream.
Please sir. One coffee, sir. Mr. Rockstar. Remember one thing. A star can live without
an AC but not fans. 5:30 pm at Beatles. I will jump in the
ocean if you don’t come. Hashish, opium, synthetic.
Nigerian. Hungarian. Indian. So sir, you want Indian in Goa. Hi, sir. You have really come.
I can’t believe this. I never thought that you would come. I have been eagerly waiting for this. I will not take much time.
Just a few minutes. I will have coffee. Good idea.
We will do the interview over coffee. What interview?
You invited me for a treat. Yes, generally my interview
is a treat for people. Is it a joke?
I don’t come for interviews. That’s why you made an excuse for treat. What treat? 5:30 Beatles. We only referred to the interview. If you wanted coffee
then we will have coffee. If you wanted an interview
then you could have said so. I don’t like people lying. Idiot. Look, Mr. Gautam. I agree that all Indian girls
want to have coffee with you. But we are journalists.
We come for interviews. Not coffee. So thank you. You came early.
I don’t believe this. Hello. You are a Rockstar not a roadside Romeo. The more you delay the
more your craze will increase. I am so excited.
Why are you glaring at me? Did the one for the
interview come again? Did she irritate you again?
She is defaming me. Where is she? I swear I will kill you. Sir. I will have coffee. – Oh yeah. We are here for coffee.
Your dream will be fulfilled. I feel like an angel. Coffee. Coffee. Actually I don’t think
we will get coffee here. But even beer doesn’t seem
right in the first meeting. That’s why I said coffee.
Sorry. I should try for it. I am really here.
You don’t need to test that. But I liked your touch. What? You still don’t believe me. Wait. How do I look? Did you see?
They become dumbstruck seeing me. I feel like an angel. Two coffees please. Sir. Russian,
Germany, Italian, heroin, cocaine. Opium, bath salts, synthetic, marjoram. Mexican, Nigerian. Hungarian. What do you want, sir?
Tell me. What do you want, sir? Where are you going? Are you imagining that you are swimming? Please. Please. Please. Think that we are going swimming
together. It will feel nice. We will even fulfill
that dream of yours. Okay? At least have some coffee. What the hell!
Are you blind? Drunk driving! Don’t you know how to drive?
Stupid! Idiot! Does the beach belong to your father? I will kill you if
I meet you again. Oh crap! My coffee is gone. Shall I get one more? I will kill you if
I meet you again. Oh crap! My coffee is gone. Shall I get one more? Sameera, if you ask me suddenly.. to how do I look,
no boy will be able to answer you. You boys become dumb
when you see hot girls. That’s why I asked. Forward. Back. Back. Back. How do you like my double acting?
Oscar-winning? You are wasting your time in journalism. You should have been in
films then Oscar would be yours. Oscar is less, brother. I don’t know how the
Rockstar stayed quiet. I would have fallen down if it was me. What are you seeing? I am seeing how angel changed her dress. What? – Dress change? Why did you record all this? I will get many views
if I put it on internet. Why did you slap me? You will get many
views for it too. Stupid! What is Gautam’s plan tomorrow? Hey! Listen. Are you ignoring me? You have time for carnival,
but not for an interview. It’s me. Your angel.
You thought it to be true. You must have thought
that I am the interview girl. My performance is thus.
I will go get some coffee. You can enjoy the carnival till then.
Okay? See you. Sir, I forgot one thing. I didn’t come to Goa
to have only tea with you. Then why did I come? What do you mean? In Konkani it means ‘I love you’.
I like you a lot. If you catch me now it will be no.. ..if you don’t catch
me then it will be a yes. If you don’t catch me,
this angel will hold on to you forever. Sorry. I like you a lot. At least let me be
your girlfriend for a day. I will remember these memories for life. You are not real. You are false. No. I am real. You want me to prove it. People will think I
am crazy if I talk to you. I don’t need to know.
You are just an illusion. Go. Go. How do you know that I am not real? You wouldn’t get
coffee if you were real. You would have spoken angrily. What? All you men are same. If one expresses love
you think it is false. If we are angry then
you think it is true. Is this anger enough?
Is my reality proved now? Or do you want me to murder someone? Okay fine. Just two minutes. I am giving you 120 seconds. If you don’t make me
your girlfriend for a day.. ..I will jump into the ocean. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Rosie has sent the tickets.
Tomorrow morning… Excuse me. Do you see that girl there? White dress?
– Yes. – Yes, I can see her. The entire world. – One minute. – Yes. Is a middle age couple
sitting on the table behind? Yes, they are enjoying biscuits. Are they eating them? – Yes, they are. You will die if you jump. I am false, sir. How will I die then? No, you are real.
I know that now. – Really? How? 79, 80, 81, 82. The uncle who is sitting
there told me so. Where? There is no one there. 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99. The Rockstar is collecting
garbage on the road. Sir, are you making
a new song on garbage. He is truly here. Somewhere near me. Who? Oh yes. The one whom you murdered. Has he now come to Goa with you? He was having his drink
from this can. Look. This can is the proof for that. Then this will be true too.
Sir, this is Goa. Such cans are very common here. Cans can be common but not him. Sir. Sir. – His face is round.
He has a ponytail. I see his ponytail since childhood. He doesn’t look Mongolian
from his hairstyle. Russian mafia. – Sir. Sir. Why do I need to find
him all over the world? I have found him here in Goa. Sir, why are you wasting
your time on non-existing things. Okay, will you give me an interview? One-day girlfriend. Interview. One-day girlfriend. Interview. One-day girlfriend. Russian, German, Italian.
Russian, German, Italian. Sorry. In Mongolian this means how am I?
Sit. Sit. If you meet someone you ask how you are. But I asked you something else. How am I? Same? Do I look exactly as your illusion? Who am I? Funny. Instead of asking who am I,
you are asking me who are you? You have a good sense of humor. I’ve seen my killing episode on TV. The anger in your eyes. Thank God. I was not there, so I was saved. If I would be there,
you would have killed me so brutally. Thinking of that too makes me so scared. Who were my parents? Why did you kill them? I thought of killing
you before you ask me that. Dash into the jeep on the beach.
To drop the boat in the carnival.. These are not the accidents. These were my plans to kill you. But missed. Like in your childhood. This time without any plans. You came to die from my hands. Hello Rockstar. You are here? And I’m searching
for you all over the market. Are you angry with me because
I changed the lyrics of your tune? What amazing timing your girlfriend has? That time she appeared
when you were killing me. Now she is coming when
I’m going to kill you. I am murdering you..
I hope she is not recording this. No, no, no, no. Whenever I commit any
murder I don’t leave any proof. What? Will you kill me? Will you kill me if I want
to be your girlfriend for one day? Sorry. – Will you kill me? Will you kill me if I want
to be your girlfriend for one day? Sorry. Just like that.
I liked the scene so I repeated it. Will it work? You will get intoxicated in an hour.. ..and a whole day
to come back to your senses. Even if there is a tsunami, the
one who drinks this, will not wake up. I love you. I love you. Gautam, don’t leave me and go. Sameera! Sameera! Sorry, sir. They escaped. Okay. Where will they go?
Maximum there are 10 islands. Go and search. Gautam. How come we are here? What happened to the yacht? Gautam. Where is the yacht? Somebody set the yacht on fire. They again attacked us.
We escaped from the boat. .. and came here to save our life. He has again started imagining. Okay. Who saw the men
setting the yacht on fire? Me. – Who saved us? Me. – Who brought us here from the boat? You. Do I tell you what happened? You imagined someone
setting the yacht on fire. You tied me to the
parachute and made me fly. After that you imagined
someone chasing us. Finally, you imagined the
boat was on fire and cut the rope. Mr. Gautam, we didn’t come
here because somebody attacked us. We are here because of your imagination. What I’m saying is true. What you are saying is not real.
And I am not real too. Sameera. Sameera is not here.
You are just imagining her. Hello! Help! Hello! Help! Help! Stop! Help! Stop! Hey! Help! Help! Help! Hello! Help! Don’t you know the meaning of privacy? You came here to disturb me. Sir! You really came? Actually I didn’t expect you to come. Hello! Hello! How much money did you get.. ..for telecasting this news. I have a past and that’s the reality. No one can deny it. Not even you. The one who pretends to be
in love can never understand my pain. I wish you were really
an illusion of mine. Gautam, I’m the first person
to believe that you have a past. I researched about you. Nearly 20 years back,
Inspector Mohan brought that boy here. I too don’t remember properly. While patrolling he suddenly
came in front of me. He used to cry saying
his parents were murdered. After inquiring, we found
out nothing like that had happened. He is the first boy to
run away from our orphanage. That’s why I remember him. But I didn’t any proof. And do you know why I did this all? Look Sameera, Gautam strongly
believes that he has a past. He just keeps on imagining
only those three. Those three are imbibed in his mind. So we can’t do anything about that. Then what can we do doctor? If a person comes in front
of him with two personalities.. ..and proves that one
of them is his illusion.. …then Gautam can be cured. But that’s impossible. Totally impossible. No Doctor. Its possible. That’s why I acted as two people. Whatever happened between us, that
is true.. thinking thus I was so happy. But in between that truth
there is also an unsuccessful love.. Thinking of that I become so unhappy. So, its a recorded failure love story. Alas, if all your illusions
would have been fake… would have been so much better. I’m sorry Gautam. Good bye. Sameera. Am I bleeding from here?
– What happened? Am I bleeding from here or not?
– Yes Gautam. But what happened? That means there was an attack. Gautam.. You don’t have any past.
It is all your imagination. As long as you don’t believe that,
attacks on you will keep on happening. That is what I’m saying too. Do you know who they wanted to attack?
You, Sameera. They are trying to kill you.
– Oh! So you are imagining that? Car accident,
boat accident, yacht attack. All that happened when you were there. Not me, but they are following you. Why do they want to kill me?
I don’t have any enemy. They would’ve killed
me if they wanted to. But they don’t want to do that. They are coming to kill you, Sameera. It’s not safe to stay here. Come. You know what? Real or Fictitious,
that’s not your problem. Your problem is not having faith. You would have believed me,
if you would have loved me. I love you. I have started loving you. This is true. Please believe me. I believe you, Gautam. I love you too. Two minutes. I’ll just change my dress and come. Two minutes! I’ll just change! Gautam! What are you doing? They are my friends. Rahul, are you okay? Happy birthday, Sameera. We came to give you a surprise
but Gautam gave us surprise. I didn’t know they were your friends. I thought they had come to attack you. Sorry Sameera. This won’t repeat again. Sameera. I’m saying sorry. Happy birthday, Sameera. Please Gautam, spare me. Just go away from here. What you said is correct, Sameera. Nobody attacked you.
It was all my imagination. Sameera. I’ll change, Sameera. Sameera. Give me one chance. What difference does
it make if you change or not? What’s the relationship between us? Sameera, I love you. Really? Do you know whether
this is the truth or your illusion? Sameera… I can’t trust you, Gautam.
You won’t change. Stop, Sameera. What should I do to make you trust me? How can I make you believe me? Fine. Your past is fictitious.
You don’t have parents. All is that your imagination.
Do you accept that? I accept that, Sameera. I don’t have any past
nor do I’ve my parents. If I don’t come out now
from this illusion then.. ..I can never come out from this. I thought if I don’t have parents that
means someone must have killed them. In the fear of losing you… …I presumed someone
is trying to attack you. That all is fictional. This is just a fiction of my mind. Right now too, I’m imagining someone
is has kept a knife on your neck. Look I’m not reacting anymore. Sameera,
didn’t I tell you I will change? There are four people behind you. My mind tells me they will kill you. But I will not do anything.
Come, Sameera. They are beating me, Sameera. Yet I’m not doing anything. Hey! Don’t come near me.
Don’t come near me. Whether its reality or not. I can’t bear it if anyone
touches you, Sameera. I am sorry, Gautam. Who are you? Why are you trying to kill Sameera? What enmity do you have with her? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. – Gautam. Leave him. I know who they are. What is the matter? What do you
want to talk to me so urgently about ? Someone is trying to kill me, Sir. There are attacks happening on me. Are you sure? – Yes, Sir. Do you remember that? Two months earlier I had collected
all the evidences against.. ..AG1 Grains to prove the
accusations on them as true.. …and I had made a program on that. Actually it was my friend
who proved Hydrogen Cyanide in… ..those seeds and he was an
active member in an NGO based in Goa . When I called him in
Goa he did not answer my call. After that, I came to know
that he died in some boat accident. But before his death, he had called me. Saying AG1 chief called
him to discuss about this matter. I’m the only one person to
know that he went there to meet him. When he died the day after calling me,
I got the doubt… …and I inquired about the AG1 chief. And after day attacks
are happening on me. That means that’s not an accident, Sir. It was a pre-planned murder, Sir. Fearing about the truth being revealed ,
he is trying to kill me too. His name is Antonio Rosarios. This is his photo, Sir. Have a look. Did anyone come with you? Gautam is here, Sir.
He is waiting in the lobby outside. Did you tell Gautam about this?
– No, Sir. I thought of informing you first
as this is related to the channel. I lied to him saying that.. ..this is due to the investigation
that I did in the old city. And this is the reason
I am being attacked. What you did was good. Not only
to Gautam but don’t tell this to anyone. What are you saying, Sir? The same person Antonio Rosarios,
a big contract killer of Goa. Now he is the Chief of AG1 India .
Grain mafia king. He came here some time back. Armani Suit. Rayban glasses. Pony tail. Cut on the face. Again the same illusion. If this matter is leaked.. he fears
it will ruin his political career . I got fifty crores
to keep my mouth shut. And you your life. What if I refuse? You’ll die and I too will die. Senyore Senyoria. Are you shocked? You used to get advantage
because of my illusions. Every time you taking out
the gun its becoming boring. Small change. How is it? Sit down. Right now I’m not presuming
any chair for you. Sit down. Illusion. I know you are an illusion. Sameera told me that. She proved that I don’t have any past. If there is no past,
means you too are not real, right? When I am talking,
don’t open your mouth. This is my illusion
and you will not talk. You will only listen to me. 20 years back in Goa. My parents and I were
travelling in a bus. Three villains came then. You were one of them. You killed my parents. But I escaped from there. And since then I am trying to kill you. And whenever I try..
I kill the three of you.. This is my story. Revenge story. How is it? This all is not necessary for us. If I eat the medicines given
by the doctor , you’ll disappear. What I say is, instead of me taking
these tablets, you take these bullets. My revenge story
will get a twist ending. What do you say? Why are you breathing like this? You are breathing like this because
I have kept you alive in my head. Okay as a last wish
Do you have any dying wish? I am giving you one chance. Ask me. Tell me. What are you saying? This is not an illusion. I’m real. When I say this, nobody believes me. Atleast you believed . What happened? What was the sound? I killed him. I killed that man with the pony tail. Now I’ll not think about him. How did she hear the sound? Is he real? Sameera, can you see him? Is he dead there? Sameera, answer me. He is real, isn’t it, Sameera? If he is real means my past is real too. My parents are real too. If he is real means remaining
two are also real, Sameera. He knows, Sameera. Wake up, wake up. Who am I? Who are my mother and father? Why did you kill my parents? Hey, hey. Tell me. Get up, get up, get up. He had told me he was real, Sameera. I didn’t listen to him. Sameera, he is dead now. Wake up. He died, Sameera.
He died saying nothing, Sameera. It was not my illusion. I could have known the
truth from him but I killed him. But I’ve killed him. Who will tell me my past now? What will you do now? Now two of them are remaining. If I find them,
the reality of my past will be revealed. What if its a coincidence? I mean.. As they were after my life now.. Maybe he has no
connection with your past. Those three killed my parents. He is one of them. I am sure of it. How are you so sure?
We don’t have any proof. Do you remember the attack
before the night I went to Goa? That was your illusion, right? From today onwards there
won’t be any illusions in my life. Everything is real. The attacks were real. That day I took their photos. Got it. The photos are not clear.
Its difficult to identify them. Go back. Zoom at the cell phone. Zoom on the screen. May be exposure problem. – Next? Zoom it. Next! Next! Next! Total how many photos are there? How many cell phone photos are there? Maybe 12. Save it. Play them at a time. Play it again. 9, 1, 8, 5, 4. 6, 4, 8, 5, 7. 9185464857! Pick up that phone. Hello? Hello? Who are you? That’s what I’m asking, “Who am I”? Gautam!? Who were my mother and father? Why did you kill them? What is the relation
between you and other two? Who is that third one? Gautam, I don’t know anything. Why are you trying to kill me? Sir! Sir! Sir! Please, sir! Please! Why are you trying to kill me? It we wanted to kill you
why would we ring your doorbell? Sir, sir, Gautam sir, think about it..
we had come to meet you. If we wanted to kill you
we would not come empty handed. Yes, Gautam.
I sent them to talk with you. They are not goons,
they are my company’s cab drivers. After seeing your story
on the TV about your past. I thought you would be
considering me also a culprit. That’s why I sent them
to tell the truth about you. If you wanted to tell me,
then why didn’t you come yourself? I didn’t come because
I knew you’d react like this. One who wasn’t there,
you killed him in your imagination. If I had come, you would have killed
me.. thinking of that I got scared. Anyway I gathered strength
and came the next day. Stop! But you left considering me an illusion. Stop the car, Gautam. 20 years ago.. ..I was a cab driver. Driver? – Where do you want to go, sir? Follow that bus. Where are you from, sir? – London. London is my dream, sir. Almost all cab drivers are Indian there,
right sir? I’m trying for the visa. If you
help me then my life will be settled. Okay, lets see. Follow the bus. Okay, sir! Hold it! Your stop has come,
get down all of you. Not you, sir.
Your stop is yet to come. Sit down. Okay. Hey, get down! Get down! Bye everyone! We will meet again. Bye. I’ll be waiting you in the cab, sir. Gautam run. Gautam run. Gautam run. Run Gautam. – Shoot him. See there! Catch him! Shoot him! What happened, sir? Sir! Sir! – My son.. Give this to my son. Sir! Kill him! Don’t leave him. Don’t kill him, sir.
He is just a kid, sir. Who are you, son? Son. Here. They killed my mother here. Here, they killed my father here. Sir, who are you listening to? This boy is a little insane, sir. He keeps talking any rubbish. He does not have parents
but he thinks they are alive. The Driver and Conductor
were intelligent. When asked, whether they wanted
money or life.. they said both. So what about you? You want Visa. Isn’t it? Uncle, I want my mother. Keep quiet!
You are always harping on your mother. All the time you get
illusions about your mother. Sir, don’t listen to him. This boy is a little crazy, Sir.
He talks all rubbish. Mother was sitting here..
father was sitting here. I have medical reports to
prove what you’re saying is unreal. What do you have with you? Gautam, this is only your
illusion and nothing else. That father who was struggling
between life and death gave me this. He wanted me to give this to his son. Son, that is why I am giving
this to you. That was my duty. Now I’m at peace. It’s just a key. No clues on this. And this is a British coin. 1992 is imprinted on it. And that is a scratched Rubik Cube. I used to play with
this in my childhood. Maybe this is just a memory of dad,
nothing else. Mike! – Hello, Gautam? Where are you? I tried so many times to contact you. Are you okay? I was concerned about you. I’m coming to London. London? Why so suddenly?
Right now here is no concert too. I’ll come there and talk with you.
– Okay Gautam. Who is Michael? My concert manager of London. He handles all my London shows. What? A London coin has come out
of your dad’s belongings.. ..means you will go to London? I can’t ignore even a small
thing that is related to my past. As per the cab driver,
the third man had come from London. He must be still there. I too will come with you. No, Sameera. I can’t lose you. Wait! Wait! Wait! You are leaving me behind so
that I don’t get into trouble, right? Okay. Can I kiss you for
the times when I’ll miss you? If you don’t mind can I give you a hug? I want to hug you once more. Thank you. What are you doing? I’m talking to you. You can imagine talking
to me but I can’t. Now onwards I’ve to
live without you, right? That’s why I’m practicing
to imagine you. Sorry, Gautam.
I couldn’t come to the airport. I had an important meeting. Yes, I’ve sent a cab. This
time I have booked you in Hotel Ritz. Gautam sir.
Driver’s name is Gulab Singh. Mr. Gulab Singh. – Morning Madam. Are you here for Gautam?
– Yes, absolutely. Why is your name on the
placard instead of Gautam’s? Madam, Gautam Sir is a Rockstar.
Anyone will recognize him. – Yes. But Gautam Sir won’t
recognize me, right? That’s why I put my name on the placard. Ma’am, where is Gautam Sir? Gautam Sir. Sir, me Gulab Singh. Your cab driver. Michael must have told you. Sir! Gautam Sir. It’s you.
Oh my God! I can’t believe this. Actually I’m your crazy fan. I’ve been trying for you
autograph since so long time, boss. For that I even came
to your concert in Hyderabad. The last concert that was in
UK I was also present there too, boss. Actually to meet you
is my greatest dream, boss. Boss! Boss! Boss!
I have to capture this moment, boss. One pic, boss! Please don’t mind. Thank you, boss. Where are you going, boss?
I’ll drop you in my car. Please. Come with me, boss. Don’t refuse, boss. Please. I won’t get this chance again. Yes, boss! Please come on. Your bag is in the lift. – Mine? Yes. – Oh crap! – Go fast. Hey. That’s my bag. Let’s escape. Boss! Where can I find guns here? – Guns? I got it, dudu. This time you’re
using bullet sounds in the new song. Dudu, if you are a
Rockstar I am a talk star. Talk means the one who talks. Gautam. I’m scared Gautam. I’m afraid something may happen to you. Let’s go away from here.
Please, Gautam. Please. They did the right thing
by trying to kill me, Sameera. It’s now confirmed
that the third one is here. Till now I was searching for him. But now he is searching for me. We both are on the same path. Face to face. My destination is not far now . Dudu, I called Michael
but it is switched off. Both numbers are not working. What’s your dealing with Michael? I don’t have any dealing with him, Dudu. He is just my regular customer.
Keeps calling only for the cab. Tell me, where I will find Michael. Dudu, I have seen his flat. But I do not know whether
we will find him there or not. That means Michael is
also a part of this attack? Only Michael knew that
I am coming to London. He didn’t come to the airport. Switched
off the mobile after the attack. That means Michael and
that third guy has connections. First we’ve to find him. I don’t know where he is, Dudu.
But I know where he goes. Gautam! Gautam! Hey, what’s wrong with you? Mother. Mother. Mother. Gautam? Fear is greater than love, Sameera. That fear is hunting
me since my childhood. I keep on remembering them
in the fear that they might kill me. But I forgot how my parents look like. I remember the love of my mother. I don’t remember her face. I remember the love of my father. I don’t remember how he looks. Sameera, they are not
even in my memory now. I kept on waiting.. I kept on waiting since my childhood. As to when would I grow
up and kill all three of them. I killed them.
But all that was just an illusion. Not in an illusion, Dudu.
You’ll really kill them. You’ll definitely
know about your parents. Dudu, children nowadays turn a
blind eye towards parents who are alive. And you are so worried about
your parents who are no more? I swear on Lord, you will surely
get your parent’s recognition.. ..and you will surely
catch their murderers. Gulab Singh, I was unable
to catch the one whom I found. So how will I catch those
whom I know nothing about. How will I solve this puzzle? Gautam! Though on the verge of dying,
your father left you this. Is there any clue on
the scratches of this cube? It’s just a cube, Sameera. Dad taught me how to play this. It’s of no use. This mark on the cube. Dad
used to solve it in a very special way. How was that? Sir! It’s not much.
I think we can accommodate. Actually we have spoken about it. Password please, sir! Look. Just one moment, please!
– Give me some time. No, sir! But you have to consider, sir. Let me think about it. – Excuse me, sir! That account has not
been used since 20 years. Your key please. There you go, sir. What happened?
Did you get any information? No. – Any information
relating to the account? Number based account.
No personal details. Anything in the locker?
– Just a rice grain. Rice? Rice grain? Why did your father keep it here? Surely it has some importance. Where is Gulab Singh? He has gone to fill petrol. Give me the gun. – Gun? They are going to attack.
Give me the gun. Sameera? – Get out of the car. Sameera!? – Stay where you are. Get out of the car now. – Sir. Sameera? Wait, sir! – Sameera! Sameera is missing. I’ve to go back there. Sameera! Sameera! They tried to kill us. Sameera! Sameera! She has to be in one of these cars. Sameera! I took the wrong car. Sameera! Sameera! Sameera! What happened, Dudu?
– Sameera is missing. Sameera!? – Who is Sameera, Dudu? Oh I got it. You always
used to keep on saying Sameera. But you were always talking alone.
Actually there is no any such girl. Do you know his girlfriend? No Sir. He doesn’t have any girlfriend. What? No girlfriend, Sir.
But he imagined her to be with him. What? – Self talking sir always. Calling, calling Sameera.
But there is no Sameera. Don’t lie. – Its true, Dudu. You’ve disorder problem, right? That’s why I ignored when
you kept talking to yourself, Dudu. You were all alone at the airport, Dudu. Girl called Sameera
didn’t came to London. Sameera did not come?
Don’t you know who is Sameera? They attacked us here.
They took Sameera away.. Attacked you here? It doesn’t seem here like that. Everything is normal. Gautam boss! Damn it! Excuse me, officer! I am Naveen. This is my card. Do you know what have you done, sir? The man you arrested, Mr. Gautam.
Do you have any idea that who is he? What’s the problem? He is a very famous
artist back in India. People just love him. He is a Rockstar. If the Indians in UK find out
that you have arrested him then… …they will all come
down to your station right now. And believe me, sir. You will
not like that. So please let him go. I am sorry, sir. He seems
to have some psychological problems. Psychological problems?
What are you talking about? He was telling us he was attacked. And his girlfriend is missing. And she didn’t even
appear to enter the UK. What? Is this some kind of a big joke? She did come to UK. I saw her at the airport. This is a big misunderstanding.
I’ve the proof, officer. Here is a picture of her at the airport. Have a look. Now please let him go, sir. It means.. That you intentionally… …hit and damaged our vehicles. Sorry, sir!
There is no way we can release him. Officer, you are making a big mistake. No, inspector.
There are many ways you can release him. If we discuss the situation
where the system sleeps.. ..and the security cameras can’t see us. My car is there, boss. Lets go. Boss. Cool, boss.
You don’t have to take any tensions. We will find your girlfriend.
I will help, boss. Come with me. Wait, Gautam. Come with me. I’ve many connections here.
I can help you. Boss! Boss! I am your biggest fan, boss!
Please, come on! Just give me a chance to help you. No, Gautam.
Didn’t you see how I got you released? I can do anything in this city. Just come with me. Boss! Boss! Boss! I don’t
want to miss this chance, please! Come, boss. – Give me your phone. Sure. Hi, Dudu. How are you? Is Sameera safe? Super safe. She is with me. Madam is clicking photos here. Dudu, did our plan work out?
Did anyone come there? Not only one but two came here. That means Sameera… I only made her disappear. Fast! Fast! Who are you? How do you come to
know of every move of mine? You can’t kill me. Because he wants me alive. He is absolutely right. Drop your gun. No! – Tell me.. who are you? Who sent you? Boss! – Gautam, come with me. Boss! – Why didn’t he come himself? I will kill you!
– Gautam, get in the car. Who is he whom I don’t know yet? Get in the car, Gautam.
– Just wait one minute. Who are you? Boss? What is his name? Tell me. Who sent you? I’ll tell you, boss. No. Don’t tell him. You’ll die if you tell him. Get down, boss. This is the place where
you can find all your answers. I killed those three
who killed my parents. I did not do anything.. Boss! Gautam boss!? Look here! Here! Just one autograph, sir. One autograph, please! Hey, Gautam!? What happened? Rockstar! When everyone is chasing you,
why are you chasing me? My autograph.. Sir, what’s the matter? Sir. Why did you kill my parents? 20 years ago. – What are you saying? In Goa. You were with other two.
Why did you killed? – I didn’t.. What boss? Do you remember? Among the three murders you
thought to be illusionary, one was real. You killed him, boss. You really killed him. Do you know whom you killed? My father. I loved him very dearly. I loved you as well. I was crazy after you. See this! Boss, see this! Inspite you being my dad’s
murderer I could not erase your name. You killed my father. That’s why, I wanted to kill you. I came to your concert
to kill you but missed. I kept searching for you. Then I came to know
that you are coming to UK.. I followed you. I planned to kill you when
you were coming from the airport. But again you escaped. I came to the police station
so that I could bring you out. And then kill you. I would
not be at peace till I don’t kill you. Kill me. Kill me. – Boss? I know the pain of losing parents. Whom I wanted to kill, I killed them. My revenge is finished. Now remaining is yours revenge. Boss! – But tell me
one thing before killing. Why did you kill Michael?
– Who is Michael, boss? That means you didn’t kill Michael? Why will I kill him? That means you didn’t come to the bank? Bank? That means you don’t want the briefcase. Give me the phone. 20 years back, what was
your father’s occupation in Goa? Dad.. was a taxi driver. Where are you from, Sir? – London. Oh, London?
– Oh, London? London is my dream Sir. Hey! Follow the bus. Okay Sir. – Fast. He is running away. He is running away. Sir! Sir! My son.. give this to him. Sir. Don’t kill him, Sir. He is just a kid. You need Visa. You need Visa, right? He wants a Visa. Who told you that I killed your father? That day in the concert,
my father met his old friend. How are you? I am very happy that you came, sir. Please come. He too was in the car
when you followed my father. I started a new taxi business. He saw you fighting with my father. He said that you killed my father. No! No! I’m not the one who killed your father. That old friend killed him. These guys are fools. They don’t and will
never understand science. They say because of the
grains there are side effects. The land is getting barren
and many people are dying. This is not the problem. Global warming.
The atmosphere is getting warm. Green grasslands are drying out. Nowadays the fruits too don’t
get ripe fully in some countries. The whole world is passing
through a great food crisis. But dear friends. Sinto 1 has
got a solution to all these problems. What do you have there? Golden rice with C4 mechanism. Whatever the climate,
it can grow on barren land too. The grain that will change nature. Hey, don’t move! And Sinto 1 has invented this grain. Sinto 1 will become
the food bowl of the world. Whether it is a developed country
or a drought engulfed country.. ..they will have to stand in front
of Sinto 1 and beg with stretched hands. And now.. Sinto 1 is god! There is an emergency. Please all move to the exit. Come on, all of you move quickly. All of you please move to the exit. Sir, maybe Gautam has
come to know the truth. Here comes my golden rice. Drop the gun! Neither can he kill
me nor can I kill him. Because my future is with
him and his past is with me. We need each other. Your father and I was
Co-Scientists in the same company. More than that we were good friends. Your father always used to worry about
the welfare of poor people and farmers. He wanted to do something for them. After that we started this
Sinto-1 Hybrid Seeds company. But your father started research
in preparing golden rice.. a traditional way.. ..which I said was impossible. Suddenly he came to
my lab to test the quality. I got surprised seeing the results. He had invented Golden Rice. Crores of rupees was
invested in the project… …whose result was
in your father’s hand. I told him to give his invention to me. But he said he will
distribute it freely. For the presentation he went to
the Goa International Rice Convention. I thought of getting the
seeds after killing your father. Joining Antonio there,
I killed your parents. After that I found out, the grains
your father gave me was of no use. The grains that he had invented
he had hid it somewhere else. We got the information
from the cab driver that… ..he hid the seeds somewhere and put its
locations secretly on the Rubik cube. I tried a lot to find
the clue from the cube. Then I thought you might know the clue. That is why I came to India for you. But you were too clever.
You ran from there after you met me. Anyway. Anyway, the son has brought
that secret which.. ..his father was going
to bring 20 years ago. The bullet that was going
to kill me killed Michael. That was the time I felt that
the one who wants to kill me.. ..wants something from me first. At that time I got the
clue and went to the bank. In the bank,
I found my dad’s briefcase . But nothing was there in the box. What nonsense you are talking? How can the briefcase be empty? The grain must be surely there. If my dad’s details
are not in your story.. ..then there is no grain
in the briefcase. I understand. I know that you are eagerly
waiting to know about your parents. Your father’s name is Raghu Ram. Golden rice! Gold! This is not the original golden rice. My father’s name is also not Raghu Ram. How can you say that? Hey! No! Drop the guns now! I said no. I say, drop the gun.
He can’t kill me. He needs me. Stop. You can’t kill me until and unless
I say the truth about your parents. That means this file is not real. Okay! Okay! Tell me where is the grains? I’ll tell the whole
truth about your parents. I’ll tell all the
truth about your parents. But where is the golden rice?
Where is it? Finally I understood one thing… …you won’t tell me
until I give you the grain. I won’t give you the grain
until you tell me about my parents. But there is one other truth between us. As soon as I give you the grain ,
you’ll kill me. I will kill you if you
don’t tell me the truth. Never ending process. There is only one solution for this… …one of us has to compromise. I’ll compromise. I don’t need my past. Means? – I’ll kill you. You are lying. Gautam. I’m the only one who
knows about your parents. If you kill me,
your past will always be in darkness. If I don’t kill you then my
father’s wish will be unfulfilled. Till now finding out who my
parents were was the aim of my life. Now to fulfill his wish is my goal. Wait! Wait! I’ll tell you the truth.
I’ll tell you the truth. Your father’s name is Krishna Murthy. He was a Scientist in Welfare Seeds . Ravindra.
Your father’s name is Ravindra. He used to work in National seeds. Please! Please believe me. Not Krishna Murthy. Ravindra! Ravindra! I’ll listen to whatever
stories you tell. Because my parents are
in every story of yours. But you killed them in every story. That’s why at the end of the story… …I’ll kill you. You won’t kill me. If you wanted then you would
have shot me here in my chest.. ..and not in other places. Here. You won’t kill me. You want your past about your parents.
You won’t kill me. It’s not new for me to kill you. I have killed you many times. I know what happens when you die. But you don’t know the pain of dying. That’s true. What you said is correct. I can’t kill you. I want my parents. I want to know who they are. I just remember my mother feeding me. I was sitting on my father’s lap. Suddenly where did they disappear? Everyone said.. it was illusionary. I cried. Till now I am crying. Tell me, who were my parents. Tell me how did they look? Mother was beautiful, isn’t it? How did my father look like? Like me? You had seen them, right? Tell me. Tell me something please. Okay. I’ll tell. First let’s go to hospital, okay?
Hospital. It is necessary for me to get saved. You’ll always continue
crying like this if I die. I’ll tell every damn thing. Every damn thing. Where is Golden Rice? Where is it? I’m sorry for everything, boss. You are the one.. You are always one for me. Sorry, Dudu. I’ve only one pain. You are returning without
knowing your parents. It would be good if you had known them. Sorry, Dudu. Stop the car. Sorry, son. I was a little late. – Mom! Did you get scared alone? Never mind. Mama is here now.
Everything will be fine. Look, I will teach you a song. From today you can
come home alone. Okay? Gautam? I have come home, mom. Gautam? – I’m coming father. Come on, son. Come down. – Coming. We are civilized. We are modernized. We are globalized. The biggest failure of civilization. People dying of hunger. Every 3.5 seconds,
a human being is dying of hunger. He wished no one should die of hunger. He was not a farmer,
not a biologist and not a scientist. In the desire to fulfilling
the hunger of people. It made him a biologist,
a farmer and a scientist. To grow grains in any climate.. ..he kept on trying continuously. And he also lost his life in doing so. But he achieved it . The Golden Rice. A Second Green Revolution. From now onwards,
no one will die of hunger. Today his dream is fulfilled. His name is Chandra Shekhar. He is my Father.

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