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Sir, please put me alms me. Sir, child was crying in hungry. Please, help me, sir! Don’t you have shame to ask for
alms by kidnapping someone’s child? Sir, I gave birth to this child. I didn’t borrow him. Everyone would tell the same. I won’t give alms or anything.
Get out of this place. Hey, I am telling you
to get out of this place. Getaway. Sir, I can’t bear hunger, Please put me alms. Come! Come! I am waiting
for you by arranging the fruit. Take and eat whatever you want. Not even the sales started. But you came to ask for alms. Look at the face! Getaway! I am asking you to getaway. Sir, put me alms! Sir, put me alms!
Sir, Sir Sir, put me alms! Sir! Sir! Come out! Come out! Believe me. I didn’t do any mistakes. Believe me. Hey… When our head of the panchayat told
you that I am not the father of your child, From that, you are uneligible to be my wife. Come! He patently blamed me as I evidenced
him for embezzling the government money. I am not that kind of person. Getaway! If you stay here,
you will be destroyed. I am ashamed to tell
that ‘you are my daughter’. You have destroyed the pride of this family. Don’t come to this house hereafter. Go anywhere or else die. Mom! Don’t call me ‘mom’. Get out! Get out! Mom! My dear! Should we live this beggar life anymore? Shall we commit suicide? Sir, hungry is killing without letting us die. Why should you live for these orphan children? Why should you give support and love for them? You should help them by getting alms. Why should we want to commit suicide? How it should be that starting an orphanage for them? Mad! You even a beggar! How can you start an orphanage? There are many good people. If we tried,.. won’t it happen? You drink milk, dear. After a few years! Orphanage! Mom! My dears! Come! Come! Come on my dears! Did you study well?
Mom… What is the matter, my dear? Today, they have asked questions
from the Bible in the class. I only got the first mark, mom. You are the first mark, my dear! Very good! Very good! Mom! What is the matter, my dear? I am first in my class in the Tamil exam. My heart was filled with joy to hear this. My children! You should always realize that
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” You should study well and
come into good positions. This is my, your mom’s desire. Ok, mom! Many doctors, advocates, engineers
and also collectors are formed from this house. You should also grow in that same way. This is my desire. Will you become like that? We will fulfill your desire, mom. Ok, come let us all have tiffin. Mom! Mom! What my son? Mom, see there an old man
was standing near the gate. Mom
– Tell me! You wait here,
I will see who is there. I even see who is he.
– No mom, I will see it. No issues, I will see. Sir, who are you? Why have you come here? What do you want? Tell me, old man. Who are you? Sindhiya! Still can’t you find me? Before many years, I have blamed you when you were
in a premature state of pregnancy. I am a sinner who
drew you away from the house. After drew you away from the house, My life has gone vein. I have gone wherever my heart seeks. And lived a destructible life. At last, I have heard about you. In these last days,
I came here in search of you. Sindhiya! You forgave me
for what I did wrong for you. It’s enough
if you tell me this word alone. I will go peacefully. I came here, for this reason, Sindhiya. “A man’s glory is to overlook a transgression.” I have never forgotten this word of Jesus Christ. I understood it, Sindhiya. I understood! You forgave me
as per the words of Jesus Christ. This is enough! This is enough for me, Sindhiya! I leave this place happily. Dear, wait! You should not go anywhere. Sindhiya!
– Yes, dear Sindhiya!
– Tell me. How do you have this love? Sindhiya, I have a question. Sindhiya, I have a question. Ask me. How you made this big orphanage? This house was run by Sir. Wellington. He became old. And he was thinking to whom
he should hand-over this house. At that time, I asked him. He inquired about me. And hand-overed it to me. Now he was dead. Only one more question.
– Ask. What about our child? Son! Sindhiya, my heart wishes to see him. Where is he now? Now, he is working as
a software engineer in foreign. He was married.
– Is it? He is supporting this orphanage financially. He will come here next month leave. I am very happy to hear it. Come! Mom! What did you say? Hereafter, you are my mother! My dear friends, In the name of Jesus, I am greeting all of you. Lord Jesus is going to do a miracle for you. In any one thing, a miracle should happen to you. That maybe your family matter, maybe your job matter, maybe your business matter. Or you may be having some disease. You need one miracle now. Jesus is ready to do a miracle for you. Only if you pray with faith, a miracle will happen to you. Perhaps you may think, “I am also praying by faith, But nothing is happening. I am asking with faith; I am praying by taking fasting. But I cannot see any miracle happening”. Your mind may be upset now. But even if we pray, if our prayer has to be answered. We should surrender to the word of God which is given in the Bible. Only when we surrender to Him, God can do a miracle. He can give an answer to your prayer. If we don’t surrender to the word of God, Whatever we pray, that prayer will not be answered. You won’t get the answer for it. That is why, first of all, we should read the word of God and meditate it and then pray. In everything we should concentrate on what God has written for us in His own words. We are living in the world. We are facing many problems and difficulties in this world. We are meeting different types of people. Due to that we are facing some sorts of problems. When we get problems by people, we are unable to love those people. The mistakes those people do against us becomes a heavy burden in our own minds. It creates anger and irritation. Sometimes it creates a vengeance behaviour. So, God teaches us something very clearly. In the Bible, Proverbs, chapter 19, when we read the 11th verse. It is to one’s glory to overlook an offence. This is what the Bible says. If anyone does an offence against us, instead of having a vengeance attitude in our mind and without having a thought of tit for tat in our mind, We should practice to forgive it and forget it. That is what the Bible says. Jesus Christ has taught us the Lord’s prayer. It is a model prayer. God forgives us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. We do mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Are we the angels of God who have descended from heaven? No. We are ordinary people. When we live in this world, we are doing a lot of mistakes automatically. We ourselves have shortages. We are in need of forgiveness. When we go to God, He sympathizes and forgives us. But to whom He forgives? Those who forgive others will get forgiveness. Then we must forgive others. That is what Jesus teaches us in that prayer. Sometimes we have problems in the house itself. By husband, by wife, by mother-in-law, by daughter-in-law, by relatives, you will have problems. By words they spoke, by their actions, they would hurt your feelings and made you sad. Otherwise, the place where you work, by higher officers. By your colleagues. Due to jealousy. By getting angry with you. They would have done some harm to you. They might have stopped your promotion. They might have stopped the benefits you had to get. They might have spoken lies about you and made you to get a bad name. Like this you may be having some problems. At your business place. Due to jealousy, they might have done somethings against you. Some people might have done some cruel things against you to destroy your business or job. Like this, in the circumstances where we live, there are many people who does these kinds of harmful things. There are people who talk lies about us and hurt our mind badly. We can’t avoid that. Why are they doing like this? We may ask. They will do like that only. Because they are jealous. They are not with Christ. There are Christians who simply talk about Christ, they will do such things due to jealousy. There are a lot of Christians who do not know Christ. So they will talk only like that. So instead of looking at them in such circumstances, be a person who knows Jesus how I should behave. This is what we should see. This is what Jesus has taught me. In the beginning of my ministry, I was very sensitive. If anyone talks lies about me or works against me That’s all. I used to sit and cry. God, I don’t want to do ministry, leave me, God. I am the person who said like that. I was very sensitive that no one should talk or lie about me. But today many are talking ill about me. They are writing nonsense about me. They show in the media, write in the magazine. But now nothing is affecting me. God has already taught me, people are talking against you, writing and doing things. They are hurting you always. Just forgive them, you forgive them. If you forgive, you can be happy. You should forgive them. Why do you feel for it? What I am telling about you, that is fact. I am only going to judge you. I know about you. Why are you feeling sad for what others say? You forgive them. People will do only harm. That is their nature. God taught me to forgive them and forget it. People who cheated me, People who betrayed me, by doing that, people who thought I should have problems and I should get a bad name, I have come across all such things in my life. At that time Jesus said “You forgive them and forget it”. After that, in my mind there was a big happiness and joy. My great time became interesting for me. I won’t have thoughts about anyone. So even now if anybody talks about me, writes or putting in WhatsApp about me, I see that, enjoy and just forget it. I will not feel for it. God, You forgive them, You bless them. That is the only word. If this nature comes inside us, we can always be happy. This is what God is teaching us. Forgive it. That is glory for you. You will be happy always. Your happiness will be complete. If you practice to forgive, whoever tells anything about you, it will not affect you. Your sleep won’t be disturbed. There won’t be any disturbance for your prayer. They might have done harm to you. They might have done harm to you so that it will affect you. But God says to forgive even them. Jesus, what harm did He do to those soldiers? Or, did He do any harm to anyone? Jesus did only good things to all. Healed people, redeemed people, consoled people. He did only good things. But they charged against Him all wrong things. Religious heads turned against Him due to jealousy and blamed Jesus that He talked against God’s word. They were very strong to kill Jesus anyhow. So they used shortcuts. They forced the judge to give a wrong punishment to Jesus. These days, we see in our society, people paying money and making the court to give wrong verdict. Long back, Pilate, who was the judge says, “I have inquired, but could not find any fault on Jesus”. A justice, after inquiring a criminal, He says, he does not find any fault in Him. Yet he says, “Hang Him on the cross”. It was for his position. He was scared of others. Those things were the harm Jesus had to face. When all those harms happened to Him, When He died hanging on the cross, He said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they have done”. That is what He said. None of them asked Him to forgive. But Jesus forgave them. Even if others don’t ask forgiveness, you forgive them. God, she is my mother-in-law. If she was my mother, won’t I forgive her? She is my daughter-in-law. If she was my daughter, won’t I forgive and forget? God, I will forgive her. She is my wife, he is my husband. They are my parents. They only talked about me. I will forgive them, God. Why are you storing everything in mind? Why are you storing everything inside you and feeling bitterness in your mind? That will affect you alone. That will affect you alone. Officer, boss, leader, they are torturing you, Insulting you. God, I’m forgiving them. I will forgive and forget. If you are affected by anyone whoever does wicked things against you, First of all, like Jesus, you forgive them wholeheartedly. You see then what’s going to happen. First, you will have a big happiness in life. Jesus has taught me this, so, I’m very happy now. I don’t have any disturbance for my prayer. If you have any bitterness of feeling about any one, Your prayer time will be affected. You cannot pray properly. You cannot have relationship with God. Only bitterness, anger and irritation will grow. Forgive and forget it. For that you should have the nature of Jesus. Then when you pray, God will immediately give reply. Now did you understand the obstacle? About whom are you worried? Then, tell in the presence of God. Close your eyes and say, “God, I have bitterness about somebody, I will forgive them”. That maybe your wife, or mother-in-law or daughter-in-law. May be anyone. Now you are going to pray. I’m giving you 2 minutes, everybody close your eyes. Tell in the presence of God, “God, I am forgiving this person, I’m affected by him, but I forgive. In my business, in my job, in my house, even in my church I’m affected by so and so person. I’ll forgive them, God. Forgiving completely. I forgive them in the name of Jesus. I will forget that. I don’t want that bitterness. I don’t want hatred. I forgive them wholeheartedly. I forgive those who did wicked things. I will forgive those who hurt me. I forgive in the name of Jesus, God. Open your mouth and say, “God, give me Your love, give me the love of forgiveness. Throw away the bitterness”. As you go on praying, God’s presence is touching you. God, whoever is praying by forgiving others, Give them Your happiness, peace and joy in their heart. Give them the grace to forgive wholeheartedly. Not to do wickedness in return. Give all of us a mind to forgive and love our enemies, oh God! Give us your love and let that love be poured into our heart. God, we thank You so much for giving us that love. Because, Your children have forgiven them wholeheartedly. I pray that you should do a miracle for them right now. Father, jobless problems should be removed. Give them a good job and bless them. God, see that the children who pray that they want a job. They are waiting for 5 years and 10 years. Don’t delay anymore. In the name of Jesus ,let the ways be opened to them for a job. Give them a good job which they are expecting and bless them. Promotion is getting delayed always, let the obstacles go away. Give them promotion and bless them soon. In the name of Jesus, let the debts problem be removed away. Let the financial necessities be met in the name of Jesus. God, terrible diseases should move away right now in the name of Lord Jesus. right now in the name of Lord Jesus. Uncured diseases, the disease that is going on for many years, Right now keep your nail pierced hands on each and every one of them. Let them be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Let the cancer disease be moved. Let the asthma disease go away. Let their kidneys become new now and let their heart ailment be removed. Let the problems in the uterus go away. Touch their liver and cure. Please touch their lungs and cure. Let your healing power descend from their head to foot. Let the death beds be moved away in the name of Jesus. For whomever they are praying, let them get a miracle right now. Touch Your hand on them, oh God, for whoever they are playing for now. I thank You for doing the Miracle now. I thank You for removing the obstacles and making a way for them. Let their debt problems be moved and let them get good financial status. In the name of Jesus, I pray for the miracle. I am blessing and praying for them. For touching them, Lord, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I pray in the name of Jesus, oh Father. Amen. Amen.

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  1. நன்றி நன்றி இயேசுவின் அன்பு பெரிய து🙏🙏🙏🙆💖💖💖💞🖒👏

  2. எனக்கும்..மண்ணிக்கிற….. மனப்பான்மை.. தாரும் இயேசுவே

  3. எனக்கு.. சூனியம் ஏவல் பில்லி..பன்னி என்னை..பைத்தியம்….. பிடித்துக் கொண்டு… ஓடனம்..என்று..பன்னினவர்களை..நான்.. மன்னிக்க.. மனப்பான்மை.. தாரும்

  4. ஏசு கிறிஸ்துவின் நாமத்தில் சகல வசதிகளும் நலங்களும் உண்டாவதாக என்று பிரார்த்திக்கிறேன். ஏசு கிறிஸ்துவிற்கு இந்த அற்புதமான தெய்வீக பிராத்தனைகளுக்கு என் உளமார்ந்த நன்றி கடவுளே. அன்பு சகோதரர் மோகன் சி லாஸரலஸ் அவர்களுடைய அற்புதமான தெய்வீக பிராத்தனைகளுக்கு என் உளமார்ந்த நன்றி. ஏசு கிறிஸ்துவிற்கு தோத்திரம். ஜெபம் கேட்கும் நல்ல பிதாவே ஸ்தோத்திரம். ஆமென் 🙏 அல்லேலூயா 🙏

  5. Amen amen
    அப்பா உங்க அன்புக்காக ஸ்தோத்திரம் அப்பா. Love you so much Jesus ♥️♥️♥️

  6. Amen hallelujah thank you Jesus
    Pls pray for my assistant engineer exam result this month so Pls pray for my result to me get govt job… Last 4 days I'm waiting for my result so Pls pray for my result

  7. மன்னியுங்கள் என்று சொன்னவரே , மன்னிக்கும் இதயம் தாரும்.

  8. Please pray for me… Enoda problem Romba persu… Nan tapu paniruthalum enya manikiravar enoda yesuappa.. I love Jesus.. Enoda life la enya enoda life la oruthanga enya manikanmnu pray panikonga…. Please pray for me uncle Mohan c Lazarus and ellarum enakaga pray panikonga… Plz. Enya manuchi antha person undae thirmbi varanumnu pray panikonga…. God bless all

  9. இயேசப்பா எனக்கு மன்னிக்கும் மனம் கொடும் ஆண்டவரே என்னை வெருக்கும் இந்த மனிதர்கள் மத்தியில் மன்னிக்கும் மனம் கொடுத்ததுக்காம் உமக்கு ஸ்தோத்திரம் இயேசப்பா நன்றி தகப்பனே உன் அன்பு பெரியது ,,,
    I love u so much இயேசப்பா,,,,,,!
    எனக்குல் இருக்கும் கோபத்தை குறையும் ஐயா ஸ்தோத்திரம் ஸ்தோத்திரம்,,,,

  10. டேய் சோத்துக்கும் பொம்பளைக்கும் மதம் மாறிய லாசரஸ்
    முதல்ல உனக்கு குழந்தை தருவாரா இயேசு ஊர ஏமாத்துற முட்டா பயலே.

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