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Hey! Can’t you put salt a little bit? I put only a little bit. I must have marry a dog instead of you. You could have marry it.
And bark more than now. Are you teasing? I will beat you out of anger. Beat me! Kill me by beating. You can kill me
instead scolding me ever. Hi dear! You want to laugh always. I can’t bear to see you crying dear. Because you born from danger. Hey! take care of the child. Ok. Dear, you play. I will go and wash the dishes. Good morning sir! For me it is good morning. But for you it is a bad morning. What are you saying sir? MD asked you to speak with
Mumbai client at yesterday evening 6 PM. Oh! I forgot it sir. That client waited for you one hour. And changed the order to next company. Oh! Go, go. Today you will be fired. Mom, mom! Good morning sir! I am sorry sir. You asked me to call the client yesterday. But I forgot it sir. You forgot it. This project worth 10 crore. Now we lost it because of you. What can I do by keeping workers like you? What happened? There is no sound of the child. Alas!
Dear, dear. What happened! Oh! He drank harpic. Alas!
He drank harpic. Wake up dear. Alas! While I was doing household chores, he drank harpic.
What! I am so scared. You come soon. I am taking him to hospital. Brother! please go fast. God, please save my child. Please go fast brother. Alas!
Please save my baby, God. Please save my baby, God. Doctor! Please save my baby, doctor.
– I am Sorry You could brought him soon. My baby was saved from the risk of nuchal cord. Ok! We will try our best. Save him, doctor! Where you went by leaving baby alone? In the current age, ladies are like this. Her baby was born from danger. See, how she took care of her baby? She could have been using mobile. What her husband is going to do? If her husband is furious, he will kil her. My son is admitted here. He is in 2nd floor, sir. Sir, your wife is in that room. Please, do not harm me. Do not do anything to me. I am afraid! Leave me, please! Leave me. You already in pain by thinking
about the situation of our baby. In this situation, I also won’t
make you to suffer by blaming you. “I love you!” In office, I made big mistake
because of my careless. I thought MD will fire me. But he forgave and advised me to be careful. Rani, every day we are doing some mistake. But our loving Lord, Jesus, He didn’t punish us. He is forgiving us that
we would repent one day. So, I also forgive you. We will pray to the Lord for our baby. God has given our son to us. While riding bike, I pray to the Lord. I have trust that
Jesus Christ will save our child. Your hope is not in vain. Your child survived. Nowadays, for small
problems husband and wife get fight. And it ends in divorce. Now, big problem has happened. But still you are loving each other. It is a big thing! Dearly beloved, It is your miracle time. Today you need a miracle. So only, Jesus Christ encounters through this program. What is your problem? Is it a disease? Or no peace in your family? Or problems in your work? Or children affected in sickness? Or cash issues? What is your problem? Jesus is ready to do miracles for you. Then why are you suffering? You let him know it. Let everything your requests
be made known to God by prayer. He is ready to do miracles for you. Then why are you worrying about what to do next? Do you think that I am praying
for everything but nothing has changed? If we need a miracle in our life, We have to listen to the word of God.
And we should obey it. Will He ask us to do hard things? He is our Father.
We are His child. He knows our capacity. He knows our ability.He asks
us to do only those things. What He is saying us to do? If it is a family,
there will be a husband, wife, and children. The Lord has given us a family. Family is a great joy, right! When you come home after work, You will be
relaxed while spending with the family. The Lord has given the happiest life for us. If you are a lady,
God has given you a husband as support. You may be lost your husband and
looking after your children alone. Do not afraid. Jesus is with you, right! He is with you! He is the God who says
‘I will be a father to your children.’ He is the father of the fatherless children. God who helps the widow. He is also father to the widow. So, whatever situation you may be,
do not worry. He is there for you and with you. But, you should listen to His words. We can not see everything in a single day. We meditate one verse for each day
and surrender ourselves according to it. Today, in Ephesians 5:28, While speaking about the family, He says, “In the same way husbands should
love their wives as their own bodies.” “He who loves his wife loves himself.” Husbands! Brother, Lord is telling this to you. Love your wives! How should you love them? Love them as your own body. You love yourself, right! That’ why, you are refreshing yourself in the morning
after the bed. And making yourself healthy. You are loving your own body. I must be healthy so that I could live long. You love your own body. As you love your own body, love your wife. Because they are your body. The Scriptures tells so.
They are your body. You can not see them as another. They are connected with you. They are connected with your life. They are your bone of bones and flesh of flesh. In the Bible, it says, Husbands
and wives are connected in Christ. You are not two people. You are one in Christ. So, you should love your wife as your own body. The word of God also tells so. Family life can be built only by love. You can not build it by-laws and rules. Build up your family by ‘Love.’ You love your wife. Wives love your husbands. As the wives are the weaker vessel, The husband should act wisely. Wives expect only love from you. Let your words be careful.
It should not hurt them. There will be some defects.
Because everyone is human. You are a human and your wife is also a human. In this world, everyone is the weaker vessel. The Bible tells that we all make a mistake. If God punishes us for every mistake we did, Can we withstand? The Lord is forgiving us, right? That they did mistake because
of this situation and their weakness. Likewise, you should forgive and love your wife. Do not find a mistake in
everything and pierce like a spear. Some would kill others by their words. By speaking about
their family, parents and them. If you speak so even
after 20 years of marriage, Think about it. How do you love your wife? You are living a deceitful life. You are cheating yourself. What kind of person you are
if you can not kind to your wife? Think about it. You are hurting and
humiliating them and making them cry. Likewise only husbands. God has given a husband. Do not kill and hurt them by your words. The wounds because
of these words are murderous. We knew that Thiruvalluvar’s words that the wounds
made by beating will be healed but the words will not. The Bible also says that the tongue is poisonous. we should be careful while using the words. So, do not speak that hurt your wife. It is a great sadness. Once, I met a mother. Her husband died. They lived together for nearly 40 years.
Their children are in a good position. Her husband has died. I spoke to her at that time. While speaking, she said, Brother, I have
lived for 40 years with my husband. But he did not kind to me and my children. He always spoke harshly. Even one day in 40 years of
family life, he did not speak kindly. He did not speak to my children. I was shocked to hear it. Children would ask her how you marry him? Why you marry him? He did not even speak kindly. Children would worry so. But, she obeyed her husband for 40 years.
And adjusted him as it was his character. She suffered and tolerated it.
And grew up their children. Her husband was dead and so she was sad. She has tolerated him for 40 years. But she has wounds in her heart. Brother, sister, Are you hurting others? Are you hurting your
husband and wife by your words? It will remain as a wound in their hearts. Think about it. Do not do that. Speak kindly. Sometimes, you may speak in anger. It’s ok! But do not manipulate it
by speaking again and again. Forgive and forget it. If you can not forgive your husband and wife, Then whom will you forgive? If a parent can not forgive their children,
Then whom will you forgive? Jesus has forgiven us. Just forgive others. Forgive and kind to them. Why do you want to repeat the same? If they speak in anger,
you may kind to them. It is said in the Bible
that renounce the harsh words. You could not speak
harsh words to your children. Do not use the words that hurt others. Renounce the harsh words. Do not use harsh words
even to your servants. Be careful in your words. Love your wife! she believed you and
started her life with you. She only left her parents and house they grow up.
And come to your house to live in. She only left the place
where she was for 20 to 25 years. And came to the new place for you,
their husband, and believed you. If you even hurt them,
where would they go? Think about it. You are still in your house. You are with your parents.
She only left everything and came for you. So, you should respect them. Could you hurt them by your words? We all are weaker. We all make mistakes. I am not saying that your
wife is not making a mistake. Did you not make a mistake? Did I not make a mistake? Everyone is doing a mistake. We have defects. We would do wrong and regret it. We should try to correct it. It is the life of the human. Lord, I have done a mistake, forgive me. Hereafter I will not repeat it. The Lord desires it. So, in a family, do not use harsh words. Do not hurt others by your words even in anger. Love your wife! He is living by believing you. You are working outside.
She is working in the home. Some wives are working outside and in the home. You are working only outside.
And taking rest in the home. But while she returned from outside,
she is working in the home also. She is doing double work. Did you think about it? So, you should respect
and honor your wife for that. You should be kind to them. Do not think about yourself alone. Think about it. As same the wives, your husband, He is also a human. He is working hard and
comes to the home with tired. You too kind to him. Husbands and wives, love
and speak kindly to one another. Forgive one another. Do not annoy and wound
them by repeating past things. Forgive and forget them.
And be happy! The Lord has given the family to be happy. Forgive and pray for one another.
And be happy! Then the blessings will be with your family. The Lord will hear your prayer and do miracles. Lord, I forgive them. As you forgive me, I will forgive my husband,
wife, children, parents, and everyone. I need to be kind to everyone. I do not speak harsh words and hurt anyone. I should speak kind words and comfort others. Ask for this grace. Now, you pray, miracles will happen suddenly. The Lord will give whatever you ask. Shall we pray? He will give the blessings that you need. Give space to fill you with His love. Father, We are standing in your presence. You have given me a good family. Thank you for my husband,
wife, Children and my Parents You have given good relations. I do not speak harsh words in this family. I should not use words that hurt others. I should be kind to them. I should be kind and
affectionate towards others. I should not hurt and harm others. There should be peace and
tranquility in my words, Lord. I should comfort others with my words. I surrender my tongue unto you. I should not use any words in anger and annoy. I should not hurt my wife. I should not hurt my husband. I should not hurt my parents
and children with my words. I should speak blessed words always. I should speak that make others be happy. I submit my tongue for that. You lead and guide me. I have done a mistake, forgive me, Lord. I have hurt my wife with my words.
And harm my husband. Forgive me, Lord. I have hurt my mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Forgive me, Lord. I submit my tongue to not repeat ita gain. Father, they are praying
by surrendering themselves. And realised their mistake. Forgive them and do miracles. You know what miracle do they need today. Touch these children who has the sickness. In the name of Jesus Christ,
all the diseases should change. Lord, let all the wheezing and asthma
disease should avert in the name of Jesus. Let all the pains in their joints and wicked
arthritis should cast out in the name of Jesus. Touch the children who have infected
in their lungs, liver, kidney, and heart. Let all the parts which are affected changed
into a new one in the name of Jesus. Let them be healed and receive miracles today. Meet their financial needs. Change their debt problem. Open the ways for the job. Make things possible that are restricted. Let the marriage be held. Make them build and buy the house. Let the ministry be prospered in the name of Jesus. Give them their desire. Do a miracle and make them happy. Give them the fruit of the womb. Let all the obstacles should get rid of.
And give them the blessings of generation. Thank you for doing miracles. Thank you for touching them. Thank you for your love to heal them
by your stripes and deliver them. Thank you! Thank you! We expect miracles with
faith in the name of Jesus. Amen! Amen! Dearly beloved, Jesus heard your prayer. As you surrender yourself truly and pray to Him. Jesus is too happy about it. You are His children. Filled up with His love. Love one another. Leave one another. Forgive them. The Lord is seeing you that I have
given this life for you to be happy. So, do not make small things into a big one.
Speak up with yourself and find a solution. Be peaceful! God has done a miracle for you. Your disease was changed. Obstacles are hidden. Expect your miracle! With faith, expect a miracle. Miracles will happen in the things you prayed. Let the hands of the Lord be with you and lead you. Amen!

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  2. Praise the Lord, Pastor 🙏,that is real ,my Situation 🤭Please Pray me ,and my Children Pastor 👉🙏,thanks

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    But my wife is not Ready to forgive me
    What I have to do
    After 24 years of Married life she got seperated from my life.
    I have called her so many times but she is not ready to Rejoin with me

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