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Liubov Tolkalina Mikhail Yeliseyev Ada Rogovtseva in film The Black Dress Written by Lyudmila Pivovarova Director – Vladimir Doshchuk Director of Photography – Vladimir Soliony Artistic Director – Gennady Makhonin Music by Yevgeny Zaytsev Sound Director – Igor Akhrimenko Editor – Yevgeny Koretsky Executive Producer – Aleksey Chernyshov Producers – Valentin Opaliov
and Vlad Riashin Go ahead. Do you see the spoon? Make it thinner. Natasha, it’s for you. Lena? Hi. It’s Lena. Really? I missed you so much.
Your apartment is fine. The tenant pays in time. Everything’s fine. Really? Are you crazy? A week? No. Yes, I do. I don’t know. OK. I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye. She invites me to the Mediterranean. How? Just like that. A week in Antalia. I’m not going, of course.
He has to sit for his exams soon. Come on, Mom! Go. I’ll be OK.
It’s just for one week. Do you promise? Scout’s word.
Come back exhausted by relaxation. I don’t know. What’s wrong? I had to interrupt my experiments. Dad, I’ve got a D in chemistry. Do you want me to solve
problems instead of you? No. If you want to be like me,
to have money, a house, a car, and power over people,
you have to study chemistry. Anything else? I was going to ask you… You need money? It’s not for me. Mom is going to Turkey. Not bad for a librarian. Aunt Lena invited her. Who is Aunt Lena? Never mind. Will $300 be enough? Yes, thanks. Don’t mention. Call me when your mother leaves
and your grandmother aren’t home. I’ll come visit you. OK? OK. See you. Bye. It’s OK. I’ve pressed it. Thanks, Mom. This dress is five years old
but it still looks fine. Where is Serezha?
He was going to see me off. He has a chemistry consultation at school. I completely forgot. My passport, my ticket… Here. What’s this? Your present. Did you take money from your account? It’s my funeral savings. Mom, you’ll never die. But I won’t
take your money anyway. My ex gave me $200. Did you take it? Why not? He hadn’t been paying me
child support for all these years. Suit yourself. Yes. It’s for you. Hello. It’s me. Did you recognize me? Yes. You’ll be given an envelope
at the Vnukovo airport. You’ll take it to Turkey. OK. Where in Vnukovo? They’ll find you. A courier will take
it from you in Turkey. OK. Deal. – Bye.
– Bye. What did he want? There is some parcel
he needs me to carry to Turkey. Mom? Mom, what’s wrong? What? I’m going to Antalia
for the first and maybe the last time. It will be OK. VNUKOVO Good afternoon. Hello. They’ll meet you in Antalia. – How will they recognize me?
– Don’t worry, they will. It’s in the middle. Thanks. I think it’s my place. Excuse me. No, you excuse me. Do you need help? If you can. Fasten your belts. Have you been to Turkey? No, but I always wanted to. Yes, but I spend more time
in Moscow and Turkey. I’m in the hotel business. So we can have a little language practice. Building hotels in different countries. Your Russian is very good. My grandmother migrated
to France many years ago. And my mother married
a real Frenchman with moustache. Does a real Frenchman
have to have moustache? Remember Balzac, Flaubert, and Maupassant? Remember Gogol, Gorky, and Lermontov? Thank you. Do you want me to show you around Antalia? I came to visit my friend.
She’ll be meeting me at the airport. Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you. Goodbye. I’m sorry. Have a nice vacation. Bye. Are you Natasha? The parcel
from Mr. Pavlovsky is for me. Hello. Here. What’s this? Just a keepsake. Why?.. Can I help you? No, my friend is to meet me. It was a pleasure. Natasha! Hi! Welcome. You look great. I’m sorry I’m late. I was worried
somebody would kidnap you. Do they kidnap people here? Who was that guy? We were on the plane together. Tell me everything. There’s not much to tell.
We met on the plane. Here’s the bag. Thank you. Get in. What’s his name? Philip. He’s French. Philip? – Yes.
– Nice name. How are you doing here? Great. I’m working at a hotel. Really? At the reception desk. Look there. It’s so beautiful here. Look at this dress. It’s Christian Dior. What? You don’t believe it? – Dior?
– Dior, Turkish style. Look at the black one. What do you need it for?
The green one is better. It’s beautiful. I’m afraid
I can’t afford even one strap. It is beautiful. Look at its shape. Feel at home. Drop your bags. Lena… What? It’s a palace. You haven’t seen real palaces. What are you doing?
Sit on the coach, it’s so soft. Now we’ll celebrate your arrival. Here. I like your place. I haven’t seen you for ages. I’m so happy! Natasha, what’s wrong? Are you sleepy? I woke up at 4 a.m. Come on. We have to celebrate. This is your wardrobe.
I’m going to the shower. Will be back in five minutes.
Don’t sleep on me! Don’t sleep! Don’t sleep. Natasha? Natasha? You brought your own bed sheets. Silly. Good night. Lena, did anybody ever
ask you to pass a parcel? You scared me. I thought
you were asleep. Morning. Of course. Many times. For money? I didn’t take money. Pavlovsky asked me to carry
his parcel and promised money. Lots of money. Maybe he wants to make up for all the years he wasn’t paying you child support. Don’t go to the boutiques.
They are expensive. Don’t go to the caf?, it’s also expensive. Sandwiches are in the fridge.
I’ve made you tea. Thanks. The keys. Have a nice day. Thanks. – Bye.
– Bye. Hello. No, I don’t speak English. Natasha? I hardly recognized you.
I wasn’t sure it was you. You’ve changed so much. What are you waiting for? I was so sorry
I didn’t ask for your address. Why didn’t you? I’ll explain later.
Can I offer you something? Sure. – Come on.
– Thank you. Shall I see you tomorrow? Where? At the beach caf?. When? At noon. I’ll gladly come. Thank you for your help. Thanks. Bye. Lena, wake up! Natasha? You look great! I’ve met him. Where did you get all this? I’ve met him! Who? What a beautiful dress!
Tell me everything. Who did you meet? The Frenchman? Don’t ask. You are drunk! Did he buy it for you? Let me take a look. You look so happy. Your Frenchman is great. Yes, he is. Tell me why you ran away
from me on the plane. I thought you rejected me. You weren’t persistent enough. OK. I was afraid. You’re a coward. Did I scare you? No. My problems. I’m going through a difficult divorce. I thought I couldn’t
afford a serious affair. But when I saw you at the caf?… Philip. I have to tell you something. My 16-year-old son and sick mother
are waiting for me in Moscow. I’m leaving tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday. You see? You can go later. After ten years of unhappy
marriage I’ve met a woman I love. And after five days she
tells me she’s leaving. – You’re home.
– How beautiful! How are you? He proposed me. And? – I said…
– What? If he still wants me in two months,
after he gets his divorce, let him come to Moscow and get me. You’re the same perfectionist.
Are you staying with him tonight? Yes. He’ll drive me to the airport tomorrow. I’m sorry I couldn’t spend
more time with you. Your happiness comes first.
That’s why I invited you here. I felt that you’ll meet
your soul mate here. You’re a seer. It worked, didn’t it? I’ll be in Moscow in two months
to check if it worked. Let’s drink to it. Let it work! Let’s. Down the hatch! Let it work. Let it work. Happy birthday. A golden watch? It’ll make the time go faster. I can’t believe it. You won’t even notice
when this month will be over. Wait. Just a second. Here. What is it? A coin. We believe that giving watch
as a present is a bad sign. I see. It’s as if you’ve bought
it from me for one ruble. Nobody ever bought me a golden watch. You were going to tell me something. I think I’ve got into trouble. How much money was there? A lot. A thick roll of dollars. I think you shouldn’t take them. If he is connected with drug industry,
better go to the police. Or maybe donate them
to a charitable foundation. If you need money, I could… No. I’m not taking money from you. I was going to ask you…
Can I leave it with you for a while? Maybe it would be better
if your friend kept it for you. I don’t want to get her into this.
I trust you. Here. Hide it. If it proves
that it isn’t drug money, you’ll have a good excuse
to come to Moscow. – OK.
– To you. To you. I’ll call you tonight. I’ll give you my new address
as soon as my problems are solved. To Moscow! You have to be a Steadfast Tin Soldier now. No, I’d rather be the Little Dancer
from the same fairytale. And you will remember me for all your life. I have to go. This is your new phone.
My number is already in it. I’ll be calling you! Thank you. Bye. I’m glad you recognized me.
Give this to Pavlovsky. I can’t. You have already taken the money.
Don’t make fuss. I don’t have time for this. Are you OK? I’m fine. Serezha. Hi. – My baby!
– How are you? Fine. I’m home. Tell me about your trip. Everything’s fine. Hi. – Is this for me?
– Yes. What’s this? It’s mine. Here. Try it on. Thanks. Hi, Granny. What’s in this envelope? Haven’t you figured it out? You’ve always been naive. Drugs. They never search people like you.
It’s a credit card. My honorary. Are you unhappy?
You’ve been paid. Bye. Thanks. I hope you didn’t involve
Serezha into your deals. Don’t you dare! He’s a big boy. He can decide for himself. Up already? Where’s Serezha? He’s left as soon as he woke up.
He wouldn’t even have tea. What do we have? What happened to you?
Did you have a holiday romance? Mother. I see. Who is he? I don’t want to talk about it. Of course. I don’t like it.
Your son also is acting weird. He looks pale and exhausted.
Maybe he’s in love, too. He looks pale? Haven’t you noticed?
He hasn’t been himself since you left. “He is always excited;
his eyes are shining.” Maybe we should take him to the doctor’s. We should. But first I’ll call his school. Why? Our boy never lies. Let’s check it. – Mother?
– Yes? The phone is out. I forgot to pay for it. I’m sorry. So did I. I think it’s good
if you are really in love. It means that you don’t love
your ex anymore. I stopped loving him long ago. Why do you let him see Serezha? The boy needs a father,
no matter if I love him or not. I don’t know why you don’t like Pavlovsky. Because he never loved you. I’m sure that he married you
only for your apartment. She didn’t claim it after the divorce. He could easily get a part of
this apartment through court. He would, if he didn’t marry a woman
who has an apartment, a car, and a father who can do anything. How do you know? Our neighbor Liudmila’s sister… Liudmila’s? Yes. She is a concierge at
his second wife’s house. She told me horrible things.
Your husband is a monster. So you know her name and address. Yes. They live in a government’s house
in Starokoniushenny. Her name is Vera, if I’m not mistaken. Interesting. I’d like to talk to her. What about? Does she have kids? Yes, a girl. OK, Mom, I have to go. Natasha, wait! Why would you talk to her? Mom, stay away from this. You’ve been long divorced.
They live with her father. Stay away. You haven’t eaten anything. Hello. Hi. Are you Vera? Yes. Excuse me. I’m Natasha,
Pavlovsky’s first wife. May I come in? We need to talk. Come in. Thank you. Come inside. This way? Where is your daughter? At the music school. I have a son. Pavlovsky’s son. He left us when Serezha was a baby. I haven’t seen him since. What can I do for you? Don’t talk to me like that.
I haven’t done anything to you. I want to talk to you about
your ex husband. It’s the last thing I want to discuss. I understand. But I’ve got a problem. I know that Serezha
is doing something for Pavlovsky. I also know that Pavlovsky
is involved in drug dealing. I’m afraid that Pavlovsky spoils my boy… Please lower your voice.
My father is very ill. I don’t want him to hear this. Yes, of course. Excuse me, Vera.
I’m already leaving. I just wanted you to tell me… What? What do you want to know? That he had married me
only because of my father’s position? That’s true. Pavlovsky has always
lived only for himself. He is using people. He needed me only until
my father had lost his post. Then he left us,
and my father had fallen ill. Vera. Excuse me. I’m sorry. This isn’t the right time. I loved Pavlovsky. We have a daughter. What is your son’s name? Serezha. Serezha. Here. This is my phone number.
Call me if you need something. Thanks a lot. What do you want? It must be a mistake. What a nice surprise. Get lost. What are you waiting for? Come in. Cognac? Stop it. You don’t look good. Please leave Serezha alone. If you don’t leave my son alone,
I’ll kill you. Do you hear? Do you understand me? You look great when you’re mad. I know. Goodbye. I hope you’ve heard me. Bye. Where have you been? Serezha was here. He wouldn’t have lunch and left again. Why did you let him go? I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m saying. I was at Vera’s. So? You were right as always.
Pavlovsky is a bastard. He’s connected with drug dealing.
He’ll never see Serezha again. I hope so. Could you pay for the phone? Who was rummaging through my drawer? Mom, did you take money from here? Of course not.
Serezha was looking for something. What about the cell phone?
It was also in the drawer. I don’t know. He left so quickly. Do you think… I’m afraid so. Do you have money? Not a dime. I’ll get my
pension the day after tomorrow. We have to call the police. Calm down. He’ll be home soon. It’s half past two. Go to Liudmila. Ask her permission to use her phone. How can I go to her at half past two?
She’s asleep. She’ll understand. Apologize to her. Go, Natasha. They’ve checked the hospitals and morgues.
He wasn’t there. They didn’t arrest him, either. This means that he’ll be home soon. Mom, it’s him. Finally. I’ll show him! – Where have you been?
– Leave me alone. Wait. It’s none of your business. Where are you going? Open the door! Leave me alone. I said open the door! Where have you been? Serezha. Are you drunk? I didn’t drink anything. Son, if you need money, just ask. What have you done with my phone? We are rich? And just in time.
I had to sell the cell, too. Serezha, look at me.
What do you need money for? The dope costs dearly, mother. What dope? Who are
you going to buy it from? It’s my business. Are you cold? You’re trembling. I’m not cold. I’m in agony. Hush, baby. Who did you buy it from? Cricket. Who is he? Where did you meet him? He’s father’s friend. Does father know? He offered me weed himself. Do you smoke dope? Everybody does. All guys at school smoke. Hush, baby. I’ll find money for you.
Will you wait? I heard everything.
What are you going to do? Close the lower lock. And hide the key. Get me to the next drug rehab. OK. How long will it take? Depends on the traffic. I’ve got a problem, you know.
I’ve got no money. All I have is a golden watch.
Will you take it? It’s expensive. OK. Please wait for me there.
It won’t take long. Is somebody sick? My son. Is he a junkie? Where is… Are you a doctor? Yes. Does it surprise you? No. I’m sorry. Sit down. We have to place him in our hospital.
It’ll be better for him. If he has just started,
there still is a chance. Yes, he has just started.
But we can’t put him in hospital. He has to sit for exams.
Please come with me. Maybe you’ll give him something
to make him better. Please. The cab is waiting.
Give him some pill. Sit down. Calm down. Is he alone at home? He’s with his grandmother. It’s OK. It’s not your fault.
You are working, of course. I work at the library. I’ll take a leave.
Please come with me. OK, OK. You can’t imagine how bad he is. OK. If the cab is waiting, let’s go. My dear doctor. Lady! Take your watch. No, it’s yours. No. It’s very expensive. Trust me.
I know something about it. I help you today, and maybe
you help me tomorrow. Take it. Thank you. What can I give you instead? I don’t need anything. Take the key ring. Here.
It’s a symbol of France. Thank you. My son collects them. Really? I’ll give it to him. He’ll be happy. Really? Thank you so much. Bye. Come on. Bye. This way, Doctor. When he wakes up give him this. Two pills will do. Thank you. Don’t worry if he’s sick. It’s normal. You’ll give him antidepressants tomorrow. Call me if you need something. I’ll come. I don’t like how you look. You need to take something for your heart. I’ll bring it. Mom, lie down. You’ve been up all night. Goodbye. Thanks a lot. He has no right to live. A man who has made his son
a junkie doesn’t have a right to live. It’s impossible. God help me. Sleep, baby. Everything’s fine, baby. Sleep. Mother? Mom? Are you OK? I’ll call 911. How is she? Don’t worry. Go home, have a sleep.
You haven’t slept for two days. Who is with her? Don’t worry. They are experienced doctors.
She’ll be OK. I’ll go then. Yes, sweetie, go. Who’s there? Open the door. I’m from the police. What do you want? I need to talk to your mother. She isn’t home. Will you open the door? I would, but I’m locked here. What have you done? I didn’t come home last night. How old are you? 15. Was your mother at home on Tuesday night? Tuesday? She was at home all day,
until they’ve taken granny. Why? Does your father ever come to you? No. I visit him sometimes. OK, I have to go. Don’t hang around at nights. Mom, let me go to school tomorrow. Let’s better go visit your grandmother. Tomorrow is the last school day. OK. I’ll see you to school
and meet you after classes. OK? Hi. Hello. Come with me. We need to talk. Easy. This isn’t the place. Let’s take
him to Khan. Come on, dude. Sasha, where is Serezha? He left. What? Where did he go? I don’t know.
He left after the second class. He was going to play soccer with us.
Now we lack the goalkeeper. Bye. Move it. Not this way. Straight ahead. What do you want? Why did you go to your father? None of your business. Either you answer my questions or… I was going to give
him back the $100 I borrowed. Cut the shit.
Your father doesn’t lend you money. It wasn’t his. It’s for Cricket. Why? I want to knock the habit. What a nice boy. Give it to me. Didn’t you know your father is dead? No. OK. Did he give you a CD? No. Maybe he gave it to your mom. No. They didn’t meet. Cricket. Leave it alone! What? Get him out of here.
Take care of this snotter. Come on. The kid didn’t tell us everything he knows. And find out who had killed the Chemist. Consider it done, Khan. I’ll show you. – You?
– Yes. I brought you the rent for two months. Thank you. Put it here. When is your friend
coming back from Turkey? Do I have to start looking for
a new apartment already? I think you’ve got a couple more months. There was a calling card at your door.
Captain Grigoryev. “Call me just in case.” I’ll put it here. Do you want some tea? Come in. This is for you. Thank you. Sit down. Is anything wrong? No. My son is missing. For how long? He shirked school today. He’ll be back. It’s still early. Don’t cry. I’m sure
his friends know where he is. Did you talk to them? Of course I did. Nobody knows anything. I see. They are covering him. Do you want me to talk to them? What’s in it for you? Let’s go. My car is waiting.
You’ll be my navigator. The hooded boy. He’s Serezha’s friend.
His name is Sasha. Just be careful, OK? Sasha. Can I talk to you? Just a second. Hi. Hello. Do you know where Sergey is? No. Did he by any chance borrow money from you? Well. I gave him $100. $100? Did he say what he needed it for?
Where was he going to go? I know this place,
but I’m not sure if he’s there. Can you show me? I won’t go there. – Come on.
– I won’t. Let’s go. Sasha, lead the way. It’s over there, in the cellar. Go ahead. Show me the way. Down there. To the cellar? Yes. Where are you going? What an awful reek. – Do you see something?
– It’s here. – Where?
– Serezha? Right here. Viktor, please! Is he alive? Yes. Get him out of here. For starters, we need
to get him out of this condition. Doctor, do we have a chance? There is a very good hospital
in Kazakhstan. They can help him to get rid
of psychological addiction. How much? I’m not sure. But it’s very expensive. I’ll think of something. Do you see this woman? Her elder son OD’d,
and the younger is also an addict. We can’t help him, again,
for the lack of money. Viktor. Thank you so much.
I want to ask you a favor. Could you go with me to get
my mom from the hospital? Of course. They are releasing her today. If I already started helping you,
I have to go for it. – Thank you.
– Do you want some chocolate? – No, thanks.
– Let’s go. It’s very expensive.
But the doctor says it’s his only hope. – Thank you.
– Goodbye. Thank you. We have to sell our apartment
and move to a cheaper neighborhood. Mother, I didn’t dare suggest this. We have to do it quick. They say it’s not easy
to sell realty these days. No. I’ll talk to Viktor. He’ll help us. Do it right now. What are you waiting for?
Get it into the truck. Keep an eye on them, please. – Sure.
– Please. Natasha. I can’t go with him myself. Natasha, I don’t know how
I can thank you. It’s huge money. Don’t mention. Thank you. Thank you. Serezha, careful. Behave.
I love you so much. I will be OK. Go. I’ll call you. Call me as soon as you get there. Thank you. Have a nice flight. Thanks. Bye. Let’s move it to the window, and everything will be like
at the old apartment. It won’t look like the old apartment. Forget the sofa.
I only wish we had a phone here. We didn’t even leave Liudmila
our new address. Do you regret that we did it? Of course not. I’ll get used to it. The main thing is that Serezha was OK. So this apartment was a real deal. I’ll talk to you later. I’m busy now. Bye. Hello. What do you want? My name is Philip Laveque. You called me from Antalia. Right. I’m looking for the woman
who used to live here. I told you I don’t know anything. You have to understand.
I need to find her. I’ll pay you. I don’t need money, thanks.
I don’t know anything. I’ve bought this apartment
through an agency. Do you know their address? No. My brother bought it for me.
He’s out of town. Too bad. Well… Goodbye. “Excuse me; I’m looking
for your ex-neighbor, Natasha.” Can I talk to you? Sure. Don’t mind me. I’m dyeing my hair. I can’t find the right shade,
but I don’t want to look old. Let’s go inside. What a stubborn Froggie.
What does he want from Natasha? I was visiting my friends in the country. When I came back there was
a stranger living in their apartment. I don’t understand why she had to leave. It’s her son. He has become a drug addict. I called her many times. Their line was cut off. She wouldn’t answer the cell, either.
Do you think they’ll call you? Of course. We have been neighbors
for so many years. Here are my phone numbers
and the hotel address. Please give it to Natasha.
I’ll stay here for another two weeks. Don’t worry. I’ll do it. Hi, auntie. I’m not your auntie. I’m your new neighbor. I know. Apartment 39. Can I have a look at your wiring?
I’m remodeling my apartment. Go ahead. The switch is broken.
Do you want me to fix it? I don’t want to bother you. You’re not bothering me.
Do you have some tools? – Sure.
– Bring it. My husband has all the tools you need. Mom! Where have you been all day? I was at your father’s. Who goes to a cemetery at such weather?
Why did you go alone? You should have told me. Don’t shout. I don’t feel good. Sit down. I’ll bring you water. Here. Drink it. Mom? Mother? What is it? Mom! Are you OK? I’m calling the doctor. Mom! Thank you so much. If not for you… Don’t even mention it. Why didn’t Liudmila come? Perhaps she doesn’t feel good. She couldn’t make it. Thank you, Aunt Nina.
Go home. I’ll clean it up. You’ve been with me all day. Thank you. Are you sure? I’ll be OK. Thanks a lot. Will you drive them home? Thanks. Come on. Goodbye. Mommy… Hello. Yes. Philip? Excuse me,
I’ve dropped the phone. Philip who? Oh, you’re looking for Natasha!
Hello, Philip. No, she hasn’t been here. You’re leaving? But you’ll be back. OK. Of course I’ll tell her. Don’t worry. Sure. Thank God. Here. The prescription? Thanks. The nurse wrote down
all directions for you. Bring her to the doctor
as soon as she feels better. OK. Thanks. Bye. Thanks. Get better soon. You silly girl. Lena. You’ve scared the living
daylights out of me. How did you get here? By plane, of course.
I came yesterday and called you. Viktor was there. He told me everything. Wait. I’ll give you some water. Drink. It’s OK. I feel sick all the time. Why? Maybe you’re pregnant. It’s just nerves. Viktor has told me everything.
About your mom, about Serezha. Don’t be nervous. Everything will be fine. Serezha will get well. He will come back,
and we’ll all go for a picnic. Well, shall we go swimming? Serezha is already there. I’ll go later. No, I’ll pass. I’ll get him a towel. Are you sure? Absolutely. Why do you think it’s
all your Frenchman’s fault? How do you know? Don’t try to object me. I know it. He sat next to me on the plane on purpose. So? Then I saw him talking to the man
who planted this parcel on me. I’m sure they are connected. You’re paranoid. It could be a coincidence. OK. He is a bastard and a drug dealer. And you are going to have his baby. Hush! You’re going to have a baby… And its father is… he is… I don’t know. What’s going on between you and Viktor? Nothing. I’m just grateful to him. If not for him I’d have lost Serezha. I don’t know how he feels about me,
but he has problems with Serezha. How is Serezha? Better. The doctors say he’ll be OK. OK. I’ll go check on the barbeque. – Did you have a good swim?
– Yes. – Are you cold?
– No. Warm yourself. I’m going to have a baby, son. Viktor’s? No. Is that true? Yes. Why should it be Viktor’s? I’ve met this man in Antalia.
I’ll tell you one day. Who’s there? Liudmila, hi. I decided to drop by. Drop by! Your prodigal neighbor.
How could you leave just like that? You could at least give me a call,
you or your mother. Mother. What about her? My mother is… Oh God. My poor baby. I don’t feel well. May I sit down? Of course, baby. That’s horrible. I’m OK. I’ll bring you some water. Thank you. – How come?
– Didn’t you know? How would I know? Nobody told me. Didn’t Viktor tell you? The guy who bought your apartment? He didn’t tell me anything. He was here
only once, to fix the switch. There was another guy looking for you. He’s so tall and handsome. He asked me about you,
but I couldn’t tell him anything. When did it happen? He left you a note. Here. Look. There should be one more piece of paper. No, that’s all. There should be one more page. No, that’s all. He gave it to me,
and I left it on the table. Nobody was here,
except for this nasty Viktor. He sent me for the tools. I don’t know. OK. Thank you. I have to go. Take care of yourself, sweetheart.
Look at yourself. You can hardly walk. I’ll be OK. It’s just the morning sickness.
I’m pregnant. By whom? By him. Oh God. Don’t worry. Maybe he’ll come back. It has been too long.
Thank you very much, Liudmila. We now live in Sokolniki. Tomorrow I’m going to Moscow again.
I’ll be looking for her. I hope she still remembers me. I do remember her, and I love her. I’ll marry her if I find her.
Don’t worry. Bye. It’s me. Hello. This is for you. Viktor, why didn’t you tell Liudmila
about my mother? She wasn’t home, and then I forgot. Why did you steal
a page from Philip’s letter? I don’t know who this Philip is. He was at Liudmila’s. This means that he had
to come to our old apartment first. You had to see him. OK. I didn’t steal any letters. I forgot to tell Liudmila
about the funeral, because I was busy settling your affairs,
for which you thanked me. Please leave now. Go. Go. You needed me when
you were looking for your junkie. You needed me to arrange the funeral. Now you’re telling me to leave. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Bye. Marry me. What do you need
this Frenchman for? Look at me. I’m no worse than him.
I love you. I don’t love you, Viktor. Go. Thank God you’re back. Come in.
I have good news. Natasha was here. Really? Her mother died. And Serezha is OK.
He is back to school already. Did you give her my phone number? She said a page was missing from your note. What page? I almost forgot! Natasha is pregnant. What? She’s going to have your baby.
You are so pale. Take a seat. I’ll give you a strong cure. This is for you. And this one is for me. She’s pregnant? Yes. With my baby? Whose else? Mine? Down the hatch. What’s this? French cognac. It’s two months old. More? No, thanks. How can I find Natasha? She didn’t give me her address.
She only said it was in Sokolniki. Sokolniki? Where are you going? It’s raining outside. I have to find her. We have to call all debtors… Natalya Nikolayevna! Can I talk to you? Hello, Denis. What are you doing here? We need to get a CD
from your old apartment. What CD? Sergey’s father hid it in the kitchen.
We have to look in the vent. Why? Sergey was kidnapped. What? Don’t call the police. They said if we don’t bring
the CD in two hours, they’ll kill him. – Who are they?
– I don’t know. Come on. Move it. Do you want some dope? No. I quit. Well. Whatever. Come on. Wait for me here. If I don’t come back in 10 minutes,
call this number. Got me? – Yes.
– Wait here. It’s you? I can’t believe it. Excuse me. I didn’t want to bother you. May I come in?
I have to take something. May I? I have to get a CD. It’s in the vent. What CD? It’s here. I need this CD.
Serezha is in trouble. What CD? Viktor, let me go. I have to run.
They are waiting for me downstairs. Can we talk? – I don’t care about him.
– I have to… Do you hear me? I don’t give shit! Let go! You don’t want to marry me because of him! Are you crazy? Let me go! I’m pregnant! What? I’m pregnant. I have to go. Get out of here. I’ll be right back. You know where
to call just in case. Wait for me. OK. Hello. Hi. This way. Hello. Will you sit down? Where is Serezha? Do you have the CD? First I want to make sure
that my son is OK. Give me the CD. A man is waiting for us outside. If we don’t come out in 5 minutes,
he’ll call the police. You’re brave, beauty.
But you’ll have to wait. Get the kid inside. Mom! He’s not going anywhere. Quiet! I’ve brought you the CD. Move it. Everybody freeze! It’s the police!
Hands on your heads! Spread your legs! Your ex-husband was a talented chemist. Unfortunately, he didn’t put his talent
to a good use. It was only an envelope
that I carried to Antalia. There was a CD inside with the description
of the drug production process. He kept it in secret from Khan,
because he didn’t trust him. Did they kill him? We are still looking for the killer. Mom, what are you doing? Are you scared? I’m sorry.
I didn’t want it that way. Why didn’t you tell me about that CD? Tell me. I read the letter. What letter? The one you left under the pillow.
I don’t judge you. Serezha, I didn’t kill your father.
Do you believe me? It must have been those people. When I came there he was already dead. That wasn’t them. They are looking
for the killer, too. Then who? Let’s make it pretty. We’ve both had enough trouble. They never found the Pavlovsky murderer.
Weird, isn’t it? My father killed him. What? He overheard our conversation.
He hated Pavlovsky. He thought my mother died because of him. When I went shopping, he called a cab and… You said he was very sick. He died the same day of a heart attack. Where are you going? Home. To Paris. Did you like it here? No. Why? It’s a long story. Have you been to Paris? No. It was a present from
a beautiful mademoiselle. How did she look? Better that your girls. Do you know her name? Whose? This mademoiselle. She didn’t introduce herself.
She didn’t have money. Do you know how she was going to pay me? How? A watch. It was really beautiful. Do you have it? No. I gave it back to her.
I felt sorry for her. Her son is a junkie. I drove her to a rehab. Drive me to this rehab. What about your plane? It’s not the last one. Let’s go there. Do you know her? Yes. She’s my wife. Please wait for me here. Sure I will. Please help me. I told you we can’t give this information. Yulia, what’s going on? Are you a doctor? Yes. It’s OK. Few months ago a woman turned
to you about her son. Her name is Natasha Lievina. So? I have to find her.
Maybe you have her new address. Why are you looking for her? You see, I… Natasha… I love her. Write it down. Thank you. Who is it? Hello. I’m an insurance agent. Do you want to insure
your life and property? No. Maybe your apartment? No. If you go to Paris… I’m not going to Paris. Or Serbia. I don’t need anything, thanks. Madame, we can give you credit. I don’t want your insurance! Do you want me?

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