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“Time to wake up!” I’ll cook some oatmeal, then… These go here… OK Wake up. I’m cooking banusz for Slava too, I’m not sure oatmeal will be enough. Just a little bit of banusz. Ok, let’s do your hair. It takes ages with your long hair. You have maths today, don’t you? No, I don’t. No maths? Christian ethics It’s a boring day if there’s no maths! And no sports class. No sports. Do you have physics? I don’t know. And English? I don’t know. Let’s put your hair up a bit. I’d rather stay at home. I’m sleepy. Don’t be sad. Six classes. Six? Yes. Until 3 p.m. Until 3? No, till 2. Are you taking your phone? No, it’s out of battery. And the other one? Oh my God! I’ll charge it now. Not sure it’ll work… What’s for breakfast? He’s charging. Who isn’t charging? The cat’s charging. The cat isn’t charging? No, he is. Don’t you see the charger? Yes, with the phone. If someone came up and tried to steal the phone, he would protect it. He’s on guard duty. Please sit down, honey. Sit down, please. I’ll serve you the soup. Yulia, wash your hands. Yulia, please wash your hands after petting the cat. Eat up, quick! I’ll make tea. I don’t want to eat. You need to eat. I’d rather stay at home. Will it rain today? No. It’s time to start wearing slippers. Yes. I slept in my trousers and warm socks. I slept in my socks too. Were you cold? I was OK, but I wanted to get warm. And I was warm. I don’t have any credit on my phone, but… How many classes do you have? Yulia, how many? Huh? Six. How many? Six And what about you? How many classes? Seven. Seven? Walk together. Say goodbye! Say bye to him! See you! Take care. I have a big farmstead and I need to work hard, but I still try to improve myself I train here so my neighbours don’t see me. It’s a village, after all: people will start to talk, and judge. I always start with a jog, like this. I do jumping jacks for 10 to 15 minutes. Just a short workout. It’s going to be a nice day. Two in one: a morning workout and walking barefoot. It’s great. Good morning! Morning! Are they early birds? It’s a miracle. The fish are singing! The mute fish have started talking! Maybe after watching people, they decided it was time for them to say something too. Teaching children to read and write is hard. But fish, on the other hand… Daddy, here you go! hank you! Thank you, you’re a good kid. Well, it’s time to go. So calm and quiet at the seashore… The start of a new day. Wait, there’s someone far off. I can see some kind of vessel. It’s quite big, not a rowing boat. A tugboat or something, coming from Odesa. From Vylkove, you can’t see anything. I’ll give you the signal and you catch, OK? Here you go. Hey, hey, hey! Told you so! Hold on, because they’re rough today. Тhis one’s going to grab it. This one’s fighting. Aah! Hold it, please! What were you expecting? Hey, hey, hey! You’d better stop! He’s the leader here. Take the best one and let’s go. Bring her here. This one’s her baby. Ssh, quiet. Carry her over, don’t be afraid. This is how you do it! Hey, hey! Close it, quick! There. I’ll hold her and shear her. This one yells the loudest Don’t yell! She’s so noisy… Is your little one in the first grade? Next year she will be. Next year? Not this year, but next? She doesn’t want to go this year. She’s only small, there’s no hurry. She’ll only be six in September Let her grow up a bit. She’s got time! She can already read and count,
but she doesn’t want to! Don’t push her, she’s so small. And you need money. Six is too early. Seven is better. Or even eight. Thank you! Good health to you! Have a nice day. To visit I’m going to the market to buy bread. The wholesale market. Good afternoon! Good afternoon! Good afternoon! Afternoon! They told me to go and dig the vegetable garden. Good afternoon. Are you the one digging? Yes, that’s me. Coo-ee! Are you there? Bila! I saw you! You can come in this way. Take that ladder. Go after Yarynka! Then Daddy, then his kids, and then me. Daddy! Yes, daddy.. We collected so many bottles, that’s how we clean up our village. And what do we do with these bottles? Cleaning is a gradual process. Yarynka, hold on to your brother. This place is thousands of years old. The riverbed was formed forty thousand years ago. You can even see how fast it was, and which way it flowed. Are we at home? Yes, at home. You’ll come after Oleksa, don’t worry! These are all bones, you see? The history of the land. History here, history there. History everywhere. This is where a Sarmatian arrow hit. First this was a rabbit hole, then it was used for storing potatoes. But it was damp. So we decided to dig deeper. We had to dig 18 metres deep to reach the water If you have faith, you’ll get to the water: that’s how it is. So… And there were two of us. I couldn’t have done it without Lyuda. People have always marvelled at the beauty of life on earth, of the universe. We discover something new every day. We’re so amazed by it: this creative force. Everything becomes clearer, and we acquire wisdom. Not just the knowledge or intellect we develop, but wisdom too. I’ll leave it with the keys. The shirt should be on top. I need my whistle. Is it there? There’s a nozzle. The whistle should be there. Do you remember where it was? On the bench where we were sitting, opposite. Your money, your passport… Could I have a charger? I’ll just go and get one. Halya, how are you feeling? Bad. I’m going out, I can buy you some pills. Natasha’s in Kyiv now, she’ll bring me something. Sasha will bring “Borjomi”. Oh, wait. Have a nice trip. Where are you going? I’ve got some business. In Lviv? Yes. Well, you’d better get going! God help you! You can’t hear the pheasant now. He used to make his presence known in the mornings, but now he’s disappeared. It was like an alarm clock every morning: he flew in and squawked, and the hen started singing. And now it’s quiet. Someone must have scared him. Our ears aren’t used to this quiet. There are only seagulls, terns, and pheasants Enjoy the moment, enjoy the morning calm until the monsters with motors wake up. ♪ The black cloud is coming. ♪ The black cloud is coming. ♪ Hey hey, ♪ the chumak is harnessing the oxes. ♪ Hey hey, ♪ the chumak is harnessing the oxes. ♪ The chumak rides, ♪ and slows down. ♪ The chumak rides, and slows down. ♪ Hey hey, ♪ where is a tavern, the chumak will sleep there. ♪ Hey hey, ♪ where is a tavern, the chumak will sleep there. ♪ Where there is a tavern, even the smallest one? ♪ Where there is a tavern, even the smallest one? ♪ Hey hey, young barkeeper, ♪ Hey hey, young barkeeper, Yes, Denis. Hi. Yes, we have three days here, so let’s catch up sometime. Bring a camera trap with you. Nice idea. Sure. OK, bye. Could you give me a ride to Camp Skazochnyi? Sure, get in. There’s a bird of prey on the wing. Oh, by the way, I think I got a shot of your stork with my 360-degree camera. That black one. t was on the road near the Chornobyl plant. I’ll have to check. And I can show you the photo of bear poop. Did you find it at “Skazochnyi”? Seriously? No, right here. So, you mean… Yes, this year. We saw tracks, and the poop was nearby. Denis noticed it, those small ‘apples’ and ‘pears’. So it’s likely the bear has been living here for about a year, right? And now he’s migrated in the direction of “Skazochnyi”. So should I go last? You should go past Marko. It is impossible to get there by car. No, you need to go to the end of the village, near the Perets’ house, and then wait there. I’ll ride there now. OK, so I’ll walk there now. Good girl, Masha, eat your hay. Our security guard. Let’s go to those bee hollows, there’s an upright one on the ground. There… Just be quiet. No noise, please… You have to light the bee smoker on the sand, so as not to cause a fire. The undergrowth is all dry in the forest now. A fire can start in an instant… First, we introduce the smoke into the hive entrance. Let out the swarm. What? There’s nothing yet. We need to see to the other hive too. That guy’s a motoball player too – the one with the phone The score was 6-2 the day before yesterday. First place. Bon appétit! Hope we’ll live to see our team win. One, one. One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one. One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one. If the old players stop playing, we won’t. I noticed the young players are starting to play better now. Yes. If every attacker plays for himself, instead of passing the ball to the others, it’s not a game. And like you said, the defence are waiting to pass the ball and score a goal. Novakovskyi scored a goal yesterday… It was a surprise that Slavik made the deciding pass… He was just standing there, you know. Then he passed the ball, and hey presto – goal! ♪ So what? ♪ Yo, here I don’t know what, so start, what? ♪ Because it seems like nonsense … ♪ Well, when was it? ♪ It was Saturday ♪ No, it was not Saturday, it was Friday,
because it was after work. ♪ So what then? ♪ So, after work — well, on Friday — after work, as always,… ♪ there is no too much work, ♪ but what – you go here and there … ♪ Well, I, Nikolai Malanchyn, Siriozha Buryj
and this one, the son of Shturpachikha. ♪ The small one. 20 years, so young, so what? ♪ We went to Shturpachikha, ♪ we left the young one because she would not let us go. ♪ So we took horilka, and what else: a piece of salo, tomatos, so. ♪ We sat a bit. How much.. ♪ it went dark and we went home by foot. ♪ Siriozha and Mykola left, ♪ but I left sooner. ♪ So, I reached the road and then I noticed that they have already gone. ♪ It was getting darker.. ♪ then I noticed that people had no light in the houses. ♪ I looked there and there was no light on the pillar. ♪ So, I thought, there was an accident. ♪ The lights went down, so what I was about to do, dear people? ♪ I came home and saw that there was no light, ♪ there was nobody in the garage, and there was nobody in the kitchen as well. ♪ I went to the cellar, went down, and there was noboy as well. ♪ I took a flashlight – nobody. ♪ I thought, where is Marusia. ♪ I took a look at the whole village, and nobody was there. Nobody was there, that was it. ♪ I thought that Marusia was no there, and the village died. What? The woman from Kherson region is asking about leg warmers. Please save her number. What? Save her number. I’m not sure I have it It must be cold in Kherson already. I’m taking this off, Slavik. OK, I’m coming. Come on! Coming! How old are these pieces? About five years old. And the paper… So much energy in it… They’re beautifully-preserved. Everyone says this doesn’t last forever, doesn’t keep well. But these have been up for years, in the sun. I wonder if the paper has turned yellow, or dried up? I know this! These are the snakes from Bukatynka. Gives you goosebumps… I’m not sure if they’ve yellowed. What do you see? I’m checking to see if they’ve turned yellow from the sun. It looks like they haven’t. It’s paper. You made these from paper… This is the universe of Bukatynka, of nature. The forest, the plants, the animals – all the treasures that are here. What? I’m lucky to meet you. My father visits Lviv once every ten years Just to check. And how do you find it now? Is the city getting richer, nicer? Being restored? I’m bringing up my grandchildren close to nature, at home It’s a very valuable thing. Pardon? It’s very valuable. Of course – parents, grandparents. Yes… My little girl was born and grew up in Lviv. Recently she was in the countryside and said, “Mum, I don’t want to leave this place. I feel human here. I’ve found my place. I don’t want to return to a big city. I want to be closer to nature.” Your daughter? Yes. I have a safe where I store my food. I can’t leave food here – the rodents can smell it. There are a lot of them here. I keep my food in the tower. It’s a good place to preserve salo, for example – no one can get at it there. And it’s as cold as a fridge… What’s that humming? It was all quiet a moment ago. Where’s the knife? People come here whenever they feel like it! And it’s my job, as the lighthouse keeper, to ask everyone who they are, where they’re from. Seriously! I have to keep a record of it all. There’s a pavilion to the left, called ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ Did you know this was a meeting place for parents and their children? No, I didn’t. It was part of the camp. Parents could come to visit their children, and the meeting place was here. And there was a zone for campfires, to the right. There were ‘Viking Dragon Boat’, ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, ‘Teremok’ and another nice pavilion Let’s take a selfie. What’s that? A 360. What’s a 360? A 360-degree camera. Here you can see wild boar tracks. And that’s our camera trap. It’s been here for two months. Can we have a look at the photos? Are you going to leave it here or move it elsewhere? I’m going to move it. I’ll check the results – it may need maintenance too. We’ve installed camera traps all around the forest. Sorry, but you’ll have to be careful where you go to the toilet. That’s how it should be. Our forest is not a toilet! So… What’s that? That’s an anthropogenic trap. A lot of ants have died in it. I’m checking, just in case. Here’s how it works. 80 pictures. So it’s full? No. Empty? First there was a deer that passed by. Then a deer passed in the opposite direction. Got something? Yes, a deer. A few of them. Oh, illegal intruders. No, these ones are legal. Who are they? Tourists. Oh, right, tourists. Interesting. Wild tourists. Deer again. They passed by two metres away and didn’t notice the trap. Thank goodness. At the end of this path there was a campsite for workers from the Chornobyl plant. They set up their own mini-camp for adults. Like Grushinsky festival, or what? Yeah. My mum used to come here from time to time. And if I stayed at the kids’ camp, I used to sneak out here and see them. There was a dancefloor. I managed to recognise just two people in this video: Demidov, of course, and Navoichyk. His son was a psychiatrist at our forum. I see. Here’s Navoichyk dancing. Look how young and slim he was. My mother was there too. Let’s take some panoramic photos. Look, we’re adding a white thread again. You can do it yourself now. We cast it on once. What do I do with the white thread? Now we pull it out. We throw this away, and we pull this out. Every tail – you know what to do. Try doing it by yourself. You put it in and you turn it. Then you repeat it for every piece. Do it yourself now. And then add the white thread – 2 threads, 5 times. Can you help me? Yes, honey. I’m here. That’s what we’ve got from the wax… If you press it more, you can get more honey. See, it’s slowly dripping into the pan. The shag flew away to search for fish, as if he were going to work. And that one’s lazy – it’s easier to eat from the net. The fish swim into the net, you just need to knock them out. ♪ Was standing above the Danube ♪ Was standing above the Danube ♪ Was combing her hair ♪ Was combing her hair ♪ Was combing her hair ♪ Was throwing into the quiet Danube ♪ Oh swim you the braids ♪ Oh swim you the braids ♪ Do not get wert It’s almost turquoise. Unconventional. Where’s Denis? He’ll be here soon. So, I’d like to… Guys, can I have a few minutes of your attention? Today we had a meeting with the partners from some of our projects. And I’d like to present one of the latest projects, which we played an active part in. It’s a documentary called “The Real Chornobyl” made by Sky News In fact, it’s made by the same people as the recent series that everyone’s been talking about. The film contains some of our footage, in particular the archives of the “Prypyat-film” studio, which we restored. We helped to coordinate the filmmakers’ work in the exclusion zone. You’ll see and hear the rest for yourselves now. Maybe. If it will switch on… I worked in the zone for many years, I thought the emotions were all over. But… Translate it! …these places, which I rarely visit, still evoke some childhood memories. Is that you? Which one? Yes, that little boy with long hair That’s Skazochnyi, a former pioneer camp for children A camp for sporty kids from Prypyat. I personally spent two summers there: the summer of ’84 and the summer of ’85. Both times in June. Very pleasant memories. I think, for the most part, those who came voluntarily could not really understand what they were doing. They realised it was dangerous; they may even have tried to count the cost. But if they had really understood that they would lose their health, that some would lose their lives, their loved ones, that some would be abandoned by their own government, nd would be left at the back of the trough, with no help from the country they had served… I think that probably many would have thought twice before plunging in. Go, go, take the next bus! The yellow one behind. Excuse me? The yellow bus behind. Number 80. I’m not going. Good afternoon! Good afternoon! How are you? Fine. Are you going to the training? What about you? I am. Me too. I haven’t seen you for a while. How’s it going? OK. Just working hard. I see. Do you drive another route now? Yes, number 80. There’s the bus. Yours? Yes. Hello! Hi, guys! Hello! I’ll go behind you. Don’t rush. If you see I’m following him and he goes closer to the centre, even if someone attacks you from behind, don’t rush. As soon as you see Slavik turn around and ride towards you while riding away from me, then you pass him the ball. Gently. That’s all. Got it? He’ll go deeper. Got it. And you turn around and try to get away from me. And you get away from him. Let’s work it all out. Your game in the centre of the field is a disaster. Your game in the centre of the field is a disaster. is a disaster. And don’t kick it hard. There’s no need. Vasyl has come to see us! Hold this. He’s so light! Why is he so light? Let him go. You’re so light now. Are you on a diet? So small! Coughing? Huh? Coughing? What? Coughing? It got worse after the ice cream. Who wants this one? Me! What are we going to do? We’re going to do some bashing. Come on, Granny will show you. A snake. Are we making a sculpture? If you want, you can swap with Yarynka. What are we making? What are you making? It’s a snake, you see? It’s a snake’s head. An eye, a mouth. Here’s where the poison comes from. See its tongue? I want this one! I want to finish drawing. Give that to me! Happy are those people who protect themselves from temptations. They take the best things from their ancestors. And the best things from their fathers This is what we want our children and grandchildren to carry through their lives, and to preserve for future generations. Volodymyr Danyliak has been a driving force in the Kamianets-Podilskyi motoball scene for over 50 years. By day, he’s a minibus driver; after work, he takes part in motoball matches and trains the younger generation of players, striving to keep this declining sport alive. Anatoliy Skumin is one of the few people in Ukraine still practicing ‘bortnytstvo’, or wild honey farming. Until recently, this ancient method of extracting honey from wild bees in hollow log hives was considered to be a lost art. However, in the Polissia region, the practice has been preserved and is currently undergoing a revival. Viktor Sakara has been working for over 20 years as the lighthouse keeper in Shahany, Odesa region. Every day, he has to wade across the canal, since there is no land crossing between the lighthouse and the village. Natalia and Yaroslav Kishchuk, from the Hutsul village of Yavoriv, make lizhnyks – blankets made from sheep’s wool, which have long been used in Ukraine for rituals as well as in everyday life, as bedspreads and blankets. For the Kishchuks, lizhnyk-making is a family business, passed down from generation to generation. Oleksandr Syrota grew up in Prypyat. Like most of the local residents, he was evacuated after the disaster at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, only to return years later. These days he creates documentary projects, leads his own tours of the exclusion zone, and is also keeping a record of the recovery of the local ecosystem. The Alyoshkin family have lived in the village of Bukatynka, Podillia, for over 40 years. Step by step, they are transforming the village into a museum and a place of inspiration for people interested in history and art.

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    Автори фільму мабуть надихалися Koyaanisqatsi, Барака.

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  8. Nothing ukrainian in this movie. My country was shown as through the prism of russian view, even soviet view. It was a policy of russia to represent Ukraine as miserable ignorant farmers. Ukrainians know how to cut sheep's wool with machines can you imagine??? And pigs are not running on the streets. And that insane dude who looks like homeless and his family( his stupid kids are speaking with russian accent) is not ukrainian, and yes, we don't dig homes under ground. And our chicken are not sick as shown in this crap. And ukrainian people are speaking ukrainian language, but not in this movie. Guys!!!! Did you earn enough rubli????

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    5 окремих випусків зайшли б краще. Короткий метр про київські панельки взагалі самодостатній і абсолютно губиться в цьому "повному метрі."
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    Картинка, як завжди топ, прольоти дрона, таймлапси, красиві кадри природи, тут ваша команда як завжди на висоті.
    Мої побажання для наступних спроб:
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  15. Гарна робота Ukraїner, ремесла праці які варто поширювати, для приваблення туристів..

  16. Круто. Але з кольором щось намудрили, або забули покрасити. Дуже відволікає.

  17. дуууже крута ідея, дякую вам за фільм!! Класні кадри природи, класне світло!! Але впродовж усього фільму десь з 10-ої хвилини зявилось враження ніби дуууже зятянуто, не динамічно, зйомки лише з одного ракурсу, наче ви на телефон знімали, камера зовсім не рухається і доводилось під кінець вже перемотувати бо здавалось дуууже затянуто. А ще були моменти наче камера тряслась і це дуже муляло очі, і враження що змонтовано не достатньо професійно. Але це класний початок! Таких фільмів має бути більше, класно, що можна через фільм відчути як тісно ми пов'язані з нашою землею, хочеться ще більше працювати щоб розвивати країну. Дякую за натхнення.

  18. Дуже хотілось би похвали фільм, але не можу. Фільм не відображає життя більшості українців, а лише декількох героїв які ведуть особливий спосіб життя. Якщо показати цей фільм іноземцю-у нього складеться неправильне враження про Україну.
    Фільм дуже монотонний.

  19. Что то не понимаю, чем все тут восхищаются. Нарезка несвязанных моментов, слабое музыкальное сопровождение, ни идеи ни смысла. Попалось пару красивых мест и все.

  20. Я, безмежно щасливий, що народився та живу у цій Країні! Дякую за фільм.

  21. люблю тебе моя Мила Україно- бо ти моя люба Ненько- а я твій люблячий Син !

  22. Даю гарантію до 40 років незалежності ми прорвемся у "перший світ"

  23. Спасибо за отличный фильм!
    Можете подсказать, как связаться с Наталией Кищук?

  24. Делайте лучше короткие видео про разных людей и их промысел, как вы делали это раньше.

  25. Таких фільмів можна зняти багато, якщо покататися по Україні.
    Надіюся так воно і буде.
    Хочу нову серію кожен тиждень 🙂

  26. Як рядовий глядач маю скаргу/прохання: збалансуйте звук, будь ласка. Щодо очікування і результату – дисонанс: від короткометражок ваших завжди відчуття нового відкриття, хочеться ще, а фільм наче в цьому ж руслі пливе, але відчуття абсолютно інші – незавершеності, нерозуміння ідеї/меседжу. Була пророблена велика робота, і за це уклін і дяка, бо Україна варта того, щоб її пізнавати самим і показувати іншим. Ви вмієте набагато краще. Своїми короткими історіями ви самі поставили високу планку – і собі, і іншим. Тож не зупиняйтесь! )))

  27. Хочеться бачити й дізнаватись все більше й більше!))) дякую за любов до України!!!!

  28. З радістю подивився на просте життя!
    Без постановок, заготовленого тексту, підставних акторів.
    Рекомендую всім

  29. Захопливий фільм! Починаючи від музики та краси місць України і закінчуючи чудовими героями історії. Дякуємо за те що ви є, Ukraїner❤️

  30. Дяка за безлiч вдало пiдмiчених маленьких буденних дрiбничок, вiд яких теплiшаэ на душi.

  31. Які прекрасні люди! І живуть собі спокійно своїм прекрасним життям.

  32. не знав, що очікувати, тому думав, що це буде фільм трохи іншого формату. але виходить, що це таке просто кілька історій переплетені – типу комбо коротших версій.
    Але добре зроблено і цікаво, не жалкую, що переглянув. Вподобайчина точно ))

  33. Блин, ну звук же просто как из жопы, разобрать что люди говорят невозможно

  34. Дивився в New York ! В клубі десь 45 – 50 людей – українці. Повна тиша ,кожен відчуває своє… Після перегляду маса думок , вражень . Надзвичайно. Люди наче стали одним цілим. Велика подяка за Вашу працю !

  35. Будь ласка, пiдкажiть, хто впiзнав, де знаходиться той Палац Культури, що на 45 хвилинi 58 cекундi? Дуже важливо, знiмаю проект пов'язаний з iсторiєю, i шукаю як раз от такi старi радянськi вивiски! Вдячна заздалегiдь!

  36. Дуже атмосферно снято) Неймовірно красиві місця))) Я відкрив багато нового, зі сторони ремесл та культури. І це все Україна, вау))) Кажу спасибі всіх людям, хто долучився до цього проекту! Успіху вам у наступних проектах)

  37. my name is Alex (sasha) I was adopted from the Ukraine in 1998. (Chernevtsi) Im in search of my real Parents and siblings! I Know my mothers name and fathers name- Sobenevska Natalia Yurievna and fathers name is – Sobenevski Alexander Yurievich . Place of registration : City Chernivtsi . I also know the orphanage I was adopted from!! any help would be so appreciative!!! Glory to Ukraine!

  38. Сподобався фільм? Хочете підтримати? Це просто! ⏰Підпишіться та поширте його через власні мережі.
    Хочете, аби ми продовжували знімати? ⚡️Donate:

  39. Из 6 отснятых сюжетов только один (и тот пожалуй самый маленький и незначительный) в южных и восточных регионах. А потом все удивляются почему эти люди не идентифицируют себя с Украиной. Обидно.

  40. Дивились в бібліотеці невеликою компанією. Причому вікова категорія від 6 до 65. Емоції в кожного свої: комусь не вистачило Сходу України, хтось у повному захваті. Головне – не було байдужих. Вразила обізнаність наших дітей. В той час, коли ми, дорослі, ще мали сумніви стосовно однієї з сюжетних ліній, 12річний глядач чітко визначився – це зона відчудження (і провів лікбез).
    Безмежно вдячна авторам. Саме такі проекти дозволяють відчувати себе частинкою великої нації, не втрачаючи при цьому унікальності кожного. Окрема подяка за музичне оформлення та монтаж. Переключаючись з одного героя на іншого знов і знов, начебто збиралась картинка з пазлів. І коли вже під час титрів відчуваєш мурахи по шкірі, коментарі не потрібні.

  41. Цей фільм ніби переродження, від повного нерозуміння до болючої любові. Неймовірна робота, музика космічна, пісня про Дунай пробрала до сліз! Дякую.

  42. Можно было бы все это в 10 минут в короткометражку уложить.
    Ни о чем.
    Видно что тупо время наматывали чтобы дотянуть до полного формата по времени.
    Чушь ни о чем еще и затянуто….

  43. Збідована та пошматована, на жаль. Особливо чим подалі на схід.

  44. Хороша операторська робота, старались над кожним кадром, і це помітно! Фільм, що називається, «зайшов»!

  45. Не можу описати ті емоції, які зараз відчуваю після перегляду. Все таке справжнє та не "награне". Сидячи в центрі Києва зловив купу неймовірних "флешбеків" з часів коли жив в селі серед неймовірної української природи. Зараз, просто жах як хочеться туди поїхати(((( Дуже душевно) Пророблена неймовірна праця, за що величезний уклін тим, хто приклав до цього фіьму руку.

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